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100% Cashback via ShopBack on Discounted Woolworths Mobile 30-Day $20/$30/$40 Prepaid SIM Starter Pack @ Woolworths Mobile


Woolworths Prepaid Mobile 30-Day Plan & ShopBack/ Cashrewards Cashback

Data Ongoing Now Cashback*
50GB $40 $15 $15
30GB $30 $12 $12
12GB $20 $8 $8

Thanks InfamousCalf, included the 50GB one also
As a Woolworths Mobile and Everyday Rewards customer, you can save 10% on your groceries once a month, every month(mobile.woolworths.com.au). You can choose when to redeem your discount. Simply follow the steps below to qualify.

  • *Please check the Cashback rates when purchasing the sim as they usually change.

Referral Links

Referral: random (280)

The referrer and referee will both receive a $10 WISH eGift Card. Referral codes can only be shared after 35 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 10 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • +2

    Woolworths cancel my sim card and say will refund but never. It's been months now. That's how they treat a 5 years old customer with them.

    • +24

      That's how they treat a 5 years old customer

      Probably because you are not old enough to have a contract with them…

      • But they are old enough to post on OzBargain?

  • +2

    $40 ($15 now) / 50GB plan also at 100% cashback

  • +2

    Make sure you don't buy these in February…

    Service must be activated within 30 days of purchase and remain active for 30 days to be eligible for cashback.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, was going to use it to port out of boost and then back in but that kinda kills the deal

    • Their prepaid is 30-day, not 1-month, so there's no issue with Feb.
      However, that statement does make me worried. If I activated the sim today (1/12), I'll need to remain active for 30 days, which means 31/12. But on the morning of 31/12, they will be triggering the auto-recharge. If I cancel auto-recharge before that, I'm not sure I'm still eligible for the cashback

      • -1

        If I cancel auto-recharge before that, I'm not sure I'm still eligible for the cashback

        that was my point…

      • +4

        Cancelling the auto-recharge is not a problem. I've done it previously and received 100% cashbacks from both CR & SB.

      • Question: does 'stay active' mean you need to recharge, or you just keep your number in this plan and not moving to other providers?

  • +8

    FYI - These SIMs can be also used to activate on the Long Expiry plans (pay the difference between SIM value and plan value during activation).

    For example:
    $40 SIM - pay $15.00
    Activate on $65 180-day plan - pay $25.00
    CR/SB cashback - receive back $15.00

    So the $65 180-day plan works out to be $25 - add the referral bonus if eligible and you get the service + a $20 WISH eGC for $25 total :)

    • So the $65 180-day plan works out to be $25

      That's only 15Gb though…

      • You can go with the $150 or $200 plan if you like - just gave that one as an example (useful for those who don't use a lot of data, just need to be able to receive calls/texts, or just want the 10% discount 🙂)

        • +1

          I guess you just don't use the account at all and use the offer to get 10% off groceries for 6 months for $5 cost….

    • add the referral bonus if eligible and you get the service + a $20 WISH eGC for $25 total :)

      Wouldn't using a referrer code during sign up void cash back?

      Furthermore, referral codes can only be shared after 35 days of service, and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months.
      See the Referral Links box underneath the deal description.

      • +1

        You add the referral code after sign-up, it does not have any effect on Cashback.

        Yes, gift cards are sent only after three months of activity, which is why I used the $65 180-day plan as an example.

        • Thanks for clarifying.

          Do you happen to know how long would WW Mobile keep your SIM active (to receive calls and text only) after you have stopped recharging?

          • +2

            @DoctorCalculon: After recharge expires:
            - 90 days to receive calls and texts
            - Additional 90 days (can't receive calls and texts, but service is still 'active' in our system i.e. can be recharged)

            After 180 days total, the service is terminated

        • Can I buy this prepaid SIM to top up my existing Woolworths number? (I'm only after the discount, not the cashback).
          I used to do that with Optus - buy their $30 card from supermarkets for $10 then "switch sim card"

    • Can I stack 2x 30 day prepaid card on Long Expiry Plan?

      • Unfortunately not

    • +1

      Can I buy this prepaid SIM to top up my existing prepaid account? (I know I won't have cashback, but I only need the discount part)

      • +1

        @danm02 i should have tagged you in my question

    • @danm02: Just on the Woolies Mobile Website now and shows Long Term Plan $40 SIM - pay $65. Not seeing any $25 offer. Am I missing something?

      • +1

        We have a $65.00 180-day Long Expiry plan

        You can buy the $40 SIM for $15.00, then during activation pay the difference between $40 and $65 to change to the 180-day plan

        • Ah ok. Thanks.
          You also noted:
          "You add the referral code after sign-up"
          Question: So signup and pay for SIM and one then adds a referral code later? I only ask as it seems unusual to all adding referral after the fact?

          • +1

            @Borg: Yes, this is done thru the app after activating your service

            • @danm02: Thanks. for confirming

    • @danm02,
      I am already on Woolies $25 sim only plan.

      Can i get the $40 prepaid sim in this deal and activate onto the 365 ($150) long expiry?

      Or will that be an issue… Already being a woolies mobile customer?

    • +2

      One observation about the referral is
      The referrer and referee will both receive a $20 WISH eGift Card (Only until 12 Dec 2021, Gift card value is $10 thereafter).

      The chances of receiving the SIM before 12th Dec is probably very slim. They are slow to mail. My last one took over two weeks to arrive. Hope I am wrong.

      • Any way to order online and pick up SIM in store so you don’t have to wait for postage?

        • +1

          Dont think so,

    • @danm02 If we do this, does the 50gb from the $40 sim roll over onto the 180 day plan, or do you have 50gb for the first month only then 15gb for the remaining 5 months?

