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Bosch SMS40E08AU Dishwasher $583.20 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Don't know much about dishwashers, just got this deal from TGG catalogue and looked decent vs older deals.

Black Friday Sale + 10% off coupon code

Ends today I believe.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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The Good Guys

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  • +1

    This is good, reliable machine, without bells n whistles. However it could have a timed start/finish.

    • Good, better.

    • +3

      ah for those late night energy saving gains

    • +3

      It does though have a delay start function of 3, 6 or 9hrs

      • True, now I see it in one of the photos. The tech specs on TGG website doesn't mention it.

        But then, I don't find TGG product descriptions reliable or trustworthy (been burned…).

    • Can you make your own start/finish with a wifi socket switch?

      Then load diswasher, press 'start', then turn dishwasher immediately off via wifi switch. Dishwasher sees it as a power cut, then set wifi switch to turn back on at a time you want, then the dishwasher resumes its cycle??

      I feel this would work?

      • afaik they don't resume.. they wait for user input. Mine is an older bosch but I doubt it's changed.

        • Really? I know my washing machine resumes? Thought most appliances would be smart enough to resume after power failure?

      • It would, but is it that important? For the record my older base model had delay by the hour up to either 12 or 24 hours, that's basically all anyone really needs I reckon

        • More I guess for those using solar PV - you could go out for the day, then wait until the generation is good enough (say arvo), jump into the wifi switch app, the flick it on.

          • @placard: I guess. But in the middle of the day it's always going to be good

            • @Jackson: Yes and no, sometimes here in Melbourne it can be cloudy then turn sunny after.

              I guess most times the timer would work but it is an option for those that want greater flexibility.

      • +2

        WIFI socket won't work. Mine will wait for someone to press start.

    • Is that easy to DIY install ?

  • +1

    Can TGG hold your goods until you are ready to collect or receive delivery?

    • Want to know it too. Wouldn’t be moving to the new place until mid January.

      • +1

        Three months ago I ordered a larger appliance from them and the phone line told me it could be arranged with the store that's fulfilling the order.

        The phone line was a pain to get through, ie. long waiting times, then there was some misunderstanding re the product too.

    • Yes you can. My friend is moving to his new place in Feb. we went to goodguys Maribyrnong on Black Friday and paid deposit for a fridge and dishwasher and gave the address where the items to be delivered. They asked us to call end of January to confirm the exact date when the items to be delivered. TGG even said that they ll price match if the items price goes down in that 3 months.

    • I think they usually say a time limit of 90 days. i could be wrong tho.

    • -2

      If they go bust you would be left with no goods. Probably not going to happen but maybe…

      • Wut?

        • If a business goes broke and you have paid for goods but not received them then ypu don't get your goods in most cases. Just like gift cards can lose their value.
          Unlikely the good guys will go down but who knows.

  • -2

    Made in Germany or not?

    • +1

      Most likely not

    • +4

      Bought this in march Made in Turkey

    • +1

      Not at this price. Made in Turkey, most likely.

    • +1

      not. This is a series 2 which is made in Turkey.

      didnt press post for 5 minutes and 4 people beat me :D

    • +5

      I got a Series 4 Bosch dish washer
      Don't see any quality issue even its not made in Germany
      Dishes are well washed, machine is quiet when runs

      TBH other than the look and feel
      I don't see Series 4 any major features lacking compare to Series 6 and 8
      Probably the only nice to have in higher models is the drying bit

      • +3

        the Series 6 / 8 are generally made in Germany and the finish is better, i.e., the electronic panel is single control not plastic buttons like it is on the 2 / 4 series. Also quieter when in use and more features.

        Frankly, wouldn't matter for most people the differences.

        • IME, the simpler the electronics the better

      • +1

        I've had one for 3 years without fault. Strangely, it'd appear there's no requirement to be located in Germany to successfully assemble a dishwasher. Cleaning the filter as required would help with the smell the dude below is talking about. No issue with Aldi tablets or powder.

