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Baseus Type-C to USB-C 60W: 0.5m $4.75, 1M $5.16, 2M $5.84, 100W: 1M $6.11, 2M $6.79 (OOS) Delivered @ Baseus eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Was searching the market for a new Type-C to Type-C cable for my recent Samsung purchase. Prices are extremely fair for local stock and Baseus tend to produce an exceptionally good quality cable for the price. There are a few different colour options on offer.

Prices above reflect 15% off for non-plus members.
20% off for eBay Plus Members with code: PLBF20 Credit to agalea101


PD 60W Cable
* Name: Baseus Cafule Series Type-C PD2.0 60W Flash Charge Cable
* Material: Aluminum shell + TPE + High nylon braided wire
* Current: 20V 3A MAX
* Length: 0.5m/1m/2m
* Accessories:Velcro Belt
* Suitable for: Type-C interface device.

PD 100W Cable
* Name: Baseus Cafule Series Type-C PD2.0 100W Flash Charge Cable
* Material: Aluminum shell + TPE + High nylon braided wire
* Current: 20V/5A 100W
* Length: 1m/2m
* Transmission rate: 480Mbps
* Suitable for: Type-C interface device.

Link to Baseus_online_store ebay storefront

Secondary link showing multiple listings for the same cable if stock runs low

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  • +8

    Thanks OP, I grabbed one

    Never purchased anything from Baseus, but if a fellow Ozbargainer says itโ€™s good, we pay first and ask questions later

    • +3

      Really happy with the 100W PD cable I got from them a few deals back. Seems to be solid.

    • +3

      Baseus is a reputable brand in my opinion, have a few of their cables myself. Plenty of well rated deals previously posted here too.

    • +5

      This is my 3rd cable order from Baseus (USB-A to Micro, USB-A to USB-C and 1m (to short) USB-C to USB-C) and all still work. My 1m Type-A to Type-C is around 3 years old and still as tight as the day I got it. They are becoming the Eneloops of cables

      • +4

        Ugreen are also excellent

        • +3

          Yup. I've yet to have an issue with them also. Great HDMI's and DisplayPort cables. They are my go to for computer cables.

    • +2

      I discovered Baseus in China probably 5-6 years ago, very good products

  • +1

    when they say 'charge cable' does it mean it still works as a pc to phone transfer cable?

    • +1

      From the listing "Baseus PD Fast Charger Type-C to Type-C Cable Cord Data Sync For Samsung Google" and one of the photos state "480Mbps of transmission rate for large files for easy transmission". There is more info in the listing. Above seems to be based on PD 100W Cable, but I cannot see why the 60W would differ

    • +1

      Can confirm the 60w does indeed have data "lines"

  • +1

    Any good, light weight charger 100w charger to couple with this? Looking at a light weight charger for the Lenovo Legion 7 when need to take for work

    • +1

      Just get a 65W GaN. I bought the Heymix one a few weeks ago.

  • +4

    Hey blbf20 code works

    Got me one for $5.75 ๐Ÿ‘

    Thanks op

    • PLBF20?

      • +1

        Yes sorry

        • All good. Was a little confused and I just wanted to check as I ditch eBay Plus.

    • +1

      WAS…is not now

      • +1

        Still saved myself 12 cents :)

  • Anyone has info about this 100W type C Baseus cable?


    Specs seem to the same as the 100W cable in this deal 5A 20W, 480mbps.

  • -1

    Cheaper on aliexpress. Atleast for the 60w cables

    AU $2.83 26%OFF | Baseus 100W USB C To USB Type C Cable USBC PD Fast Charger Cord USB-C 5A Type-c Cable For Xiaomi POCO X3 M3 Samsung Macbook iPad

    • This is local stock and not from China

  • Is it safe to use the 100W cables for lower power devices too? Or should I be watching which cable I use on which device?

    • Yes i would like to know the answer to that too.
      Can you swap 60W cables and 100W cables between lower and higher power devices and it sorts itself out ?
      Or do you need to be specific to only use 100W cables on a device that needs 100W etc etc same for 60W ?


      • +3

        credit to dilon


        The power rating of a charger has no bearing on the life of the battery nor the consumption of power by the device. A higher wattage charger only means it can supply up to the specified amount of current, not that it will push that amount of current to the device.

        Current is drawn, not pushed.
        Regardless if this is an "intelligent" charger like a USB charger that conforms to the Power Delivery specification (USB-3.1 or higher) or an "old fashioned" charger, it's the device that draws the current from the adapter.

        Chargers and power adapters are rated in watts which are calculated by multiplying the voltage (how much) by amperage (how strong).

        For instance, a "quick charge" USB phone charger outputs 5V @ 2.4A, or 12W. If you use a laptop charger like the USB-C charger for the MacBook Pro rated at 96W, it will only draw 12W of current because that's all the phone can pull. However, if you connect the same phone rated at 12W and connect it to a charger that only supplies 5W, either it will charge slowly or it may damage your charger and possibly your phone.

        This is where the "intelligence" comes with with respect to USB-C and Power Delivery. The new USB-C chargers will negotiate with the devices as to what can be supplied. In the simpliest sense, the device "asks" for power and the charger "responds" with what it can deliver. This way, the device won't draw more than the charger can supply.

        On the old fashioned devices (non-intelligent), there's no negotiation. The device will attempt to draw the power it needs. If the charger has the appropriate capacity, it will supply it. If it doesn't it might pull more current than it can handle, potentially burning up the charger and/or damaging the device itself.

  • What is the pricing like on this deal compared to past deals and compared to other products of similar quality?

  • Can use cabLe for new Mac pro ?

    • I suggest doing some external research. I have a the 0.5M (past deals) and using my old comsol USB type-C charger works fine on both my Phone and Lenovo laptop (USB-C only, not thunderbolt). Usually the "brick" and regulates the power is the main consideration and the cable can only underpower the device it is say only passed 20W. Being Apple, just check there isn't some stupid branding thing that stops 3rd party cables.

      This other listing was posted above and claims to charge the latest mac devices. Again, I would recommend your do your own research.

  • Only available to eBay Plus.

    • +1

      Technically incorrect, did you read the post / look at the 2 codes?

      Prices above reflect 15% off for non-plus members

      The 15% code is for non members

  • Does anyone know of deals for the cables that are angled/elbowed on one end? 60w is fine.

  • 60w and 100w same price? If so why would I choose the 60w? Am i missing some thing?

    • +1

      There aren't the same price, 100W is slightly higher.

  • Hmm need a deal on a A to C

  • 100w 2m seems to be OOS.

    • Hey, There is a secondary link at the bottom of the post

      • all of them are OOS on 100w 2M.

        • +1

          I'll update. All the cheap 2M are gone now (they still had stock yesterday when I posted). $9.99 take off 15% or 20% seems to be the cheapest option now on their official store page. Sorry

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