      • +1

        No just the 180 day data is what you get

  • Good deal not as good as past ones that offered >100% CB,
    But I wont settle for 100% this time

    • I don't believe there's been a >100% cashback with Woolworths Mobile + CR/SB before

      • With special bonus.

        Most people found other things to buy during that period, though.

        • Oh right, thanks for confirming

        • Oh yep, I remember that one from a while ago..

          100% cashback ain't so bad though 😅

          • @danm02: For me its not good enough reason to join Woolworths Mobile for a 100% discount. But for a lot of user It will be.

            nor do i spend that much @ woolworths in one transaction that 10% of the month will be worth it for me. Keeping in mind the prices @ woolies/Coles is almost always higher than other grocery stores

            • @USER DC: I usually wait till the last day Tuesday to decide whether to buy it or not this round. The longer you wait for, the more chance to get special bonus I mentioned above.

  • Thanks OP .. you can make money on these with the 10% grocery offer whilst enjoing the free data!

  • Asking for someone

    'can you please advise more info about how this works?
    Can we buy 3x $40 packs for 3x$15, then add $30 for the $150 1yr deal?
    Where can we buy a SIM, my 3 local Woolworths have sold out?
    It's this an online only deal?'


    • +1

      Can we buy 3x $40 packs for 3x$15, then add $30 for the $150 1yr deal?
      Unfortunately not, you can only activate/upgrade one SIM at a time

      Where can we buy a SIM, my 3 local Woolworths have sold out? It's this an online only deal?
      The deal should be available in-store and online, the SIMs are kept around the gift-card section - if local stores don't have stock you're free to order thru the website

    • Redemption!!

      • OP is more helpful and insightful than myself. :)

        I feel like a lazy clueless entitled brat when posting. Even asking for a friend.

  • Just yesterday I bought a $30 SIM from WW in store. I haven't activated the SIM, though have opened the packaging, Can I somehow do a return/refund and buy again to claim this CB? Thanks.

  • +1

    shopback didnt track for me last time… shit deal for $15 a month :/

    • CR tracks quickly

      • yea CR was shit a few years ago so I switched everything to shopback, how I think CR is better

        • Fortunately never had issues with CB or SB

    • same here…
      ShopBack didn't track last time I bought Woolworth sim

      • got to update the app.
        thankfully when i forgot to update it still tracked but slower compared to the purchase i made after i updated the app. just always need to keep that in mind.

    • I went through Cashrewards and it was fine.

    • shopback didnt track for me last time…

      Happens too often and their customer service is crap

  • +1

    Be aware they are taking ages in the post. My contract ran out Friday so really wanted to port then.

    But ordered Woolies sims 2 weeks ago and they still haven't arrived.

  • What's last day of purchase to be eligible for cashback?

    • +1

      Cashback would be dependant on CR/SB, but better than half-price promo on the starter packs ends 11:59pm 7 December 2021 AEDT

  • +1

    If I am correct, someone who does not need too much data can have almost three months of mobile service for free.
    Amaysim $0 2GB for 28 days
    Then port in to Woolworths mobile 100% cashback. (if service can be activated after a few weeks of purchase)
    Then back again to Amaysim $0 2GB for 28 days (This deal expires on 31 January)

    • Which amaysim deal?

    • How do you get the SIM card from that Amaysim deal? That link just says ‘transfer your number’ but when do you receive sim?

      • The link lands on a "Pick a new number" and an optional tab to "Tranfer your number". Just select the new number.

        • New number comes auto activated, better is select transfer your number and later once you get sim can decide what to do

          • @Ehty: Yeah but they reset the activation date to when you first use/activate it so one does get the full 28 days.

  • Long life for 90.00 would be alright, excellent but providing all goodies. Getting cards quickly to the mail, hopefully it will be made whole. Bought the uncharged 40 start.

  • +1

    Did anyone have the incorrect amount of cashback with this deal? I ordered 1 from Cashreward and Shopback, but Cashreward only gives me $7 cashback and Shopback only $8 cashback…Both orders were $15 for 40g.

    • No, ordered the 30 day 50GB for $15 and CB is showing $15 pending.

      • Yes, that's the one I ordered. Sorry for the typo above. I paid $15 for the $40 pack.

      • Did you use browser or App?

    • +1

      I have the same issue.

      • I used browser because I couldn't check out with the app.

        • I tried app and browser, both only got $7

          • +1

            @ozmaxz: I have sent each of them a ticket hoping to get the full $15 back. We'll see…

          • @ozmaxz: Hey FYI, Shopback has rectified my cashback to $15.

            • @ken70657: thanks for the update.. I was using cashrewards, hope they honour the credit.

              • @ozmaxz: Cashreward hasn't responded to my ticket. I'll let you know as soon as I heard from them. 😊

              • @ozmaxz: Cashreward just updated the cashback to $15. All fixed now.

                • @ken70657: thanks, they also fix the cashbacks for me.

      • yes I have the same problem

  • -1

    Where does it say on the Cashrewards / Shopback pages that it's up to 100% cashback?

    • yeah…same question..CR says $5 and SB says $15

      • +2

        Probably changed now as they do the next day every time this deal is published

        EDIT: ShopBack still shows 100% CB in app

  • SB and CR both now showing only $5 cashback only for $20 and $40 plans??

    But Shopback have $17 cashback for Prepaid - Medium & Large plans - But they dont exist?

    • Yes, but atleast SB let it run for 5 days this time around.

  • Wow… I ordered yesterday afternoon when Shopback showed $8 cashback and in my account it said calculating. An hour ago received an email from ShopBack saying tracked but only shows $5 in my account. That's a bit disingenuous… SIM has already shipped. Revoked and would neg if I could.

    • Happened to me last time around also, but they corrected it back when I raised this on chat..
      You can also give it a try

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