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Sony Alpha 7R IV $3,985.65 Delivered ($500 Sony Cash Back) @ Sony


I thought my eyes are deceiving me but Sony website is listing the current Sony Alpha 7R IV A for under $4K!
If you are running out of time tonight to price match with Video Pro at $3960.
Stack with SB or CR's 10% cash back offer ending tonight.
Stack with CR's 10% cash back.
Redeem $500 cash back.
Bringing net cost down to around $3122

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • cheapest ever after all cashbacks

  • +1

    Damn that's super tempting

  • Couldn't resist, thanks!
    Anyone know if the 10% SB applies to the full price, including $500 Sony cashback?

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      10% on invoiced price exc GST

    • Fairly sure it's capped at $20 cashback

      • Sony Store cashback is not capped.

      • Fairly sure it's capped at $20 cashback

        I think you are confused with their eBay offer early on tonight…

        • Good point.

          Well at this price you'd be insane not to buy!

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            @euk: $362.34 tracked
            Final price (minis $500) equals $3,123.31 for me.

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    Alpha 7 III is $2,192.15 AUD plus $300 cash back , not bad

    plus don't forget 10% shopback

  • any recommendations on lenses?

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      You could wait for a deal on a Sigma 85mm f/1.4. I've heard it's a very good lens. Mine is on the way, so excited to try it out.

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      The 24-70mm f2.8 is popular. Also has $250 factory cash back at the moment.

    • +1

      So much "depends".

      For a lot of people, a cheap ($300-$350) 50mm f1.8 prime is a great lens to play with.

      If you're getting an A7R IV, you need the best glass (good "G" glass, or the best "GM" lenses), to take advantages of that resolution. Tend to be more expensive, larger and heavier, though.

      Buy2Much's recommendation is solid.

      The 70mm-200mm f2.8 is a good companion lens to it.

      If money is no object, then you may as well get the 12mm-24mm f2.8 as well.

      12mm-200mm all at f2.8 with just three lenses? Very versatile.

    • +2

      The sigma 35mm F1.2 should still be on sale for $1184 at amazon..

      Limited-time deal: Sigma 341965 35mm F1.2 Art Dgdn https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07V25WL8B

      God damnit I just bought the A7IV for the same price without the Sony rebate… but I got it delivered on Friday, so there’s that.

      While the resolution is very tempting, I’ve mostly been happy with the 24MP Sony have kept since the A900.

      The only situation I would want that much resolution is when using a telescope… but I’m still waiting for a good deal on a starsense C8.

    • +1

      If you are on a budget, there's a whole range of Sigma DG DN lenses (specifically designed for mirrorless, not DSLR adaptation) for Sony E-mount currently 25% off on eBay (from DCXpert, Ryda etc).

  • I got the A7R2 for 4 years now and we are due for a upgrade. I'd say 60MP is overkill. Waiting for the A7 IV to go on sale more likely but this is a great deal

    • The A7IV is a thing of beauty.
      Lossless raw is great, and bird tracking!
      Haven’t given the CF express a go yet.. but I will!

  • -1

    Wow, so expensive. ..

  • -2

    My bad guys, I read this as A7IV.

  • +1

    I didn't realise the a7r4 is 2.5 years old already. The a7r5 might be out soon then.

    • +2

      Likely that’s what my money is on.
      It will get the new tech from the A7IV, including processor and firmware

      Probably watch out at CES2022

      • Yeah I'd want the flippy screen and updated menu. A7iv looks good but nothing really wrong with my a7iii

    • doubt the price will change even if a7r5 is out.
      they are worth what they are. unless other brand can disrupt sony, but for now, none at the moment ( sorry not canon)

  • Can't see the 10% cashback from Sony CR or SB.

    • +1

      Just ended! 2% now

      • Thanks bud.

        • +1

          CR is 4% now.

  • A great aquisition tool! Awesome specs.
    Taking photos you freeze memories for emmotions.
    Budget for the entire setup, powerful pc insurance and software to justify the outlay.

    And a passion in a crowded market!

  • +1

    CR has 10% cash back again.

  • +1

    somehow i managed to price match the aftercashback amount with sony $3480 i dont know how they approved it.

    • which store did you price matched it with?

      • i guess it was camerapro

    • Hi Javed, Can you please share your invoice, if you don't mind. I can use that to price match with Sony too.

      • i have not ordered yet its in my cart.

        • Let us know when you do!

          • @Jenny Death: Alternatively, if you can share what did you fill out on the price-match form, it would be awesome.

          • @Jenny Death: Apologies, tagged you incorrectly before. Got price matched at 3955 from the site below. 500 off and then 10% from cash rewards = 3138.


            • @curious101: I am surprised they price matched a grey importer. They would not even price match ASC Technology (authorised Sony seller)‘s price on MyDeal.

              • @Buy2Much: It was a nightmare, I gave them several URLs and argued with them over the email/phone, and then asked to speak with someone senior. I tried price matching for all of these URLs below, and after spending 2 hours, had it matched at Price 3 below.

                Price 1 - @3,888.95 from this URL. https://www.t-dimension.com/au/sony-a7r-iv-a-body-ilce-7rm4a...

                Price 2 - @ 3954 - 15 = @ 3939 from this URL. https://www.becextech.com.au/catalog/sona7rivabodfi-p-15842....

                Price 3 - @3,955 from this URL. https://www.cccwarehouse.com.au/xcart/pc/nviewPrd.asp?idProd...

                • @curious101: What was your argument out of curiousity? Those are all grey importers.Obviously it worked for you but it should have been disqualified by that.

                  • @eecan: I was being told that they don't price match any of the above retailers in email - when I logged online price match. Called them and told them, I would price match it at JB-Hi Fi, and they have specials on gift cards, it's just that I prefer to deal with Sony directly. And that it is not the way to treat a customer who has spend 10K in the past few months (not few months, but in the past year or so). Kept denying, but I insisted for a call back from senior. Supervisor called back and approved the price match.

              • @Buy2Much: As you know so much more about the lenses than me. What should I do for the lenses ? I am into nature photography - taking closeups of honeybees into flowers etc. What are some current value deals and recommended focal length I should go for.

                Currently leaning towards this combo (as it seems to be cheaper)
                Tamron 17-28mm
                Tamron 28-75mm
                Tamron 70-180mm

                • +1

                  @curious101: I don’t follow the Tamron range and their prices. All I know is that Tamron work well with Sony as they are owned by the latter. It looks like you have found a good combo that covers everything. If you are into macro photography, it would be ideal to get an F2.8 prime around 90-105mm. I believe the Sigma 105mm DG DN F2.8 is the best bang for bucks out there. I’d wait for a digidirect or dcxpert 20% off sale.

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