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HoMedics UV-C LED Sanitiser Bag - Grey $8 ($7.60 with Club Catch) (RRP $149.95) + Delivery @ KG Electronic, Catch


Sanitising your devices just got a whole lot easier with this UV-C LED case. Simply place your items in the case, switch on and let it work for 1 minute before removing your goods from the case.


HoMedics appliances
Model: UV-C LED Sanitiser Bag
UV clean kills up to 99.9% of germs
Ultra fast action
Truly portable and very safe
No harmful chemicals used
Up to 18 uses per charge
Simply to use and highly effective
Power: N/A
Model no.: SAN-B100-GY
Colour: Grey
Dimensions (approx. cm): N/A

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    Thanks - Bought 5 - Please dont ask why

    • +9

      User name checks out.

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    Am on the Club Catch trial, but can't get free delivery?

    Can only see Standard Delivery for $9, even though it says " Free express delivery for Club Catch members on eligible products! This limited time offer will be automatically applied.".

    • +2

      Same here, couldnt get a free delivery - but still a good deal for a small gift

    • +1

      I can't seem to get free delivery either. I even signed up for club catch assuming it would be free shipping.

      The title needs to be re-edited to show that it's NOT free delivery. I would have just gone instore to buy it at one of the many retailers selling it for the same price.

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    cheap, but I really don't know what I'd need one of these.

  • +6

    Thanks OP. Got one to ripen my green Bananas for when I am in a rush.

  • +2

    Thinking about it but looks like other stores are selling it for this price to.

  • +3

    I got mine from JB several months ago for $5

    It’s ok but definitely not RRP of $150

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  • +1

    Catch Markeplace Seller do charge delivery fees regardless of Catch Club Membership.

  • Pity KG is charging more on eBay. Was thinking maybe could use the other phone uv case they are selling to set the UV glue for tempered glass screen protector. Would be easier than holding the flimsy ones they give you.

  • +1


    If i read this right, if this product really uses uv-c led, it will work but may harm your eye or skin if not used properly. If it is not uv-c then it will not work but will buy you a peace of mind.

  • +1

    They alao have


    If you believe in this BS.

  • +4

    Just carry a pack of antibacterial wipes and then you can clean the surface of anything in 1 minute, not just what can fit in a little pouch.

    The genius of this pouch is that you'll never really know if it's doing anything.

    • Problem with those wipe is it will wipe off the oleophobic coating on my phone screen.

      • sounds bad - definitely won't help your phone's oleophobia!

  • -1

    Thanks OP, i bought 4. Now before peeps flame me, i would like to try this with CPAP/APA masks for people who have sleep apnea. I figured instead of using just the wipes and wot not, it would be a great combination to use this and its small stand to put your mask in to sanitise them, in combination with wipes.

    I guess you could give this to friends and families as well as stocking stuffers :)

  • Why not make full door frame size sanitisers and put them at every shopping centre? 🤔

    • +3

      Because uv-c is harmful to humans when exposed directly

    • Sanitisation vs skin cancer. Tough call.

      • Don't you mean COVID vs Skin Cancer.

  • Too bad the hole in the ozone layer is patched now… Otherwise we would have plenty of uv-c….

  • +2

    More landfill.. just use a wipe if your worried instead of buying crap like this just because it had a $149 rrp there's a reason they're clearing it out

  • $9 now. Got one for vape gear.

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