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[eBay Plus] Drum for Nintendo Switch Game Taiko No Tatsujin $65 Delivered @ Splendid_co eBay


Price in title is for 20% off, so a few $ cheaper with Afterpay. Combine with 10% cashback through Shopback until 11pm. Express posted because it's Ebay Plus.

For people who bought (or are going to buy) Taiko No Tatsujin (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/668151)

Can't vouch for the quality, but they all look pretty much the same. I wouldn't expect a high quality product though. It's not mentioned in these ads, but note the hole in the back can be used for a bottle of water to weight it down. I've seen comments saying you need to turn on Pro Controller Wired Communication in the Settings to get it to work.

These ones are slightly cheaper, also eligible for the 20/25% off - not express post, but all within Australia. Limited stock, which is why I didn't post these as a deal:

$62, 1 left

$64, 5 left

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ABN 46 273 798 343
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    I saw this yesterday after buying the game and after more searching found out about IINE Taiko Drum which cost just under AUD100 from AliExpress . Looks like the Hori drum with built in buttons.

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    About $67 on Amazon too

  • Wonder what the quality of the sensors are like? I bought a cheap third party drum in the Wii era and it was really poor. The hori drum works great though!

    • I wouldn't expect Hori quality, but if it's the cheap one from this review or similar it should still be a bit of fun.

      I wasn't willing to spend > $100 on it. If people are willing to spend $150, or a bit less with discounts/cashback when available, it's probably better to get the Hori.

      The one mentioned above from Aliexpress might be closer to Hori quality, but at that price point, maybe it's worth getting the Hori when it's discounted.

  • good deal, I paid $110 from play asia.

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