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EKO Full HD 1080P Projector with Built-in Speaker & Foldable Screen - $199 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ BIG W


Just like the cheap TV’s, EKO have now released a native 1080p projector with a foldable outdoor screen.

Product details
The sleek EKO 300 ANSI Lumens Full HD Projector gives you ultra-crisp, high contrast viewing in your office, home or outdoors. Whether you’re hooking up your favourite gaming console, presenting a business pitch from your laptop, watching a movie with friends or putting on a slideshow from your family holiday via USB, this Full HD Projector seamlessly lets you connect all your favourite media for Full HD playback. Also comes with a bonus 120 inch foldable outdoor screen for those warm, summer nights.
Product Features:

Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
300 ANSI Lumens
Built-In Speaker
Up to 200 inch Adjustable Screen Size
Ports and Connected Devices: HDMI, USB (Media Playback), USB out (Charge), AV in, VGA in and Headphones
Remote Control
Comes with 120 inch Foldable Screen (recommended for outdoor use)

Enjoy :)

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    But, this is a normal price right, where is the deal?

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      I think the deal is that this projector is cheaper than others, so if someone is looking for a projector can consider this one

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        It’s not cheaper than others though..

      • +3

        I would consider that's a good find rather bargain!

        Would you buy first and think later for this deal?

      • +10

        $199 delivered @ Woolworths, also get $20 voucher if you are targeted, sent out by Big W. $189.05 delivered on Big W ebay with code PLUSDEC5.

      • +3

        So that means, if someone is considering a BMW SUV, then I should post a Kia SUV at full RRP that was just released and that would be ok as a deal if it has similar specs?

    • -2

      Oh ma gad, someone call the fake internet points police 😱

  • Is 300 lumens bright enough to watch something outside on those "warm summer nights"? What if it's a full moon?

    • +19

      If it's a full moon lumens will be the least of your problems

      • +17


    • +10

      300 lumens is not bright enough to watch anything period.

      Look for something around the range of 1500 - 2000 lumens

      • That was my thinking but what about the comments below regarding different measurements?

        • +5

          I have a cheap BenQ projector which i bought for $1100 about 10 years ago which has 2000 ANSI lumens. If this is 300 ANSI lumens you're going to have a bad time

          1000 vs 3000 ansi lumens example.


          • @a l an: This. I have two older projectors both full hd and they are both over 2K.

            Neither is that great in daylight in a mostly shrouded room (some ambient light from other room) but the are fine at night. The OPS' projector is only suitable for small rooms at night imo.

        • +1

          1,000 light source lumens converts to 60 ANSI lumens

      • +1

        Yeah honestly in a basement room with no windows if it's totally pitch black, you still won't be able to see what's going on in nighttime scenes with only 300 lumens.

        I applaud them for at least not simply lying outright about the lumens like the other cheapo "projector" brands always do.

      • +1

        A genuine 300 ANSI lumens will produce a good image on a small screen without ambient light. e.g. camping or room with blackout curtains.

        The old 16mm film projectors certainly did not put thousands of lumens onto the screen, which is why you need darkness.

        The problem is that many cheap projectors have fake lumens claims. e.g. they state the light source brightness, and then some.

        Imagine lighting a portable screen with a 50W halogen downlight. That will give around 300 lumens.
        In a dark room, that will look quite bright. (of course the projector bulb must be far brighter, due to losses even for a "white screen image".)

      • I picked up one yesterday on sale and can say for certain it is a lot brighter than you think. 300 ANSI lumens is the brightness measured at the screen where most cheap projectors quote the brightness of the light source at its source and are not the same unit of measurement. Based on a rough calculator I found of (ANSI lumens = 7 X Lumens) which would make it around 2100 lumens. I am using it in a dim but not full blackout bedroom and it looks fine to me with a projection size over 2m.

    • +2

      Your main problem will be mosquitos

  • I have no knowledge on projectors but know ozbargainers will😉 Would this be ok to watch movies outside with the kids or is it more of a gimmick and would be better to save the money? Cheers folks

    • +4

      Worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULVcpqC2NU4. Not clear how this one would compare

      • This was a really good watch. Seems like this projector would stack up ok, if the Native res is actually true.

      • thank you

    • Says 'recommended for outdoor use', I reckon it'd be okay to use in the evenings.

      • +1

        Outdoor use because operating noise so loud?

        • +1

          The folding screen is recommended for outdoor use.

          You can use the projector indoors.

    • I'd say more of a gimmick and would be better to save the money.

      You might watch a movie on it, or even more than one, to enjoy the gimmick, but the inability to see what's going on in movies will have you preferring your laptop or even phone for real watching (cheap nasty TVs will blow this toy out of the water for image quality).

    • You'd only wanna use this at night when it's dark, it won't work well during the day unless you have blackout curtains. It'll only work okay-ish once the sun has set and if there aren't any bright street lights or moon.

    • I am yet to try mine outside but would think there should not be any issues outside after sunset.

