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[Switch] Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun! $18.15 (Was $90.95) @ Nintendo eShop


Great value for this party game is on again.

Not sure if it's the lowest for Australian Nintendo account, but under 20bucks it's definitely a go for me.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Bunch of free DLC for it available here:


    I think possibly one or two more might be available now, worth a scan through of the DLC list if you pick up the game :-)

    • Awesome - thanks for sharing. All of the DLCs were free for me

    • Thanks!

  • Do people who have the drum just end up using their joy cons? Wondering if the drum is necessary

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      no fun without the drum

      • It's decent fun with just button controls, definitely way better than trying to make it work with motion controls, but drum is always best.

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      Only ever used button controls and it's heaps of fun!
      I'm sure the having the drum would be better but it is still totally worth it without one.

    • I like the Chinese knock-off drum better than the Hori one. Ended up selling the latter.

    • I have the Hori but have been using the controls because the TV is next to a bedroom! Will def get back into using the drum but it's pretty fun with the buttons, I play the online matches because there are songs you can unlock.

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    What's the advantage of this over say, whipping out my donkey Konga set?
    (Just wanted to bring up Konga… I understand the point of buying new games(

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      Wish there was an adapter to use the Konga with the Switch …

    • I have two konga sets.

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        Donkey Konga is awesome fun with 2 players

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    Any good deals on the drums

    • The hori drum is $150 expensive :x

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      Best to wait until Play-Asia has another free shipping sale.

      • They have free shipping in november

        • They do, but the drum doesn't qualify.

      • You can get it at crazy sales, use code xmas10

        • Can you elaborate a bit?

          • @dano: There is no mention of Hori brand and it looks like market place seller. Unsure how to view seller reviews.
            Has been posted before but was marked as expired due to the missing Hori brand in listing concerns.

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              @blah-blah: That looks non genuine. Listing says it works on all consoles. Hour drum only works on Switch.

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  • Is it worthwhile if I have in wiiu already?

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      Yes, you can play it on the commute home from work

    • Yeah, different tracks.

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    Deku Deals saaaaays… lowest price ever!

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      How Long To Beat:
      Main Story: 3½ hours
      Main + Extra: 20 hours
      Completionist: 20 hours

      You have to be so pro to complete all songs without missing a beat in 20 hours😂

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    • is this something you can actually do? Buy it in a different currency?

      • You can buy a US eshop card from Amazon US, or simply buy from their site, there is no region lock for Switch.

        How to buy Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun! in United States
        Set up an account in United States
        Change your account country for United States
        You can also create a new Nintendo account
        Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun! costs 9.99 United States Dollar in United States. You can buy it:
        Using a compatible credit card
        Using PayPal if the eShop region accepts it
        Using a digital gift card that will work in United States:
        $5 card on Eneba
        $5 card on Eneba out of stock
        $10 card on Eneba
        $20 card on Eneba
        $25 card on Eneba out of stock
        $35 card on Eneba
        $45 card on Eneba
        $50 card on Eneba
        $70 card on Eneba
        $99 card on Eneba
        Finally, you can go to the Nintendo eShop to buy it.
        If you encounter any errors, please double check that your account's country is correctly set to United States here.

        • does that mean tho you have to switch between acc on your switch?

          • @furyou: No, but be careful not to add foreign credit to your primary account. You cannot switch regions if you have a credit balance.

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    my neighbours hate this game a lot

  • definitely grabbing this gem for our 19 month old and to play on our new tv, thanks fam. Any suggestions for decent budget drum, or do I just make do with controller for now?

    • For a kid that young just swinging the joycons would probably be enough.

      Other than that, I prefer the knock-off vs the official Hori drum.

      • You prefer the knockoff to the official? Why is that?

        • The official one doesn't register the hits as well, you really need to smash it.

          There's a mod people are doing to improve this, but I found buying the knockoff and returning the Hori better.

  • Playstation version also available: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/668211

  • Anyone has a drum that is compatible with PS4/5? Hori or knock off?

  • So strange. Bought this now Nintendo is saying I have to buy again at $90

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