        • +2

          Using cheap labour is about supervision and QC. Bosch may bother to do it properly.

    • Not sure why the neg from ppl. You could say it's akin to eneloop's batteries. Earlier version made in China, newer in Japan.

  • For those that own this machine, how is the base of the interior? I was researching this machine and it appears to have a plastic bottom inside that according to some owners picks up odour after a while, or cracks.

    • +3

      Used for 2 years, till now no issues cracking or such
      There's some minor plastic smells in the first 2 washes (newly bought)
      but dont realise it since then

    • +1

      Just over three years here - I read the same thing about the bottom cracking before I bought it but have had no issues. It's a great dishwasher for the price.

    • Had this for 8 years, never had an issue. Know at least 4 people who've had them and they likewise had no issues

    • +1

      I've had this for a bit over 4 years and its broken down now unfortunately. Water would not drain (even though we clean the filter etc quite often). Call out fee is something like $200+ from Bosch, so at this price I will certainly buy rather than fix it, compared to what's out there.

  • This model doesn't come with Spray Head

    • +4

      I bet nobody had a problem with that or didn't know what it is until you mentioned it!

    • We've never used ours. Not once.

  • +1

    Nice price on this. The Good guys COMMERCIAL price is $648.

  • +1

    Great price, especially if you can stack with the Coles 15% off home gift cards (note TGG only accept 2 gift-cards for online purchases)

    • what is the maximum amount you can purchase at Coles? I heard that up to $100 per card. A guy here said TGG online only accept max 2 giftcards

      • Coles state a limit of 5 per customer, some staff don't care about this and some do, don't go over $1000 though (in 1 transaction) as the manager must authorize the transaction. Personally I do 5 in multiple trips. Yes that was me that said the 2 card limit online

        • that's him! Do you know what is the maximum amount in 1 card can I buy from Coles? do they have $500 giftcard

          • @ntt: $100 is max unfortunately

            • @donkcat: :( Then I buy from Suncorp which is 5% off(max $500 per card)

              • +1

                @ntt: Personally I'd go into store and get them to match the online price and then pay using home gift cards (you can use as many as you like in-store) Just a thought

  • Thanks, I was trying to buy it with installation, after I keying my address, it shows the installation not available on the address, I tried anyother address I could try all the same results.

    Sorry this installation service is not available at your location
    Please try changing your location, or call 1300 942 765 to check your local store for availability.

    So I bought it via BingLee, $599 + $150 installation fee.

  • This is an alright deal.

    I actually bought it last week from e and s for $688 Inc delivery + $99 for installation.

    Good guys for me charges $55 for delivery - so after delivery this could work out to be $50 cheaper than E and S.

    However if you want installation too then E and S may be better as they only charge $99 for installation. The good guys don't do installation at all for my area, but typically they charge more.

    • +2

      I might be wrong, but why installation fee is so high? just connect the hose to the existing drainage, plug it it???

      • I don't know why, I don't set the installation fees. I can't see good guys install prices but appliances online charge $199.

        • I mean, can a normal people do it by him/her -self? that cost against Ozbargain spirit

          • +2

            @ntt: Installation costs are probably high because 1. liability if your house gets flooded and 2. they have captive market i.e. those that require installation have no other choice.

            As for doing it yourself… it's easy until it's not. Assuming you have some DIY ability, tools, you are replacing an old machine and the new supply hose has a "leak stop" device—shouldn't be a problem.

      • Probably $40 callout cost and $50 for their labour time

      • +6

        Not that it's a massive deal but these bosch dishwashers have a flood protection system built onto the hose, this is a bulky plastic device that is fixed to the tap end of the hose. When I installed my bosch dishwasher I needed to increase the size of the holes as it required a hole bigger than my existing dishwasher hose required through the cabinetry. So it may be slightly more work than just plugging and unplugging.

