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Dr. Ultra-C UV-C Sanitiser $9.95 + $8.95 Delivery ($0 for eBay Plus) (Was $149.95) @ 247deals_au via eBay


The cheapest seen before was $19 as I remember. Available $19 with delivery on Catch and Mydeal via KGElectronic.

Interestingly, JB seems to be having it at $149.95.

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  • I just bought this earlier this morning after seeing yesterdays homedics post. Want to try it for setting the UV glue on screen protector. Saw heaps of people trying to the sell the Kmart Anko UV sterilisers (which Kmart was clearing out for $2.50) on ebay for a lot more. Some people even trying to cover up the Anko branding on the pictures lol

    • I did the same. One of my Kmart ones is stuffed. Needed a bigger one for my masks in between washes

  • Bought one thanks OP. They also have a mobile phone specific one with wireless charger. If anyone is interested


    • +1

      I ordered one of each, and neither appear to generate any UV-C, based on both the included test paper and a banana. Has anybody received a functional device? At least the wireless charging bit works.

  • Unavailable

  • are these Chinese knock offs?

  • “UVC is really nasty stuff – you shouldn't be exposed to it,” says Arnold. “It can take hours to get sunburn from UVB, but with UVC it takes seconds. If your eyes are exposed… you know that gritty feeling you get if you look at the sun? It’s like that times 10, just after a few seconds.”

  • -1

    What a silly device

  • $149.95 dropped to $9.95 + delivery… wow. Sounds like too good to be true - being an actually useful product.

  • Pretty sure there's a UV light lion' somewhere around here….

    Maybe someone left it in the sky

    Oh wait it wasn't a lion, it was a giraffe

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