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MSI Creator 400M Mid-Tower PC Case $113 Delivered @ Amazon AU


About this item
Equipped with the industry's first tempered laminated glass
With high-density sound-absorbing cotton
Featuring a brushed aluminium chassis for content creators
With 360 mm radiator
Perfect tool-free design

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    'Featuring a brushed aluminium chassis for content creators' - wat

    • u make sure its in view when making utube videos

  • +7

    oh it is 64 core compatible… was scared if I purchased this case I might be limited to a 32 core CPU

    • +2

      😔 darn it
      I won't be able to put in an upcoming 128 core threadripper in this case

      • +1

        Just download the update for 128 cores.

  • +6

    All of the videos I've been creating have been absolute garbage, but until now I've never understood why.

    I need this case so I can finally become the content creating influencer I was always destined to be.

  • +1

    This case got terrible reviews.

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    Description gets better on the page- My favorites would be the first and last claims…

    Perfect Golden Ratio
    Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, Creator 400 series’ exterior took design cues from the golden ratio. Its perfectly proportioned exterior brings paramount aesthetic life experience to creative workers.

    Creations that Spawn from Breezing
    SilenceCreator 400 is equipped with the industry's first tempered laminated glass with a thickness of 5.38mm. At the same time, the front, top and right side of the interior comes with high-density sound-absorbing cotton, making the Creator 400 series a quiet workstation for content creators

    Nothing Should Stand in the Way of Your Creativity
    The front-opening aluminium panel is specially introduced through precisely calculated aerodynamics and three 140mm cooling fans are installed in front and rear to provide the smoothest cooling airflow.

    Create with the Coolest Way
    The high-static-pressure air flow for targeted cooling from a prime fan & radiator capacity which not only handle the extensive calculating of your effects, colour adjustments, layer blends, and output compression but also ensure the performance of the hardware which is mainly responsible for the editing speed, program responsiveness, and rendering speeds.

    Tool-Free Upgradeable Design
    Creator 400 Series comes with a perfect tool-free design — a premium tool-less hinged swing-door, thumbscrews & tool-free drive cages… etc., to provide the easiest way of installation & upgradeable solution for Creators.

    Create Your Cosiness with RGB LED Effects
    The exterior of the Creator 400 series adopts a fierce but modest space grey colour that is fitting of designers, it also comes with a front RGB LED to bring the most comfortable working environment for creators.

    • They've moved past catchphrases like 'gaming' and 'RGB' and moved onto 'aspirations' and 'creativity'… Ah nope, RGB is still at the bottom.

      • I really meant more, "Create Your Cosiness"

  • +1


    MSI's Sekira 500P isn't the worst case but it's really not impressive. That's not the one that bothers us the most though. The Creator 400M is the problem case. It's a mix of steel and thick plastic that shows a similar lack of awareness to the rest of the case industry.

    Even ignoring the thermal side of things the case just tries to mix and match a lot of weird trends from different years and cases. It's got a front door, for example, that has a thin canvas sheet on it. This will end up creating more noise than it stifles because you'll have to run the fans harder to get past the door. It's like taking the best things about Be Quiet! cases and executing them with about 25% of the effort or engineering. The plastic grill on the front didn't even have a dust filter on it. No filter behind it to catch the dust, so will do nothing.

    The power supply shroud had fan mounts that were at least 10-15% obstructed by solid steel on either side with nowhere for those fans to pull air. The bottom of the case is too far and it's obstructed by a power supply, a stack of hard drives and cables. So no air is getting through that.

    Let's get back to cases that don't suck though.

  • Only supports 2x 3.5" HDD and 2x 2.5" SSD. Most other cases holds up to 7 storage device not 4.

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