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[QLD] $100 Cash Bonus after Making 4 Purchases with a New RACQ Transaction Account @ RACQ Bank


As Suncorp Benefits is switching off on 20/01/2022, I was thinking about opening an account with RACQ Bank for their rewards program.

Unfortunately, RACQ eGift cards are unavailable until the new year. However, I spot this cash bonus offer.

To be eligible you must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Open an RACQ Bank Advantage Plus Account or RACQ Bank Everyday Account (the ‘Transaction Account’) between 1 December 2021 and 30 January 2022 (inclusive).
  2. Must use your RACQ Bank card(s) associated with the Transaction Account for a purchase 4 times on or before 28 February 2022. (Use physical card to make purchase as advised by customer support.)
  3. Not held an RACQ Bank Transaction Account prior to the commencement of this promotion.

Only one cash bonus of $100 will be paid per membership. Multiple membership attached to one account will only receive one cash bonus. The $100 cash bonus will be paid into the Transaction Account within 60 days of completing 4 card purchases.

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  • Asking for you to call them to complete , if your not from QLD?

  • Should add [QLD] in title.

  • +1

    It says you need a Queensland residential address… Seems title should be updated for [QLD]

  • Its actually quite prominent on the website , just missed it , waste of 2 mins

  • What is good about their rewards program?

  • Can't see on the website, but what are their usual eGift card discounts?

  • :-( had my hopes up

  • +1

    Account application being processed.
    Received SMS… Submitted Drivers license & face photos.

    • +1

      SMS - account opened

      • was there an option to use passport? my DL is still VIC.

        • Yes

  • Maybe im being blind but i cant find if there are account setup or annual fees?

    • +2

      Why would it have fees?
      It does actually say $0 in the link provided though. Scroll down just a bit.

      • Im pretty sure my commbank account has a minimal fee unless I deposit $1000 a month or something, so was just checking

  • same had my hopes up too

  • -1

    So bank SA and adelaide bank you can apply from other states but these people say only banana benders

    • +5

      [QLD] shows its only available in QLD.
      Just think / do a search! They're very different banks!

      Who owns those older banks?
      They aren't Adelaide banks any more but part of a wider bank network. (Bank SA = Westpac, adelaide bank = Bendigo)
      Those bank networks are Australia wide, so available outside SA.

      Whereas RACQ is a small bank established in 2017, with only 33 branches - only in Qld (the Q of RACQ).
      It's not part of a wider bank network.

      Set up by the members based Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, RACQ - Our members told us they wanted a bank they could trust. So in 2017 we launched RACQ Bank with the vision to bring a better, fairer alternative to Queenslanders.

      Same issue with some offers from small regional banks. Some required going into bank to open account (provide ID etc). Fortunately, RACQ checks ID online.

      • +1

        Thanks for the extensive answer to my flippant question, I just have a chip on my shoulder being from Adelaide, I like to whinge

        • +2

          Don't we all like to whinge?
          Especially when we don't come from the 2 major States that get most of the attention!

          Learnt from your question, which is always good👍
          Wondered about RACQ Bank - which popped up recently in local Westfield. Now I know. Signed up (only for the $100).

          Even my useful comment was downvoted - my application is being processed.
          Seems someone doesn't like a Qlder getting a Deal they can't get😉 Love it!

          ps I love Adelaide! A friendly, interesting & interested place in my experience living & visiting there.

  • 4 transactions by physical card or can be by Apple/Google/Samsung pay linked card?

    • +5

      Just asked their customer support and was told to use physical card.

      • 👍ty

  • What happens to your unused gift cards in suncorp benefits ?

    • purchase whatever you need and download them

  • Does it effect you getting the bonus if you're already an RACQ insurance member? :)

  • +2

    I called RACQ customer support on 13 19 05.

    They confirmed it will work for transactions made on the card when connected to Apple / Google Pay.

  • +1

    Received email (as existing RACQ member):
    Reminder: Access to (old) RACQ eGift card portal ends 31 Jan 2022

    We recently updated our eGift card platform to improve the purchase experience and save you time when buying eGift cards using your member benefits.

    As a result of this upgrade, access to the previous eGift card platform will no longer be available from 31 January 2022.

    We know this is a busy time of year so have extended the access window from the date previously advised.

    What this means for you

    For any eGift card purchased prior to 1 November 2021:
    Ensure you can locate your pre-purchased eGift cards in your email

    If you can't locate eGift cards in your emails, please access the platform before 31 January 2022 and;

    Record the details or take a screenshot of any unspent eGift cards including the barcode, card number and PIN for future use

    Please note that new eGift card purchases are temporarily unavailable until advised in the New Year and we apologise for any inconvenience

    • If you think it will affect your decision to use RACQ products please give feedback - https://www.racq.com.au/contact-us/feedback-and-complaints

      • New signups in this Deal shouldn't be affected.

        It should only affect past gift card purchased (before this Deal posted).

        Hopefully new improved portal will be a better experience.
        Otherwise - send feedback!

        (Good meeting you at the free OzBargain Ribs lunch!)

      • No I mean the new portal won't be available till after new year sometime. It could be a week or it could be a few months.

        By letting RACQ management know it's more likely to be shorter then longer.

        • Ah… Please note that new eGift card purchases are temporarily unavailable until advised in the New Year and we apologise for any inconvenience

          So best to wait off until set up.

          Already stocked up elsewhere.
          Haven't bought through RACQ in years.

        • I have just given feedback.

          And nice meeting you there too! I'm sorry we didn't chat more!

  • Did anyone receive the bonus?

    • The $100 cash bonus will be paid into the Transaction Account within 60 days of completing 4 card purchases.

      • Thanks, I was wondering if anyone received it before 60 days.

        • Banks are not known for paying out earlier than they have to!

          Only transferred money in today.
          Next, make 4 purchases (by 60d)
          & wait… (up to another 60d)
          Am in no hurry.

    • was the sign up process fairly easy ? pondering whether or not my time worth $100, I feel like it does though :)

    • Does anyone know if you need to leave any money in the account? Did my 4 transactions and have $0 in it now

      • Not sure but they said 60 days The $100 cash bonus will be paid into the Transaction Account within 60 days of completing 4 card purchases.

        • Thanks. I should be expecting it mid-late Feb, hope its straightforward and no emailing/calling required!

  • +1

    4 purchases were made on 17/12/2021 and I've just received the $100.

  • Complete forgot about this!
    Anyone know if the coles split payments work for this?

    How do you even split payments at the self service checkouts? (I normally get Coles delivered, been a while since I’ve been in store)

    • +2

      I did them at coles.
      There will be an option to split payment when you checkout. Select pay by card, enter any amount like $0.50 and then tap card. Repeat.

      • Thanks, done without any issues:)

  • Initially I was going to take advantage of this offer as I have done with other banks in the past. However having been airlifted by the RACQ rescue chopper when I was critically I’ll out in the bush in the past, I don’t think I can. I know it’s symbolic but…

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