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AmEx Statement Credits - Spend $1200 Get $200, Spend $800 Get $80 @ Apple (in-Store & Online)


Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $1200 or more, in one or more transactions, online or instore at Apple by 31/12/2021 to receive one $200 credit.
Limited to the first 5,000 Cards to save the offer.
Exclusions apply.

  • Excludes purchases made via iTunes.
  • For purchases of products that may be delivered after the offer end date, you must ensure that $1,200 or more has been charged to your Card by 31/12/2021 to be eligible for the offer.
  • Only valid for purchases shipped to Australia and paid for in Australian Dollar (AUD).
  • Offer is limited to one credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-store at APPLE or online at www.apple.com/au/retail/business/.
  • Offer valid at Australian locations and website only.
    Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
    Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

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  • +6

    Just bought a MacBook 16inch pro! At least I used big w discounted gift cards

    • same boat, and i am not targeted for this anyway.

    • how much did you get it for?

    • Good to know that BigW also sells Apple products ! Is it true ?

  • +19

    Varied spend on this offer - I have spend $800, get $80 credit.

    • +15

      What can you get for $800 on Apple Store these days? An iPhone case?

      • +1

        The sixth gen iPad mini is a pretty nice device.

      • +1

        Microfibre iCloth

      • iPhone headphones:
        $200 for the headphones
        $600 for the Apple logo


  • +5

    seems targeted, i got the spend $800 get $80 back as above too, ill wait for jb 10% that comes out every few weeks, cheers for post

    • +1

      800/80 for me too

  • +8

    Targeted, I don't have it

  • -1

    Want to buy Mac pro, but there is no stock…??

    • +1

      are you TimApple?

    • +6

      You're associated; you tell us

    • sorry , tick the wrong box, i am a customer

  • +1

    800/80 too - disappointed as need a new MBP

  • +6

    Am I the only person who interpreted the post as "Spend $1200 at Apple instore and Get $800 statement credit" and realized that's not the case a few seconds later? :P

    Good deal though for those who are planning to purchase something at Apple instore. Thanks OP.

  • Damn, no luck on two cards

  • +1

    recently bought a 13 pro max using discounted GCs lol. I wonder if you can buy apple gift cards with this deal.

    • Unless you’re buying the gift cards from the apple store you won’t get the credit.

  • I also got HP offer to spend $1500 get $150 back.

    • Same here I got HP as well

    • So, one set of inkjet cartridge replacements then?

  • I am not targeted :(

  • +4

    I got 800/80 but twice on the same card - they both appear in the saved offers so potentially 800/160?

    • +6

      same, will try it out with a new ipad. If it doesn't trigger both then I will return it :D

      • same! let us know how you go

      • +1

        True OzBargainer.

      • Did you get $160 back on $800 spend?

    • Same

    • Got it twice too. So maybe buying a 13 Pro Max gets $160 back?

      • If we spend $800 , shouldn’t that trigger both offers?

    • +2

      Can confirm this triggered twice so 20% back on a gift card. $160 landed today.


  • +2

    Got the $80 one… still better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick given I need a new iPhone and need the tax invoice not paid for with gift cards, so I'll take it!

    • +1

      Yes, good deal for that situation.

    • What difference does the payment method make?

      • +1

        Maybe needing to use a business CC for accounting purposes or something? Dunno

      • +1

        Much easier with the ATO that way. This isn't financial advice but on a $2k+ phone you're depreciating over a couple of years, if you ever had to show it (like being audited), you'd probably also have to show the purchase of the gift cards as well, which would show up any discount and reduce the amount you could claim (not to mention having to explain why you over claimed), making the overall difference negligible and honestly not worth the hassle of not buying direct in the first place (for me).

        • Gift cards don't come with the usual standard complimentary insurance coverage, incl. screen replacements which seem to be a feature of recent cards.

          System Configurator seems to be required to change various components on the newer phones so it's a real pain in the proverbial if you want to DIY

        • +2

          Actually checked my recent apple store online purchase with mix of giftcards and credit card, the apple official receipt says it is Credit card, so i guess that is ok for tax purpose.

          • @mazx: Thanks mazx, good to know! $80 on a $2219 Pro 13 512GB works out to be about 3.6% cash back, which is actually almost double the EPP program discount anyway, so I'm happy but appreciate your info for next time I buy ;)

    • I purchased an iPhone 13 wholly using iTunes credit and my tax invoice says Credit Card payment method.
      Happy to send it to you if you want to take a look.

