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Microsoft Surface Dock 2 Docking Station $233.13 (RRP $419.95) + Delivery @ CompuCoast


Microsoft Surface Dock 2 Docking Station $233.13 (RRP$419.95) + Delivery @ CompuCoast

Potential Price Match @ Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi

Microsoft Surface Dock 2 Docking Station (1GK-00009)
Part Number: 1GK-00009
Availability: 850 in stock (when this ad was posted)
Order By 3pm for Same Day Dispatch
Got Questions ? Call 07 5353 5130 or Use the Live Chat

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    Looks like great performance, but limited only to Microsoft Surface?

    • +1

      Yes the surface dock is for surface products.

      • +2

        Can it be used on any surface? 😂

        • +2

          Has not been tested on lunar surface.

    • Don't suppose there is an adaptor for the surface connector to use it on thunderbolt or USBC laptops?

  • -1

    The model number 1GK-00009 is for the business version. Microsoft is selling for $335.96. So, technically JB or HN would not price match it as their model number is SVS-00014

  • Anyone know what this will do at 1440p? Or is it limited to max 60hz by the surface book?

    • Limited to 60hz by the Surface Pro

      Source: owner of a high refresh rate monitor

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    We've had ongoing issues with these nowhere when the Surface device is woken up, at random the external monitors (sometimes 1, sometimes the other, sometimes both) won't wake up along with everything else. Pretty frustrating. Microsoft don't have answers and the issue is pretty widespread out there on forums.

    • Just do a shutdown instead of sleep.

    • Ive had the same issues with same dock. Usually involves me unplugging and replugging my usbc to hdmi cables every time I wake the laptop from sleep.

    • It's likely an ACPI issue that requires a BIOS update to resolve. The type-c embedded controller interface spec is rubbish, as is ACPI, and every vendor has implemented it in their own strange and buggy way with lots of race conditions.
      I've had the same issue with Dell and Lenovo laptops with varying dock brands, eventually a BIOS update comes out that resolves it - if you can get their support to acknowledge it.

      • Yeah we were hopeful of that being the fix but it wasn't. The Dock 2 is still plagued with the issue even after firmware updates to the dock.
        I'm somewhat accepting of the issue myself, because I can easily resolve it. However, the larger portion of my colleagues (400+) arent going to out up with it.
        More often than not, when they come back from a meeting and redock; they are struck with the issue.
        Kinda wish MS would pull their finger out and work hard to resolve the issue. MS on their official forum have suggested to disable all power saving features (a fundamental component of Windows itself)… However, if we disable all power saving, we them run the risk of users bricking their Surface device from packing it into a laptop bag/sleeve while left turned on…
        And if you've ever dealt with a bricked Surface device from overheating, with it under warranty; then you know that it's a painful process requesting a MS vendor tech to simply come on-site and unseat-reseat the built in battery to bring it back to life.

  • +3

    I had a look and this looks like it will be dropshipped by Dicker Data. Their standard price is $198.84ex until 13/12, so expect to see these sorts of prices around for a couple weeks.

  • Just got a Surface Go 2 on run out, instantly wiped with Fedora. this could be useful…

  • What is the difference between the business model 1GK-00009 and the regular model SVS-00014? Seems to be a fair price difference at the moment?

    • +1

      Just spoke to a Microsoft technician and Both models are the same, just the warranty is the difference. The regular model has 60-day returns with Microsoft and you need to return the faulty product first before they send you a new product. Under commercial if you requested replacement, they can send you a new dock without the need of returning the defective one. Hope this helps 😊

  • Can I use this


    paired with this?


    To have a surface device display on external monitor and USB to connect separate mouse and keyboard?

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