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[XB1, PS5, PS4] Tales of Arise $68 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


Great JRPG I must say:

Hard to find physical stock at any other retailer, let alone at a decent price.

Remember to use discounted gift cards (eg. Shopback)

FYI, seems like EB have more games on sale which went live today, example:
Scarlet Nexus $28

To all my JRPG ozbargainers out there: I love you all

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    PS: if you have eBay Plus, it free delivery from their eBay store and 5% off using code 'SHO50FF'

    • Cant seem to purchase PS5 version here…

      • PS5 out of stock from their eBay store now.

  • It was $59 from Amazon but shipped from US, so i backed out since that would take all of Dec to get here!

    • Depends if Amazon US is fulfilling - almost every order I've made from the US this year has arrive 1-2 weeks earlier than the advertised delivery date. (I had Christmas presents for my niece arrive a few days ago, only ordered a week earlier).

      Amazon UK on the otherhand I'd agree with you, long delivery times and every second order I've made has been incorrect (ordered 4tb SSD - received 1tb, bought underwear - received shoes etc)

    • I saw the same thing.. ETA is 23 Dec!

      I'm collecting from EB - might need this if Omicron turns out to be a big bad thing and …. sigh..

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    Scarlet Nexus was $28 last week, I snapped up that bargain.

    • Great game!.

    • Damn, guessing it bombed heavily in sales if it's already $28, and not even a year out from release.

      • Same thing happened with Last of Us 2 last year. Game of the year last year too.
        Yet Sekiro is still basically full price. Dunno how it all works

      • +2

        I think part of it is because it's available on Xbox Game Pass.

        I normally use my PS4 for my JRPG, but played this one on my xbox.

  • 66.46 if digital version is OK for XB1/XSX

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    Anyone else initially read Tales of Arse from the thumbnail

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      Don't know why this has been downvoted, that's exactly what I read.

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    Mmmm got bored of this one.

    Basically just a slog through repetitive linear-ish path open areas and then massive damage sponge bosses.

    I've never been bored in the middle of a boss fight in a game before, it just goes on that long, one night I legit fell asleep mid battle.

    • Yeah nah I'll pass if that's the case.

      It's lazy game design, unless it's specifically the very hardest or challenge boss (like Penance in FFX).

      There's no good reason to have bosses that take 20-30+ mins of skillless button mashing.

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    Got this in JB couple of weeks ago at $79…
    Completed the main story at level 53 and all level 90+ boss finished.
    Would say this game is quite good during the fighting which I do enjoy.
    Story is pretty much the same formula for all JRPG.
    The only thing I would hope for is the big world map instead of just map by map.
    Overall score is around 8.5/10 for a JRPG.

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    one of the best games I've played

    • +1

      Is it really that good? I played the demo and it failed to generate any sort of interest from me. Combat just felt a bit too monotonous.

    • +2

      Would say it's one of the best JRPG I've played especially in the combat system as I hate turn base and love the action in this game.

      • This game reminds me of Star Ocean Till The End of the Time. The combat system is almost the same.

        Hope they are remaking that game.

        • That’s a very old x360 game right? I remember it getting shocking reviews for the crude localisation

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    hell yeah for JRPG!

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    Missed the I when reading the title. Through it said Tales of Arse there for a moment ಠ_ಠ

    • Then you might need some arse…

    • +2

      Thats a different sort of jrpg

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    I think this game (and Neo: The World Ends With You) can go down a bit more before I bite.

    • Neo will 100% plummet in price. The sales numbers are severely low.

      • +1

        Don't worry. Ill make a deal post when it happens.

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    Great game, the last dungeon area absolutely was a slug fest however and completely turned me off any post game content with the amount of HP tanks they constantly threw at you.

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    Pretty good game. Combat has a steep learning curve but is rewarding when you can finally pull off 100-hit combos. Graphics are impressive for a JRPG and environments are varied and interesting to look at. Story is average. Writing is awful - the characters constantly throw out cliched one-liners that make you want to cringe. One story scene in particular stands out as making absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    • +1

      Thanks this info plus the other chap talking about the damage sponge bosses is enough to steer me away.

      I've always tried to play the Tales games but the voice overs (9 year old girls screaming at you) and the complete inability to write normal human interactions kills them for me.

      Can't survive the cringe anymore.

  • Its available on Ebay


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