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Bulk Nutrients 5% off (Expired, $45 Minimum Spend), $5 off (No Minimum Spend) + $7 Delivery


I happened to come across these codes while making an order with Bulk Nutrients tonight.

5% off $45 spend code HU5LA expired.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Bulk Nutrients
Bulk Nutrients

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    Anyone found any better protein 'WPI' than bulk nutrients?
    Cost and flavour wise, Bulk seems to be the best option so far.

    • If I had to have WPI for whatever reason, BN would be my pick.
      WPC or blends though, Musashi when it's half price or ON when there's a good deal are hard to beat

    • I prefer VPA.
      Havenā€™t checked in a while so might have changed however they source their WPI from NZ.
      Both have COAs however VPA also tests for heavy metals.

    • I've been buying 5kg Smooth Chocolate WPI from Myprotein for ~$24/kg during 45-50% off + cashback, flavours are very hit and miss so I only buy that specific flavour.
      Bulknutrients and Aminoz both have really good WPI's too, both have more flavours, generally taste nice, and are local as well. They're a bit more expensive at around $32-34/kg of WPI though. Remember you get what you pay for though usually with protein

      If I didn't already buy 8kg of WPI from Black friday sales (MP and Aminoz), I'd definitely get the 5% off BN!

      • Sounds like you've tested a few out. Can you share the better flavours?

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          I'm assuming for Bulk nutrients? I've only ever bought WPI and Protein Matrix+ from them, Iced Coffee WPI is by far my favourite, followed by Salted Caramel and Chocolate. I remember that I didn't really like cookies and cream, but that was a while ago, may have changed.

          The flavours that Bulk nutrients have are gonna be a lot more palatable than Myprotein, where I would only recommend Smooth Chocolate and Strawberry and Cream out of the 10+ flavours they have there (I have only bought WPI from them).

          • @chena: Very comprehensive!
            Ice coffee sounds good.

            I'm sold thank you.

      • Glad I only bought a kilo of My Protein flavours during the sale, cinnamon is blech..

  • Thanks, was hoping for some black Friday deals from them, but nothingšŸ˜‘. Still this goes towards the postage cost and keeps me supporting Australian.

  • HU5LA doesn't appear to be working (for me)
    "The coupon code you entered has been disabled so it can't be used."

    5OFF still works

  • A whole 5% off? these guys are too generous on the rare occasion they have a "deal" …

    I'll stick with AminoZ

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    5% off code doesn't work

  • I found a new 5% off code

    • They disabled this one.

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    ā€œSupersaveā€ currently works for 5% off.

    Not a huge saving but if you were already planning to make an order it is better than nothing.

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