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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 128GB $299 with $69/Month Telstra 5G 80GB 12 Months Plan @ JB Hi-Fi (In-Store Only)


$299 for Samsung Galaxy S21 S20 FE 5G 128gb Cloud Navy in store only offer until 24 December 2021.

Requires porting of mobile number to Telstra from different provider, usual T&Cs. Not available with other offers/bonus gift card offer.

No offer page but banner advertisement is on JB Hi-Fi's mobile phones page, second slide. Unsure if available in any other colour aside from Cloud Navy.

Also available for $799 outright, nothing special. $534.35 was lowest price.

Edit: Probably not the Fan Edition (FE).
Edit 2: May not even be S21. Searching the 483424 SKU on their website brings up S20 FE 5G 128gb Cloud Navy. Post will be updated when possible. Thanks everyone.
Edit 3: Local store advised offer is for S20 FE and is not a S21 FE preorder offer either. Thanks for playing.

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    Don't think the s21 FE has even been announced…?

    • +1

      No not released yet

  • +2

    What is S21 FE?

    • S21 Fan Edition

      • +8

        Good for hot summer days

        • +2

          Looking forward to an Aircon Edition!

  • +5

    "Requires porting of mobile number to Telstra from different provider"

    I don't understand why current customers can never get decent deals.

    • +1

      Lazy tax.

      • +1

        Inconvenience tax

    • +1

      cos JB is dodgy

      • +3

        Just like banks, insurance, utilities… List goes on…

    • +1

      Can't you port prepaid sims?

    • +2

      New customers are more valuable than existing customers.

      • -5

        Lol what?

        • +5

          Pretty straightforward

          • +1

            @Drpepper666: this is not true at all
            new customers have a significant cost of sale, for the phone plan its the interaction with Telstra or their representatives, credit checks etc.
            retaining an existing customer does not have this cost
            it can take months to get a return on a new customer accounting for setup costs

            the only time this may not be true is when new customers pay significantly more than existing customers, in which case churn is good, this can be the case in the rental market when there is demand
            however with whats being discussed on this site, 'lazy tax' seems to apply well

    • The only deal you may be offered as a Telstra customer at the moment is $15 off the small plan (I was offered this as a Telstra prepaid customer)

      Doesn't include 5G but 40GB with no excess data charges and unlimited calls/SMS for $40 bucks isn't bad.

      You will eventually lose 5G on prepaid plans under $55 anyway (I haven't yet)

    • Yeah I always feel its odd, I think they're just doing KPIs for one side, like "lets boost the numbers of onboarding new customers", so they create something like this. But for us older customers, its actually a good reason to get off Telstra ASAP, so you get added in as a "new customer" in a future deal.

  • +2

    Amazing, this phone isn't even released!

  • +3

    That photo looks to be a S20 FE 5G and if that is the case, this isn't really all that great a deal.

    • The picture is the S20 FE as the flash on the S21 is separated from the cameras.

  • Time traveller made the post?

    • he made the catalogue from next Jan or Feb

      • Time traveller brough back the catalogue from 12 months in the future.

  • +2

    They have a great deal on the Galaxy Note 21 too!

  • Amazing deal. Whats the expected delivery date?

  • Looks like JB recycled enough time that they are getting confused from one phone to another.

  • +1

    Yeah, that's an S20 FE in the picture. And the deal ends before the expected announcement of the S21 FE. I think this needs to be unpublished or corrected to say S20 FE.

  • -1

    Wife needs a new mobile. Her Moto G6 battery isn't lasting and she keeps getting SMS 12 hours after they are sent. She's with Boost.

    My son wants an X box so this could be a double bonus.

  • If JB could just do a decent gift card offer again, that would be great. I missed on on the most recent one.

  • Thanks for all your input. I'll get in touch with JB when I can after work to clarify the details. Otherwise, let us all know if you can get confirmation yourself and I'll update/unpublish the deal accordingly.

    • +2

      Please do come back and tell us it is for the S21 FE 5G. :)

      • And if not, don't come back.

        • +1

          Wouldn't it be better to report back either way

        • @Haliax okay den

      • +2

        Unfortunately it is not 😩

  • Only if samsung after sale service was half decent

  • The image from JB website must be wrong, unless they have advance stock…

    …. Announced Exp. announcement 2022, Q1
    …. Status Rumored

  • Got a text saying can renew my jb hi fi $69 contract for 12 months for $49 at JB Hi-Fi.
    Wonder if we can stack this with any other existing offers

    • Same plan inclusions or the lesser inclusions of their $49 plan, that's what you need to know.

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