        • good to know

        • From someone who has had the place flood… it's a massive deal… in a good way. Make that hole bigger and only buy dishwashers that have the bulky flood stop mechanism on the end of the hose! Or spend the $20 to $30 and buy an aftermarket flood stop hose for your dishwasher and washing machine. It is way way cheaper than dealing with the flood. Fisher and Paykel actually state that their hoses should be replaced every 5 years, which you find in the fine print after the flood!

          • @steve54321: We had water pissing out and didn't even know. Floorboards!

            A mouse ate through the hose, where the water stop couldn't do a darn thing.

            What was good to know was that youtube + $30 official part = fixed.

  • This Bosch or this Hisense dishwasher?

    The Hisense looks more modern and also made in Europe!

    • +2

      Hisense looks more modern, more functions, but no one knows how long it will last. Borsch is made in Turkey, which technically made in Europe too

    • Don't expect a long lifespan, or quality, from Hisense. They are all smoke and mirrors. They are not interested in longevity, they are interested in being cheap.


      • Parts can also be an issue, recently looked into a hisense AC and couldnt get any verification that parts would be available post warranty should something go wrong.

    • Bosch is the Toyota of whitegoods

  • Even though it won't launch a rocket into space it just works as a good dishwasher and it does a good damn job of it too. It doesn't have all the nonsense wifi, bluetooth.

  • +1

    just bought one of these on sunday, i asked the sales guy if they had any 10% sales coming up and they said no :(

  • can we use gift cards to sweeten this deal too?

  • +2

    There's a redemption for dishwasher tablets too:

    • It says you can claim 100 bucks worth of tablets? So that's like 3 or 4 packs?

      • Depending on which tablets you select and how they value then, that could be anywhere from 100-200 tablets.

        Better than a kick in the nuts.

      • its actually 2x 34 tablet packs, a couple of cleaners for the dishwasher itself and rinseaid. no complaints

  • +1
    • it says 879

      • Hence price match

        • i just chatted with them.. they would only price match with the delivery fee.

          • @hippyhippy: I called them and they refused to price match with or without delivery. I suspect there's enough people now calling that they have changed the answer.
            The appliancesonline removal and dumping of the old one was why I tried to give them the deal.
            I have a 20 minute drive to pick one up from store at TGG now.

          • @hippyhippy: Yes. I just made it. Finally price is $638. Delivery tomorrow.

    • good find. Now your link or the above one + 7% cash back?

      • Cash back more than delivery?

        • just had a conversation with them, they charged 55 as delivery fee

    • Thanks. Managed to price match with free delivery.

      • +1

        a rep chat insisted 55 on delivery. Anyway I paid $533.20 in total with giftcards but have to arrange pick up myself, if cashback works, it would bring down to $491.96

  • anyone know the box dimensions?

  • +1

    I brought the under bench version of this series 4. Imo not as impressive as I thought for a Bosch brand. The extra dry function doesn't always dry everything and some dishes can still be dirty.

    I think proper placement of dishes is more important than the brand name. If you're like me and jam every dish and pot into it, it will just be as non effective like any other non branded dishwasher.

    • +1

      Best comment thus far. Helps to open the pot.

      • wait, are you telling me when I press the button, there will be no fairy puff out and open pots and clean everything??

    • btw, this is a series 2 I believe, not a 4.

  • +1

    shopback has also 7% cashback today only

  • For those who already own this model, Is this height adjustable?
    I checked the specs and it says 845mm height and 815mm with top removed.
    Are the feet adjustable to increase it from 815 to say 820mm ?
    Thank you

    • +1

      yes the feet is adjustable.

  • Hey guys, I just picked up the dishwasher today, but when I opened, there are some water drops outside it. When I opened inside it also has some water on the bottom, side. Was someone used it before or it just like that??

    • +1

      They test them before shipping. I bought a series 8, which sell faster than they can make/ship them and it was factory fresh, so really wet inside but clearly factory packaged and wrapped up.

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