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Ticket to Ride Europe 15th Anniversary Edition $92.09 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) Amazon US via Amazon AU


This is a limited edition game for a fantastic price
local stores stock it for around $140 so get in quick

Have been keeping an eye on this for a while, lowest price I've seen is $120 recently

you can get the base ticket to ride europe for $39.99

it is essentially the same game as above, but aesthetically more pleasing
In addition I believe it has the cards that were in the europa expansion, so 108 destination tickets vs 46 in the base game

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +2

    Great game, me and the fam love it.

  • Bummer! Just picked this up last Friday for $125

    • where from, I could not spot it for $125 on friday

      • From Gameology, they had additional 10% discount is you spent more than $200. I had a few other games to pick up from them at the time.

        I also have the Citibank 5% which I hope qualifies for.

  • Cheers. I grabbed the base version

  • So what's the difference between this and the regular edition? From what I can see, the trains come in tins.

    • +2

      basically an eye candy version where the board is bigger and the components look better
      from the reviews the prettier trains will fit in the standard boards as well

      if you are new to board gaming I would recommend the base version

      If you love ticket to ride, I would recommend this (presumably) limited edition

      eg TTR 10th anniversary edition was a limited edition
      pleasing to the eye, but out of print

      but base game $40 +plus europa expansion $35= $75, and this one is $92 (will be $140 after the sale price)

    • +3
      • Custom trains, stations and scoring markers.
      • Metal Tins
      • Europa 1912 Expansion
      • Custom Cards and Art
      • Bigger Board with art changes
      • do you know if it has the depots from the Europa expansion?

        • Sorry I should clarify. It only comes with the tickets from the Europa 1912 expansion.

        • No it doesn't

  • +1

    I'm a big fan of Ticket to Ride (have a few versions and expansion maps)… wasn't sure whether to get this or not though, but had a read of this:


    And figured why not!

  • +1

    Also for those TTR fans with standard edition but would like to upgrade the trains I would recommend keeping an eye on "The Little Plastic Train Company".

    They had a kickstarter campaign earlier this year and have started shipping just this month.

    • I saw that at the time… cheaper to buy this game then the trains separately.

      Plus their models are 'engines' not carriages, they don't have a wide enough range of colours / types for all TTR types.

      Hopefully they expand the range and reduce pricing.

  • I've just been about to post at noticed price alert for this. Got one, best price ever

  • +1

    EDIT: NOPE! I just ordered from the wrong seller. Make sure you select Amazon US, the default doesn't link to it.

    I canceled that order and got the cheaper one.

    Original Comment:
    Seems to have already gone back up to $111? Still a good price, though!

  • +1

    I see some comments that Alexa doesn't work with this game in Australia. Is this a limitation with the Australian board game sold by Amazon? Or is it a limitation if you are using Alexa on an Australian IP address? or a limitation if your Alexa has been setup to Australia?

    • Limitation of Alexa in Australia, the skill isn't availble in Australia.

  • The trains in this are really nice. They're a tad bigger than the regular ones but should work on regular sized boards as well.

    Bought this for quite a bit more a few weeks ago and it's really lovely.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! I just found this after discussing with the missus this morning and was about to post it when OzB was like 'Have you seen this?'…
    We already have the 10th Anniversary TTR version and love the bigger board and eye-candy trains in that version. I've been wanting this for a while.
    Couldn't help but pull the trigger at this price. Hopefully it'll arrive just in time for Christmas

    • wish I had known about TTR when the 10th anniversary was out

      • I only found out about TTR after a FB friend posted his 10th anniversary set years ago… but yes would've been great to have that one too.

  • Great spot! Already have the 10th Anniversary so pretty compared to the base set. Couldn't resist getting this also !

  • For those on the fence, and to counteract IGNs review, here's a less glowing review.


    • +1

      With this being half the price of the RRP they discuss in the review, I think a lot of the inconsistencies can be forgiven.

      • Fair call :)

  • Never played TTR…should i jump in on the Europe game or start with the American original?

    • +2

      They're very similar. I think Europe is generally considered to be slightly better but I think comes down to personal preference. Europe has some extra mechanics and the 15th Anniversary comes with extra ticket cards (objectives) from the 1912 expansion which gives it a lot more variety than either of the base games.

    • +2

      I would start with this specific edition and make it your base set, this is a very good price and the trains fit on other maps.
      From there you can use the trains and train cards with the other expansions that only provide the map.

      There was a 10th anniversary USA version which was the same map size and it is no longer in print and worth a lot now.
      The regular USA version is also good and these trains will fit on that map but that game also comes with trains and train cards.

  • +1

    While the TTR 10th Anniversary was on sale I didn't get it and regret it ever since. Picked up this one, thank you!

    Also when it comes to boardgame reviews Tom Vasel is a big name. He has a video for this one worth checking out
    He also compares the Europe version with the original version a little bit at the last section of the video.

  • Is Amazon US currently shipping to Australia? I've seen multiple sources stating that the USA has suspended shipping to Australia, but hoping someone on here might have some more recent experience? Just wondering if it's worth ordering or not?

    • +1

      Pretty sure its just USPS that suspended shipping. I'd expect Amazon US to ship with UPS/DHL. Had a package from Amazon US show up within 4 days about a month ago which was pretty insane - free prime shipping too.

      • Thank you. Been a while since I purchased from Amazon US. Really appreciate the clarification.

  • Man I just opened my new base set last weekend. Will offload that for this one, it’s beautiful!

  • Thanks OP. Never heard of it or played it before. However my 8yo son loves trains so decided to give it a go. Hopefully that will be fun for the family.

  • +1

    I couldn't quite justify $90 on the deluxe edition, but I felt compelled to buy it anyway.
    I'll write it off as a Christmas present for the wife..?

  • Don't have Prime so sprung for Amazon AU at $111.87, but had the Amex Black Friday $20 cashback so net total comes to the same price in the end.

    • +2

      why not sign up for a free prime trial and get a further $20 off?

      • I already tried Prime earlier this year and CBS creating a burner. Also need to spend $100 to get the cashback, and I didn't have anything else I needed to buy from Amazon so it worked out the same for me anyway.

  • Think it might be expired links to something else now.

  • Darn, was literally gonna buy it now but the link has changed

  • When I follow the link it goes to the UK version of the Game, not the 15 year anniversary

  • Yeah even when manually searching it only goes to the UK version from the search. Probably sold out from Amazon.

  • Now $140

  • +4

    FYI the box is too big to fit a Kallax.

  • Any one had any order updates? Mines still yet to be dispatched

    • Yeah mine still has a delivery estimate of Dec 23, but hasn't shipped yet. I'm not sure they'll make that date.

      • And it just dispatched, Dec 24 estimate.

  • My tracking says Texas/ Kentucky/ Honolulu/Botany/ Melbourne ETA Wednesday

    Wasn't there severe storms that blew off one of their Amazon warehouses roof recently

    Hopefully gets here in one piece

    Left Honolulu on the 15th, arrived Melbourne 17th

  • got mine today
    amazon box badly dented
    but game box in mint condition
    very happy

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