  • Is it supposed to be "300" lumens?
    When I search up projecters near this price, I see them around 3000-5000 lumens Full HD

    • +5

      Its 300 ANSI Lumens. That sounds about right. The above video addresses this, basically if the number is too good to be true, assume you need to multiply it by 0.04, ie 3000L = 120L ANSI

      • Interesting. So this is equal to about 7500 lumens = 300 ansi lumens.
        I assume this should be relatively bright at night then

        • +3

          LOL nope.

          7500 ANSI lumens is bright at night.

          7500 scam lumens = 300 ANSI lumens = is not bright enough to watch movies in a pitch black darkroom.

          • @ItsMeAgro: Why are all comments starting with "lol" so "dunning kruger"?

            For a start, it depends on your screen area.


            • @manic: Sorry, I don't mean to be rude to anyone, it's just frustrating to see all the misinformation about projectors.

              it depends on your screen area

              Technically correct, but as that (very good) link shows, 300 ANSI Lumens (if that's what this projector truly is) is barely adequate in an absolutely pitch black room with a good screen (not a lower gain surface like a white wall or cheap screen) ONLY for 80 inches or less. If you have windows with curtains, or moonlight, or enough dim light to eat snacks, you're looking at 55 inches or less.

              What would be the point of having a projector image smaller than many people's TVs?

              • @ItsMeAgro: I don't think anyone expects this to replace your lounge-room TV, do they?

                Moonlight is well under 1 lux. How much contrast were you expecting from this? :-)

      • so 300 ANSI Lumens = 300/.04 = 7500L( seems pretty good as per above youtube video)
        but contrast is tad low!
        edit:just saw the above comment

    • +1

      This one would be 300 ANSI lumens. That's not bright enough to watch dark scenes, even inside in a pitch black room.

      The reason you usually see "3000-5000 lumens" and "Full HD" on these cheapo projectors, is that they simply lie outright, to pretend their projector is in the same ballpark as the real name-brand projectors that cost $500 and up.

      They survive by changing brand names a few times a year, to escape all the bad reviews, and because so few people can/will actually measure lumens and count pixels. (They'll just buy it, see it looks worse than their phone, say "oh well, I guess projectors suck", and go back to watching their 42 inch TV, none the wiser).

  • +2


    Full specs above
    1. Contrast seem a bit low?

    • +3

      Its a cheap projector, not a C1 OLED with deep blacks lol

      • +2

        there's a C1 OLED projector with deep blacks?

  • Would this be fine to use inside?

    • Yes. Works perfectly. Happy with mine.

  • -1

    Comes with 120’ foldable screen. Nice.

    • Rollable hopefully. Creases in the screen sounds crappy.

    • +4

      One hundred and twenty feet - WOW !

  • +3

    This would have been great back in my travelling consultant days even with low contrast. Oddly tempted for no reason in particular

  • Cheers OP, will give it a try for my hacker home golf sim

  • Normal price. I was looking at these weeks ago.
    Kogan has one on special atm for $199. And probably better than this one by the sound of the reviews.

  • +5

    Where's the deal? This sounds more like a new product release statement.

  • Is this going to be ok for outside?

    • Yes. At night only with limited interference from other light sources

  • How often do we need to change the bulb, and how much does it cost to change?

  • I thought I bought the last one from eBay but still says last one

  • +4

    re the Lumen argument, I found some good info here:


    They recommend 300 ANSI lumens for a 80" screen in a dark room (50 nit).

    For the supplied 120" screen, the kids won't complain. You just need full darkness.

    • Great link!

  • I know some of you bought one already. Its now sold out at my local Big W.

    How is it?

    • +1

      Excellent!!! Very happy with mine.

  • Anyone have details on the screen? I have a big cloth one we use with our projector but it's a PITA, so interested in what this "foldable" one is.

  • How loud is this projector?
    I've had one in the past that sounds like an aeroplane engine after turning on

    • Not too loud. Reasonable from my point of view.

  • +1

    Amazing projector. Just received from BigW. Can’t be more happy.

  • It is cheaper now in ebay, which is AU $129.30 with ebay voucher for plus member. Just bought one from here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/125063834673

    • Wow crazy cheap! I paid $189. Might get another to double the ANSI LUMENS or make my movies 3d.

    • It is $139.30 in a Big W store otherwise which makes this the cheapest full HD projector you can get.

  • Can anyone who's used there projector let me know how much movement there is in the keystone correction? I'm finding my slider doesn't go as far left and right as I'd expect and feels stuck, but I'm not sure if that's a defect or if they are all made like that. I can get it to correct slightly, but not much

    • +1

      There's not much movement at all. Would distort the image too much anyway losing quality on an already budget quality image. I've mounted mine onto a camera tripod. Gives me more control and flexibility on positioning it. Simply unscrew the foot and you get a threaded bolt hole that matches any standard camera tripod

      • Yeah I did the same with the tripod, but I am not sure if I mount it to the ceiling will it have enough correction to show a square picture

        • Yeah was thinking of doing the same but unlikely to have enough correction.

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