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$20 Credit with $100 Spend (Club Plus Required) @ Supercheap Auto

  • Credit back available on purchases made on the 4.12.21 – 5.12.21 where the spend criteria is met in one transaction.

  • Available to Club Members only.

  • Excludes special orders, gift cards, tyres & laybys. Club Plus Credit will be applied on 8.12.2021 & expire on 22.12.2021.

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  • Hi jack bye jack

    • +1

      Bye, in this instance.
      SCA are not known for adjusting their prices higher, since they're not an exclusively online store :D

      They're just not going to do a 'good' catalogue sale until after the promotion.
      I got $70 back from price guarantees thanks to black friday, so I'llo be spending $30 to get $20.

    • jack is 40% off

  • Does anyone rate this car polisher? Hubby said the 2 cheapest ones werent great but I didn't wanna spend too much on something we'll use once a year 🤔


    • +4

      That's a rotary polisher, much safer to start off with a Dual Action polisher. This ToolPRO Dual Action Polisher 240V 720W 150mm & Rockwell ShopSeries 180mm Multi-Function Car Polisher are often on sale from $70 to $100, you would be better off waiting for a sale on those. Plenty of past deals for those two polishers on OzB to check prices/discussion.

      I have the ToolPro and would definitely recommend it.

      • Ah OK, I have price protection so not too fussed on price, but also have the $10 credit to use by the 5th. I'll look those ones up thanks 😊

        I did find this last night which looked alright, would it be better to stick to Toolpro?


        • I'd say so. Plenty of positive reviews on the ToolPRO/Rockwell DA Polishers at SCA & OzBargain.

        • +2

          Just a reminder that polishers are for correcting damage.
          Lots of people mistakenly buy them for things like wax.
          Wax doesn't need 'working', you can do a wide area, in circular motions by hand, and it's applied.
          Holding a heavy vibrating polisher is NOT less effort than hand, if all you'll be doing is waxing.

          But if you do a yearly correction polish, then sure, you'll save your shoulder.

      • Yep I second this. The ToolPro polisher on sale is great. Much safer to go for a dual action machine. Much less time consuming too. A single pass with a good compound will yield incredible results for the average joe. Which I predict will encourage you to use it more often.

      • Hey, sorry for digging up this old post. I bought the toolpro polisher you recommended, and now I have the $20 credit. Do I need to get anything else to go with this, like polish pads or something (that hopefully SCA sells)? Would like to use this freshen up the car as the paint is looking a bit scraggy in most places.

  • anyone know if this applies to multiple purchases over $100 in separate transactions?

    • Only applies to spending $100 or more in One transaction. It's SCA, not Amex.

      • was asking if $20 stacks with multiple $100 transactions lol

        • The terms and conditions says "purchases", indeed implying more than the one occasion.

  • Anyone know if this applies to SCA purchases on Ebay?

    • +2

      I doubt it as you wouldn’t be logged in as a club member

  • I think i lost my member card. Can they search my member at the counter?

    • +1

      They can look up your account by phone number

  • +1

    applied on 8.12.2021 & expire on 22.12.2021

    doesn't give us long to use it, worth taking note of the 22nd expiry!

    • +1

      Also worth note, of the probably 6 or 7 times I've needed to ask, I've never had support deny reinstating credit that ive let accidentally lapse.

  • Applying even $1 credit from club plus seems to invalidate cashrewards cashback :( I was very disappointed with this as the cashback would have been higher than the silly credit I applying :(

  • Anyone got their credit yet? It said applied on 08.12.21 but haven’t seen the credit popped on my account yet.

  • No credit for me yet.

  • no credit for me

  • Just checked, still nothing. Might give them till next week.

  • No credit still here either:(

    • Have you got it yet?

  • Just realised I had a special order in mine…. :( My mistake.

  • still nothing over here

  • Just realised I haven't got my credit for this, anyone else?

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