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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB Purple/Black $799 + Delivery (Free C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Black also available

6.7" HDR10+ Infinity Flex Display
12MP dual rear facing camera & 10MP front facing camera
8GB Ram
256GB internal storage
3300 mAH battery

5G version for $999

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    Got the flip 3 from epp for $790. Not sure if this is a deal

    • epp?

      • Samsung Employee Purchase Program, which includes Education (.edu.au email), Government (.gov.au email) and various companies

        • +1

          I didn't know samsung has such program. Thanks for the info 👍

    • How did you get it down to 790? On my epp it is 1199

      • +1

        Was 999 on black friday and 200 off for tradein

  • +8

    Z flip 3 was on a woolworths mobile for $999 just a few days ago. IMHO much better deal, dont get me wrong I have zflip1 and love it but would definitely go for gen 3 given the choice :)


  • +6

    This is crap considering the latest Flip3 was $999 less than a week ago.

  • +11

    This is original flip so this is 2 generations old and 799is steep ask for such a phone. LTE version to boot.

  • +2

    I ordered it then regretted it so I asked to cancel it seeing as it isnt that worth it LOL

  • +1

    Really don't get the upvotes, this is a much older model for a tiny saving

  • +6

    Where's the deal?

  • This is complete garbage compared to last week.

  • +2

    Too expensive for such an old model.

  • +1

    Flip 1 has too many problems being 1st generation. For $799 you can do much better, please don't buy.

  • rooobish

  • +1

    That's not a deal.

  • +2

    First gen device…soooo not a deal

  • +1

    So this is the first one that looks like rubbish after 12 months of normal use?

  • +3

    Almost had a heart attack; thought that deal was on "Samsung flip 3". Bought a Flip3 on Black Friday for 1K and to see it going for 799 AUD…… Now that I have gone though the comments and the read the title, I can breath freely.

  • Damn thought it was for the Flip 3

  • +1

    If this was for the Flip 3, then a deal, but this is the first gen - not worth it.

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