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Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% $299.99 (RRP $370) Selected Colour Delivered @ NIKE AU


Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% Men's Road Racing Shoes
$299.99 per pair

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    Good price. I got these at Nike DFO for about $250 and they are incredible. Take a little while to get used to, but unbelievable if you run long distances

    • Which DFO?
      Im surprised they made it to dfo

      • They were at Homebush DFO in Sydney. They didn't have them on the regular shelves, they were kinda hidden behind the counter with (what looked like) some other more expensive shoes. I asked what sizes they add and they happened to have mine (only have a few).

  • A good deal for serious distance runners!
    Worth registering for a $30 catch gift card as well: https://coupons.nine.com.au/nike-store#voucher-396651

  • 60 days return policy, no questions ask and they pay for return shipping. So you can give them a good road test to see if it's worth the coin.

    • Oof this is tempting. Got the Melbourne marathon next week and wouldn't mind these.

      • Go for it!
        Hope they get delivered in time.
        Good luck with marathon!

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        Seriously do a few training runs and do your race, if you don't think it's worth it or they're not durable then send them back. It's why I have confidence trying new Nike shoes even if it's a few dollars extra ordering from Nike direct.

        • Width wise, how are they?
          I have wide feet and usually wear 2e size, but none of the faster marathon running shoes comes in 2e size. Recently got Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 in one size up but in normal width to try, and they are little tight for me but ok, better then lot of other shoes I have tried, I can run in them. I have been thinking of getting the Alpha fly for so long but not sure if they would fit without going way to big in size.

          • @bluehalk: I'm not sure, maybe flyknit might suit better, I find most flyknit too loose- it might suit a wider foot.

            • @bxpressiv: Hmm… Thank you.
              Anyway bit the bullet and ordered the same size I wear for the Endorphin speed. Let's see how they fit, if not back they go.

        • Surely you cant send them back post marathon!?

          Nvm: re read 60 days no questions. That's really good.

          • @Gimli: Yeah, their return policy is top notch.
            Shoes comes to you from overseas (Mostly from US), and when returning you return them to an address in Melbourne (So quick returns for your money back).

          • +1

            @Gimli: That's the strategy, they want you to have the confidence to try their shoes. I shop with Nike and runningwarehouse- the latter has a 30 day love the shoe guarantee which you can return ($10 postage I think) used for a store credit. Might save 5-10% at a store or something sometimes, but to give you that confidence you won't get blisters or like the feel or whatever, I think it's the way to go. Particularly for Nike, not sure of your size- buy two pairs and return one.

            • @bxpressiv: Running warehouse has been my fav store these days, my room is full of boxes from them. I was going to mention them but decided against it, as it was bit off topic. But yes, running warehouse has the best return policy in AU in terms of shoe store and would highly recommend them over any other stores.

  • Are these the ones the sub 2 hour marathon was done in?

  • 3% cash back via CashRewards and Shopback. Another $10 off

  • +1

    These are awesome I’m on my second pair, be warned they are not for everyday runs, they do not last anywhere near as long as something like Pegasus or invincible but for long runs they are worth it. Also they have been cheaper, last week they were included in a 20% off deal and at some point last year 30% off voucher worked, Still a great buy.

    • How are they compared to invincible in terms of cushion? Guessing it would be firmer but wondering if there is similar feeling to invincible?

      • It would be different kind of cushion.

        Invincible has the cushion but not much bounce back, as in when your feet lands, the midsole gives way, it squeezes and will not expand back until your foot is off the ground, absorbing most of the impact (ideal for easy slow runs).

        Whereas the alphafly and other high foam plated shoes, also has the cushion and squeezes upon landing but will expand back quicker, sort of like bounce back and in a way with the the design of the shoes, it propels you forward to be bit faster (energy return, ideal for longer, faster runs).

        Both shoes are cushioned, it is just that they are different kind of it, one is made for slower easy pace, and the other is for faster pace and longer runs. I doubt you would feel the ground in either shoes.

      • +1

        Bluehalks summary is perfect, i find the invincible a little less cushioned and softer, I also find the heel slides a little in corners, where as the alphafly does not. Both great shoes but would not buy another pair of invincible, alphafly defiantly, just wish they lasted longer

  • -1

    The percentage sign NEXT% makes these shoes truly something special.

    • Don't quit your day job…

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