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Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe (36") $80.56 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Looks like the same thing to me. I bought one so will see in a few weeks. I could be wrong though. Feel free to roast ;-)
Amazon $80.56 delivered with Prime from US (limited time/Cyber Monday/other urgencies)
Bunnings $129

From Amazon:
Fiskars 378841-1002 X27 Super Splitting Axe (36"), Inch, Black
Ideal for taller users splitting medium- to large-sized logs
Designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits. Textured non-slip grip reduces hand strain and improves control
Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power, much like an aluminum baseball bat
Advanced bevel convex blade geometry adds power and makes the blade easier to remove from wood
Lifetime warranty. Item weight: 5.85 pounds

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    It's important to know if it's made in china or not. Fiskars made in china I read are inferior products compared to made in Denmark

    • +2

      For sure! And for a product you should only need to buy once, the Denmark ones are the way to go.

    • I was looking for a splitter. Found the x25 and x27 at Bunnings. This was cheaper so I bought it. Hopefully the lifetime warranty means it's half decent. The pics of the head say Fiskars Finland so who knows.

    • +1

      Equally important to double check your source… cause Fiskars is from Finland not Denmark… btw. intentionally use the lower case ain't gonna make your argument sound better.

      • I'm not gonna fact check you

        But if this is true

        This is pretty funny dude

        • Well fact check is way more easier nowadays with google isn't it, simply typing in "Fiskars origin" and you will get the instant answer with 2,900,000 results in less than one second…
          China just lives rent free in someone's head I guess…

    • +6

      You wouldn’t want a china axe, it would shatter. Ceramic isn’t a suitable material for axes.

      • I love how many OzBargainers are from China but they don’t really want Asian products, vitamins, formulas, meat, wines, axes lmao.

        Proud when it’s convenient lol

        • -1

          No necessarily, China is able to manufacture product with all different levels of quality to cater to all kinds of need, from the cheapest for those who cannot afford the better to those that are top of the line like the DJI. You don't feel ashamed of providing wider range of options to the public as long as there's no cover-ups or deceptions while you do feel proud of the innovative company like the DJI…
          At the end of the day, you got what you paid for right?
          Oh btw, even the founder of this site has the Chinese culture background…

  • +2

    must be my poor striking technique, but with axes and sledge hammers i slide my right hand along the handle as i strike down so actually prefer slip handles, especially wooden ones with no texture ….might just be my poor technique

    haven’t seen any competition axemen using synthetic non slip handles though they are more durable than wooden.

    • I have to agree. Was looking for the Husqvarna Maul but they seem to be months away (back order) in shops around me. I have a couple of timber handled Husqvarna axes. I admit I took great joy lightly sanding and oiling the shafts…


    • Paul is not here right now, but happy to take a message.


        • Is that a raincoat I see you wearing?

  • Looks like the same thing to me.

    Same thing as what?

    I've been using the X17 for years and it's an impressive little unit. Great size for the car and surprisingly comfortable for a short handle. Have been wanting to try one of the longer ones.

    • Looks the same at Bunnings and Amazon. Bunnings calls theirs XXL, Amazon does not.

  • +5

    X27 axe is for quite a long-armed person. If splitting hardwood I recommend their maul/sledge instead. I have both and the maul is an unstoppable beast for gum.

  • Is this too much for double splitting firewood? I get split firewood but find some of the logs very think still.

    • Perfect block splitter

  • +3
  • I have an X25 and use it heaps. I was super impressed by it initially and it’s kept sharp a long time. I think the length is ideal for me.

  • +1

    Will this help me appreciate Huey Lewis and the News more?

  • -1

    can you import an axe? isn't it classed as a weapon

    • We'll find out in a couple of weeks :-) I've bought various saws and a draw knife before without issue.

    • It's a tool.

    • If they're getting imported to be placed on a shelf, than you have zero problems. No different to a knife set.

  • Well mine arrived safe and sound on the 13th. Impressive.

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