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[Refurb] Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case $199 Delivered @ E Shop Downunder via MyDeal


What are people thoughts? Mydeal has this ridiculous deal, wondering if legit.

Original Refurbished Apple Airpods Pro-Grade "A" Renewed by eShop Downunder

In new like conditions, batteries are tested and at 100% full capacity. Wireless charging tested, comes in a generic box and generic cable.

Renewed electronics are like new—just better for the planet and your pocket. All AirPods are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected ,sanitised and verified by the refurbisher to have 100% functionality.

How it'll look: Excellent

Like new, no scratches visible from a distance of 8 inches (a bit longer than a standard-sized pencil)

Technical condition: Excellent

These AirPods are fully renewed by industry certified technicians. The outer core plastics may have been replaced with aftermarket plastic parts. The internal components are official Apple, batteries may have been changed. The serial number for most of our refurbished AirPods are verifiable on the manufacturer's website however will no longer valid for warranty service coverage. Warranty is ONLY valid through eShop Downunder

Protection to the customer under provided warranty

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

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    Brand new has been as low as $220, so I don’t see this as a ridiculous deal

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    Refurbished, what did they do wipe it with a cloth cause no way they replace the batteries.

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    Refurbed headphones; yeah ok.

    Refurbed earbuds; nah, no thanks.

    • It's easier to disinfect airpods properly than headphones, just sayin. And the buyer can do that easily.

      I understand that certain thoughts may linger, however,

      • By headphones I meant overear headphones. Imagine picking up all the dandruff in the nooks.

        With airpods, it's just the tiny piece without nooks and the detachable tips.

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          they have nooks in the area where the ear tips clip on, as well as that little black grille bit up the top.
          if the previous owner wasn't diligent in cleaning it regularly, gunk will build up and get pushed back into unreachable areas.

          my skin is crawling just typing that. echh

  • CYBER $10 off

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    Is the deal that you'll get free inner ear infections?

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    Mhmm.. wax

    • Probably can make a free candle if you get lucky and get a good pair.

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    There is a service in the USA called PodSwap where you can send in your old / tired airpods and in return they send you another pair that's been refurbished with a brand new lithium battery. I'm guessing there is a similar outfit in Australia where they're buying up dead Airpods and putting in new batteries, then flipping them off for a profit. The problem is you don't know what percentage of the parts in your Airpods are actually Apple and not fake or inferior quality components that might not deliver the same sound quality.

    The reason the plastics have been replaced is because the process of breaking these open usually damages the casing of the unit (iFixit gave the airpods pro a repairability rating of 0 out of 10) because the devices are literally held together with copious amounts of glue.

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    Buyers beware. Counterfeit products being sold as re-rubbished: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/3qr102wv

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    well they dont deny these havent been in someones earholes

    what they say is that theyve been taken apart and put into aftermarket shells which makes them not quite the same thing as they left the factory and further, i guess the apple stores will piss on you if you try to claim warranty as they arent technically all OEM now are they?

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    I haven’t received the item yet, but the price was incredible, the savings on this site are SO good!

    Hmmmmmm, that's not how feedback/reviews work.

  • I’ll roll the dice at that price, thanks Shooter.

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    All AirPods are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected ,sanitised and verified by the refurbisher to have 100% functionality.

    yeah that's not what refurbishing is.

    and not even a good price for something that's been in someone's ear (or worse). bought new [non-magsafe] airpod pros last year for $249.
    these need to be way cheaper.

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      Yeah, the seller seems to be bending the meaning of "refurbished".

      Unless the parts that wear (batteries mostly, ear tips) are replaced, it's not refurbished. It's just second hand.

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        they're not going to replace batteries as apple doesnt sell it as a part and there's no 3rd party that ive seen as yet

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          So the product is not refurbished IMO.

          I mean, they can probably call it whatever they want, but I'm more used to phrases "second hand", "pre-owned", "pre-loved" in that case.

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    Maybe it comes with someone else's ear wax.

    • Yeah hope so - or it's no deal.

  • I mean … how do you even fairly price used AirPods.. might as well spend $100 more and get new ones with legit apple warranty

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    If you don't need noise-canceling then Apple 2021 AirPods (3rd Generation) would be the best option.

  • Bonus earwax and other “ mystery things”.

  • Refurbed by Apple? Yes! Refurb Apple products are insanely good.

    By anyone else? Yeah nah!

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