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30m Retractable Hose Reel Garden Water Brass Auto Rewind Spray Gun $99.95 Delivered @ Home on the Swan



Integrated hose storage solution
Incrementally locking
Auto rewind system
UV resistant materials
180° swivel wall mount
PVC hose
Built-in handle
Rubber stopper
Adjustable Brass Spray Gun
Brass hose and tap fittings for maximum corrosion resistance
Slow rewind function

Hose length: 30m + 2m
Hose material: UV resistant PVC
Fittings: 3/4"
Hose I.D.: 11*15mm;
Working pressure: 8 Bar/ 116 PSI
Burst pressure: 24 Bar/ 384 PSI
Reel case material: Polypropylene
Overall dimensions: 41 x 44.3 x 18.5cm
Assembly Required: Yes
Number of packages: 1
Package Content

1 x Water Hose Reel
1 x 9-setting Spray Gun
1 x Installation Instructions

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Home on the Swan
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  • It is an anti kink hose?

    • +1

      No, I still enjoyed getting whipped by it.

  • +2

    How long is the warranty?

    • Nothing mentioned :)

  • +1

    Let me know the warranty please OP, because im in the market for 3, and currently shopping around.

  • It says there can be another $30 off on the order page but the code does not apply! :(

    • Need to spend $199 before $30 off

      • Thanks, for the clarification!

    • +1

      Spend a bit more and buy hoselink. It will last much longer.

  • Country of manufacture?

    I have recently realised that buying quality stuff (e.g. from US) means I can buy it once and keep it for decades. A $200 version that lasts 20 years can be more of a bargain than a $99 one that lasts a year or two. It took me waaay to long to work this out …

    • +1

      Which brand can last 20 years?

      • Red Emperor.
        There's some on the outside of our building that are approaching 30 years.

        • Is that a fire hose?
          That's comparing apples and oranges of safety industrial level equipment to consumer grade

          • +2

            @brocky2006: Its RATED to be a fire hose, yes. But it doesn't HAVE to be.
            The discussion\example was between multiple hundred dollar high end equipmenmt you only buy once, and cheap consumer equipment you keep replacing.
            The entire DISCUSSION is about apples and oranges.

            I too got sick of replacing cheap hoses, and having them kink, so we went with an Australian made high end product, and it's been great.

  • ALDI sells one of these (20M) for $49. Which one will be better?

    • Looks like the exact same as aldi's fittings too

      • The current reel is plastic fittings

  • +2

    It's unbranded, no known origin or level of quality. I don't have a problem with buying non-branded, but if you are going to go down that route atleast get it from a known company

    Kogan certa 30m retractable $89.99
    Catch of the day, 30m retractable $89
    Branded smith real from Sydney tools, 30m retractable $99

    • Yeah this did not feel like a deal. Aldi had a 20m one for $50 and I've seen Holmans go for about $99 at Bunnings before.

  • +4

    This is junk, just like the rest. Metal hose fittings look impressive, but look at the photo showing the internals. All cheap plastic belt driven rubbish that'll break down very quickly. This doesn't even have a warranty. $180RRP my foot!

    I just bought replacements at Bunnings for around the house.

    2ys is the standard warranty for all these retractable hose reels, and they are all crap.

    I have recently replaced two Holmann reels. A little over 3 years old (there's a manufacture date on the top lid). Their warranty is 2 years.
    And it DOES NOT MATTER which brand you buy, these retractables are throw away items.

    Hoselink is the same 2yr warranty (but more expensive).
    Gardena offers a 5yr warranty, but it's double the price… so you are effectively pre-purchasing a second reel upfront. I don't mind paying extra for decent quality but not double. If it was somewhere in the middle it would be worth it. But not double.

    I just keep buying Holmann. They are the cheapest, and if it breaks around 2 years in they'll replace it (take a photo of your receipts on this junk).

    Online sellers?? Good luck with your warranties and shipping it back etc.

    There are NO good brands of hose reels out there. At least nothing that is reasonably priced. I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on a hose reel that has a 2yr warranty!!

    Holmann…. for the cheap chinese junk they sell (all reels are made in China) are at least good with their warranties up to their 2yrs or a tad more. You don't have to ship anything back, you just show receipt and lid date in a photo and they'll send out a replacement.

    Either buy a manual hose horse holder thing, or if you must have retractable (me) suck it up and just buy Holmann. They don't deserve your money because the products break down soon after warranty, but so do the others. I'm old enough to have tried most of the brands. They all can suck it!

    Edited: there's a comment above about a reel lasting 20 years!! Uhuh…. yeah right. NONE will last 20 years. Not with today's manufacturing standards. Forget about it.

    • +2

      hear what you are saying, i'm on the lookout for something that will last a while. i knew a guy that got an old firehose and retrofitted it to connect up to a standard tap. That thing lasts forever……but it's massive, heavy, ugly, and if it was a sellable product would probably cost an arm on the leg.

      i might start looking for overseas product, the US tends to boast quality….but i'll read some reviews first

      • +1

        I thought the exact same thing!

        Do I just go industrial and get something monstrous, but that'll last longer than me? It's so bloody frustrating wanting to buy a product that you know 'could' be manufactured, but there's nothing out there. At all.

        I had high hopes for Hoselink, but even they don't stand by their products. I don't treat the reels rough, just a normal garden hose that'll gentle with on the retract… slowly feeding the hose into the reel with my hands braking the speed so it doesn't hurt itself. Nup… the crap still breaks! Always around that 3yr period. It's why none of them will offer more. They know the lifespan.

        If you find something good let us know here. Sick and tired of buying landfill.

        Or hell, even a reel that can be opened and spares bought for it. If you've ever tried to open these things they are lethal! If that tension spring gives way you're a dead man!

        • +2

          i use to work for a manufacturing company, they use to use a brand called "Recoila", but that company would make them to your specifications, you tell them if you want the hose designed for garden water, air, grease etc.

          no idea how much they cost, but they were used 8 hours a day 5 days a week, and for the 5 years i was there the only parts on them that got replaced were the nozzles due to people mistreating them.

          • @whitepuma: I got excited…. and then I downloaded their catalogue.

            You'd never guess in a million years what their warranty is ;).

            Although they DO look chunky, and they certainly make industrial stuff.
            I wonder how much though?

            Edited: They don't sell to the public direct. But found a reseller… ouch :(. https://www.pumpwarehouse.com.au/hose-reels-retractable/

            • +1

              @UFO: OP (associate) posted here & vanished, if he can not answer these questions, forget about his warranty…

            • @UFO: yeah not cheap at all…i should say though, like i said that manufacturing company i worked for that used them never had them die on them (besides the nozzle). HOWEVER, it was in a warehouse environment…..so very little outdoor/UV attack. But certainly got plenty of use. Are you going to try one?

    • The el cheapo ALDI one I bought 5+ years ago is still going well. It only gets a few hours of direct UV a day, and only gets used once a week, but has held up well. Its faded to almost white (from green), and the return spring is losing tension near the end of the wind up but its been great. I used to let it auto rewind at full speed, but after it got jammed once, I had to open it up to unknot and re-tension it but that was 4 years ago. The hoselink ones look better made (as they should for the price) but its disappointing to know they don't last better than the cheap ones.

    • I've been using AK Reels, made in Australia distributed by Easyhose: https://easyhose.com.au/

      Yes, the warranty is 2 years, however mine have been going strong for 5 years now.

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