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TCL 65" P615 4K UHD Android LED TV $768 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


A massive $13 cheaper than the previous deal. I would jump on this but still holding out for a really good price for a 75 inch. :(

Information on getting TGGC membership can be found here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/437362

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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  • Wish I had the access to the TGG Commercial portal.

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      Try check this list and sign up for one of them :)

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      Set up a sun super account. No need to do anything except provide details.

    • TGG commercial are hopeless. The best price they could do on the advertised $495 Lindsar TV special was $699! You are missing out on nothing. Ozbargain+price match is all you need.

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        Ozbargain+price match is all you need.

        Many stores wont price match TGG Commercial….

        Anyway, there are free ways to get membership…

        • Maybe can post a screen so that can price match it easier.

          • @a1234my:

            Maybe can post a screen

            Sure, here…

            • @jv: Nonot helping, got rejected for price matching with it

    • Thanks guys, I've signed up through sunsuper and applied for TGG Commercial through Dream Rewards, now its says it will take 4-5 days to process it.TA.

      • Never come through for me.

        • Came through in 24 hours.

  • Have you tried calling your local good guys and asking for a price match? Honestly we were doing about 250k a year with TGG commercial and it was so difficult to deal with them that we went back to our local store and they price matched everything. Keep in mind TGG stores used to be private franchises but With JB Hifi taking it on they took over all the franchises. I am not sure if any franchises still exist.

  • "A massive $13 cheaper than the previous deal"
    i am still $1 short, anyone?

    • Go to the back of your local pub and fish out 20 of their finest bottles from their bins, take those to the closest return and earn drop off points.

  • Hey there, how to be a membership (Thegoodguy commercial)?

  • In the market for a 60-65 inch TV for the second TV room with budget up to $1000, how does this compare to the ALDI Bauhn TVs at ~$600? Cheers

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      Android TV is heaps better than the OS running on ALDI TVs which I've found really laggy. This TCL is on the "slower" side of things but for a second room it's perfectly fine. Picture quality is also much better than ALDI's which was rated as a TV to avoid from CHOICE.

      • Thanks mate. Any better alternatives to TCL 65" P615? My budget is around $1000 ish. Worthwhile waiting for Boxing day deals?

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          No worries. Personally I'd go for this, pay the amount now to get it now. Best thing about Android TV is the inbuilt chromecast, so easy to cast something when you have people over. You can wait for boxing day to potentially save $50-100, but then again this is Ozbargain 😂

    • I've had this exact TV for about a year in the kids lounge room. It's a decent enough TV for the price however the Android TV OS can get a bit laggy and slow. This doesn't seem to bother the kids.
      I have a MiBox hooked up to it for the rare occasions I use it.
      Also note that this TV only has 2.4ghz WiFi

  • thanks guys

  • If anyone still after this tv, I managed to get good guys to price match videopro for $770. Secured over the phone and went instore to pay and pick up.

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