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[VIC] Unleaded U98 Fuel $1.549/L @ 7-Eleven, Dandenong 3175


Dandenong Vic
[email protected]
Co-ords: -37.9855947,145.1963796

It's the same price as 91 at that station (and cheaper than Costco fuel at the moment)

Google maps for co-ordinates

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    beat me by 30s :)
    happy locking

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    10 cents cheaper than U98 yesterday. Cheaper than the cheapest U95 from 7-eleven in the country.

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    arghhh im running errands and cant get to the chopper!! Nice price OP!

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    Nice find OP. U91 has been sitting at $1.44 for a few weeks now. Haven't fired up the chopper recently as prices seem to be steadily coming down. Yesterday for example was the cheap fuel day in WA with the cycle so with 8c off at Coles express (docket and carsales), was able to get it effectively at $1.399. Hoping we get some U91 or higher deals below $1.40 soon.

    • +1

      Wow. Sitting at $1.90 for e10 in brisbane. It is starting to come down now tho

      • E10 is $1.479 at Kingston South.

  • Is there a way to give up my current lock price so I can lock in this offer?

    • +5

      Just open a new account mate

      • good idea

        • +8

          I have 8 accounts, just in case.

    • +4

      Create a new email and new account, nothing stopping you

      cough trashmail cough
      Use with a gmail as the destination email for Trashmail

    • +1

      Either use it for 2L of Fuel, let it expire or create a new account.

    • +2

      Just put any amount of fuel in tank and scan card. If locked price is higher than the bowser price, it will give you the cheaper price and reset price lock to allow you to lock-in again. I use this to extend the cycles, especially leading up to long weekends. Plus have apps on kids phones!

  • +2

    left my chopper at home so will probably miss out.

    • +7

      pm me your details and I'll lock for you

      • -3

        Fishing is good today……..

        • +4

          What exactly will/can they do with your 7-11 details? Use one of your free vouchers? Troll you by sabotaging the lock? Get your (free) account banned and so you have to open another one?

          (Of course, assuming that you aren't using the same details with other accounts, which might not be a safe assumption for many people…)

          I'd genuinely like to know as I can't see a huge downside here.

        • +3

          Member since 07/07/2015 and you don't know Ozbargainers frequently, and kindly I might add, offer to lock in prices for others?

        • +1

          You must be new here. Very common practice to get a fuel lock - Easy enough to set a random password and use a burner email address if someone was really that worried.

      • Thanks for the offer, but I will give it a miss since I only filled up on Monday night. I only usually fill up with 91RON but for this price, I would have gone for 98.

      • PM'd. Thanks a lot in advance mate

      • Oh jeez can you ?.

  • +8

    Filled up e10 for 99c with lockin monday.
    Was worried it would be denied (since actual price was 1.89)
    Saved $50

    Fuel app lock in deals are awesome.

    • Which app did you use?

      • +1

        The "My 7-Eleven" app.

      • +2

        Yep 7-11 app android.

        Have an old rooted phone which i use to lock location.

        Let me know if you have any questions.
        The 7-11 price watch thread has lots of info.


    • +1

      Yeah I got that one as well. Awesome

  • Thanks OP, locked and loaded.

    • -1

      How to lock the price. My location fair away. Any workaround

  • +21

    I have my chopper on standby if anyone needs me to do a quick lock in for them, PM me your login details.

    • +2

      Check pm. Pilot is stuck at work and couldnt send my chopper.

    • PM'd

      • +2

        Thanks Pepe, your a legend!

    • +2

      Thanks for the chopper ride!

      Locked and loaded :D

    • thanks!

    • PM'd

    • +13

      38 locks later, I'm finished for now.

      • +1

        What a soldier!

      • +1

        Your work is appreciated, thanks again PepePepeson!

    • thanks for your kindness, keep up the OZB spirit!

  • How can i lock at that price… i am located in williams landing where U98 @ 191.9

  • NVM had to move my location south a little

  • Damn just locked at 164.
    Thanks op

    • Just need to create a new account and lock in the new price :)

  • +1

    Isnt 7/11 petrol the worst one to get out of all petrol stations?

    • +1

      My mechanic recommended 7/11 (Mobil) or BP.

    • +8

      If you wish to avoid patrol stations that have had a history of underpaying their workers? Then YES
      If you're asking about Fuel Quality? Then NO

      this has been discussed a million times. Basically all your fuel comes from overseas and is shipped by a truck tanker that will go to multiple different branded fuel outlets on their delivery run and the fuel you receive is indifferent to the one from the retailer across the road. Some brands may add their own additives (BP for example) for their premium products, and conduct delivery using branded-livery trucks, but then again that's really just a bit of marketing BS more or less.
      Meet the octane requirements of your car and your fine. What truly matters more for fuel quality, is that you go to a service station that is newer (less chance of water exposure in tanks, but minimal in any case) and hopefully has higher turnover (less chance for fuel to go stale, again very minimal chance)

      • Lol I can't even spell PETROL. Been looking at too many nissan's lately

    • +1

      I've heard/been told and many accounts that it's actually the best. When all Australian fuel is sent for grading, 7/11 (Mobil) is rated the highest.

  • Ferk - at work all day. RIP cheap fuel. Damn iPhone.

    • Eh? Isn't it the iphone that can call the chopper?

      • iPhone needs a computer assist

        Android capable of teleporting in Pokemon go can do 7/11 too

        • Need custom rom or stock for android? I always thought it was iOS exclusive.

          • @dealz4all: Rooted is the only requirement, pass safetynet test and smali patcher

            Doesn't matter if custom or stock as long as android 10 and above

    • Pm me your login

  • +1

    Price is still going strong. Flew there and it's locked at 154.9

  • +15

    Happy to lock in for anyone if needed :)

    • Pm

    • Pm please 🙏

    • PM, thanks legend!

    • Pm me please bro

    • PMed

    • sent you a pm!

    • +3

      Alright, gotta head back to work so can't lock in anymore

    • Pm as well

  • Has anyone had a fuel attendant deny the price if its a lot lower than the pump price?

    • +6

      I haven't had any issues for the 2 year I've been doing it, I think 7-eleven cover the additional cost? I usually get a "wow that's a good price"

    • +1

      Nope. Used the 99.9c/L E10 lock twice in the last week.

    • +9

      Nah, they don't care. The franchisee gets a fixed amount (2 or 3c/L) regardless of price/margin. The person behind the counter is paid the same wage regardless.

    • +1

      I had one incident where they say the machine is not working. so i didn't get to use the voucher. Not sure is it really machine problem tho.

      • +1

        Sometimes they can't scan my barcode (maybe my phone brightness is shit), some attendants are nice and just punch it in manually, some are dicks and make me email headoffice and eventually they mail me a gift card with the discount amount

    • +1

      I once locked in from NSW and accidently use that voucher in WA a few hours later - it was not a problem at all even though physically impossible..

      It was not 'get to the chopper' but 'get to the teleporter!'

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