  • 800-80 is online only? Not showing the 'instore' wording. Wonder if I can just get the apple gift card online

    • +1

      Yeah mine showing online only too

    • +2

      GCs online worked last time.

  • +2

    Have the Explorer card. Wasn’t targeted.

  • +2

    800/80 sounds like the internet speeds we were promised by NBN!

  • chip chip explorer $0/yr anal fee don't seem to be targeted

    • +6

      “ chip chip explorer $0/yr anal fee”

      Think I’d prefer to just pay a $80 fee instead …

  • +1

    Just activated my amex last night. Haven't seen any offers so far.

    • +5

      You need to wait after first statment period otherwise no offer.

  • Ok NOW I wish I decided to buy that new iPad Pro instead of buying a nice used one.

  • +1

    Looks like lower end cards only get $80 back. (Essential, Velocity and old BMW Gold)

    • +2

      Got the 800/80 on my AmEx Platinum Charge and Plat Reserve cards.

      • Got amex ultimate and gorgeous the freaking hp deal

  • Where can we see this offer if it’s available? In the AMEX app?

  • +1

    just bought a new phone last week, now i got it on my platinum charge card 800 for 80. (2 entries by the way if that's not a bug)

  • You can return and rebuy.

  • Was on a chat with Amex and they can update your preferences to see offers like this more often if that helps. After my next statement I’ll probably see this offer or something apple related?

    • Can you lead me through that process? What number did you ring, what type of support did you ask for, etc..

      • +2

        I used the in app chat to ask why I wasn’t seeing certain offers. They checked and updated my preferences. Didn’t really need to do anything to connect to a certain team.

    • I basically got told they cant do anything

      • same

  • Nothing on my Amex premium card :(

  • i got 2 $800 80 offer in the same amex.

  • I got the $800/$80 offer for Apple. Thinking best use might be to buy gift Apple store giftcards/credit which I can always use in the future anyway, and can ensure I get the exact $800 spend. Thoughts?

    (I do regret buying Applecare+ only five days ago; wonder if I cancel it since it's <1 week and buy again… although I think I got the 5% cashback from Citi credit cards)

    • Let’s us know how you go if trying the above

      • Decided not to bother and will probably just buy a gift card instead… or if we're lucky it'll work in the EDU/EPP stores.

  • Can you get the $80 cashback if you purchase an $800 gift card? Would be helpful if you didn’t want to purchase anything specific right now

  • 800/80 too. Like a joke.

  • Shame I don't buy Apple products

    • Shame that I am not targeted :(

  • Not in my Qantas Ultimate card….

    • Unlucky- I have Qantas Ultimate also and got 800/80.

  • They never give me the offers I'd actually use ::) No show on velocity

  • +1

    Does this work on Edu store?

    • +1

      I think I might go with this plan. Anyone had any luck? I might try it out and report back if not.

    • +1

      yes i can confirm it works

      • Hmm I just checked. Bought a MBP from the edu store on the 01/12 and still nothing. Hopefully it comes through.

        • Took a while, but came through in the end.

  • Does anyone know how Amex assigns these deals to cards?

    I’ve hardly used my Amex the past 6 months but got the $800/$80 deal.

  • Damn, finally one that I'd actually use, but didnt get it! (Explorer)
    Rather have saved by TCN gift cards for later and used this offer instead.

  • Didn’t get this offer (explorer)

  • +1

    Does this mean we cannot use Cashrewards etc

    Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.

    • You can. Just can't use your Amex card linked through Paypal to pay for it, as Paypal is a third party processor.

  • Got the 800/80 deal on two of my cards. Reckon I could use part payment in-store and use them both towards one transaction?

    • I've done this before for Amex offers and it worked, but I didn't do it at Apple.

    • check whether your offers are NOT online only.

  • Any thoughts on when JB will have a 10% off Apple / MBP deal? I'm happy to hold out a fair while - but not too late. Feel like it's incredibly unlikely to be before XMAS and probably not before the end of year…

  • Which card do you guys have? My explorer card doesn’t have this offer.

  • Would this work for purchases through the education store or in-store with education pricing?

  • Would this work with items in the refurbished store? Killer deal if yes.

  • Non in my 6 amex card….
    Got the other offers for PE,Reject shop,adore, Nespresso,HP though.

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