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[Oculus] 30% off Oculus Store Digital Keys for Audio Trip $21.70 (RRP $30.99), Puzzling Places $16.10 (RRP $22.99) @ OculiumVR


Happy Cyber Monday everyone! :)

We have a limited allocation of digital game keys for Audio Trip and Puzzling Places at 30% OFF - 35 keys for each game are only available.

Edit: number keys increased to 70

  • Audio Trip – Add AUDIOCYBER for 30% off at checkout
    This game doesn’t need too much of an introduction – if you want to justify your Quest 2 as an health expense – this is the game for it! It even has a dedicated Cardio mode that will make sure you ruin your arms and quads for days or at least sweat your… off!
    Read the Oculus Store reviews here

  • Puzzling Places - Add PUZZLECYBER for 30% off at checkout
    Combines the sheer experience of completing 3D sculpted puzzles, plonking you in the middle of a gorgeous scene and the serenity of your own pastel bubble while leaving your mind to wander and meditate its way through the solution to a satisfying beautiful masterpiece.
    You can read our take on Puzzle Places here or read the reviews on the Oculus Store here

As usual - Game keys are emailed after you place your order, so make sure it’s a valid email address that you use!
You can redeem the game on the Oculus store straight away.

Also - our 15% sitewide sale ends tomorrow - check out the post here

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If you have any questions about VR, VR games, the products we stock, or our site, please either PM me here, post in this thread or send through an email at [email protected]

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    No 30% love for Eleven table tennis? Been looking out for a decent deal on the oculus for a while:(

    • +1

      We'll need to work on that one! That definitely was a great hit last time :)

      • +1

        yup i will get eleven as well

      • Waiting

  • Audiocyber not working at checkout for me ???

    • try in caps! Should be working - let us know if you still have trouble on your end!

      • I did all caps. “This code cannot be applied to your order”

        Edit: Oops was trying on official store haha

        • Strange! Definitely working as people have bought. Make sure it's just audio trip in your cart when you use the code. And do a separate order for puzzling places if you're getting that too! If it's still not working. Drop me a PM!

        • Did the same thing :)

          • @Pobman: hehe glad you figured it out! Good feedback though - we'll try and make it a little bit more clearer next time!

            • @OculiumVR: I stumbled because I went off to read the reviews on the Oculus store, via the link you provided… and then just went to purchase there and then.

  • Thanks, I bought a key for Audio Trip

    • +1

      have fun! make sure you play a few rounds of satisfaction on cardio mode - it's a good intense! hehe

  • Plenty of custom tracks for audio trip at this discord too. Have tried a bunch and they're pretty good


    • yes! great find :)

    • hmm so we can just load the songs from others, never need to pay for DLC anymore?
      duh i regret bought synt rider lastnight

      • Ye - no DLC for audio trip. Game is backed by a strong community that shares songs :)

  • Combines the sheer experience of completing 3D sculpted puzzles
    then after we solved all the puzzles, what next ?

    • Stand back and admire ha!

      Does take a wee bit of hours to get through the base pack, especially if you're doing the 400 piece puzzles! And if / when you're done with that - move onto the add-on puzzle packs the devs release :)

  • Bought both :) is the puzzle game any good ?

    • +1

      You can get solid hours on it - especially when you get to the 200/ 400 pieces. Also just a good escape really - especially if you need a break from the action / shooter / rhythm games !

  • What are people's thought on Audio trip vs Synth Riders? Just bought Synth Riders and loving it so far - is audio trip also worth it if I already have Synth Riders?

    • yeah i just bought SR aswell didnt realise AT exist (only comparing SR and Beat Saber, and decided SR is better - as in make us move more)

      • +1

        yeah I am enjoying SR more than Beat Saber too, SR is a heap of fun!

        • ah glad i made the right choice.
          also the SR was just AUD18.xx during black friday sale, from canada store!
          saw one youtube said AT is better than SR, something like easier to hit the target so we are more motivated to play it ? not sure.
          store rep do you play them ? :)

          • +1

            @ChiMot: Don't play as much SR as AT these days and a few other cardio orientated games! Personally didn't feel that the targets were any more difficult to hit - hit box seemed fine! Personally I do feel I end up moving vertically (i.e quads burn!) a lot more on AT!

            Both are similar in their own way as rhythm games but with just enough of a differentiation to keep in a good VR workout routine!

  • -1

    If your value your privacy, avoid this vendor. They shared my private email with a third party site to obtain a positive review. I didn't authorised them to do that. Other than that, they were fine.

    • +1

      Hey there again!
      We use your email for two purposes only - to communicate updates for your order and to request feedback on our product and service via Trustpilot. As we've mentioned to you before, this is all detailed on our website.

      As you may know, like a lot of other retailers and online stores out there, our objective is to provide an avenue for all our customers to provide feedback - good or bad. We also try to ensure we source these reviews from a neutral party to ensure that they are independent and can be verified. That is why we use Trustpilot.

      We hope you enjoyed your purchase and have a great evening!

      • When I purchased yesterday, they had an opt in for newsletters etc, and when I decided to do so (uncharacteristically) to keep an eye out for more deals, they even emailed to get me to confirm that I wanted to be on their mailing list.

        I have zero complaints about their service/transparency at this point.

  • Thanks OP, bought Audio Trip yesterday.
    Difficulty jumps considerably from Beginner to the next (Easy?) but probably just means I need practise/exercise!

    • Definitely does!! Cardio mode is a great test - three or four songs and you'll be done for cardio for the day!

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