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Lenovo 31.5" QHD Curved Monitor D32qc-20 $347 (Limited Stock, In-Store Only) @ Officeworks


I just got this monitor. It is super value for money, huge , thin bezels and perfect for my wfh setup.

Cons - not much adjustment for the stand, only 1 HDMI and 1 Display Port , no speakers.

Price is on clearance at Officeworks and I got a price match in TGG.

First deal I am posting so ..

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    No stock.

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    What is the difference between that and this model:

    (edit: seems to be non-bent version. good!)


    The latter seems to be actually available online in WA.

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    +1 for name OP. Where's luggage?

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      My Samsung windows phone was called luggage. Had to put it down though . :(

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    Not ideal for gaming with a 75hz refresh rate, incase anyone was considering this as a gaming monitor.

    • Thanks

      I'm looking for a music production monitor, but I feel like UW would be better suited.

      Ideally would like running my PS5 off it, and do my music.

  • Why are they so thicc?

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    Just going to call out the brightness at 250 cd/m2. Might be a bit dim.

    • Might be a bit dim.

      Just like me

    • specs on Lenovo site says 300 peak, 250 typical

  • Thanks, got one ll. Gonna return my 1080p aldi one

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    VA panel is bad

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        I have a curved Dell va 144hz. I think it's pretty good compared to my IPS LG monitor. Not as bad as everyone claims tbh.

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          Not as good as IPS but it is a lot better than TN. It is probably 80-90% of the way to IPS if it is a good panel like the Dell.

    • For curved display .. I feel it is good enough . Not too worried about angles .

  • Even if their is no stock in-store you can actually click and collect, they will then deliver it to the store you selected.

  • Anyone here doing music? Cubase? Logic?
    I'm trying to work out what screen I need 😬

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    I would wait for DELL sale on 32inch 4k curved monitor. Has 1 more HDMI input and built in speakers. Can get it for a similar price on sale.

    • Thank you

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    I went to check on this at OW Glebe, they only had the flat screen version, and it was seriously unimpressive

    • is there a flat screen version with the same model number? thats not confusing at all

  • Flat screen go for the Samsung 32" 4k maybe
    . Curved this was the cheapest priced i could get .

  • i can see this "online only' now with price $297. What's the catch??

    • ordered one anyway as i couldn't find any flat monitor with same model number and a review said at officeworks link it is actually the curved one even though not specifically mentioned.

    • you need to purchase it online.

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        its $50 less than the original post + free delivery. double win?

        • I didn't get free delivery… how'd you manage that?

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            @Mr Haj: i live in VIC metro, maybe it depends on location. I have only paid $297

  • Got one, click and collect, 297. Thanks OP

  • Yep also ordered at $297 click and collect. Bargain!

    • I’ve asked mods to update the post with new price and make it still available

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