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Kogan F800 Projector $199 + Shipping ($197 Shipped with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Kogan F800 Projector seems to be at a good price at the moment in Black Friday sale.

Previous deal post by @Castcore does a much better job than I could at describing it, this is the previous post link with all the info and comments on it:

I also posted this previously here at $259:

This projector is known by a few different names, it's a rebadged Elephas Q9 LED

I bought one when it was $259, mainly because I wanted native 1080P and it's hard to find at this sort of price. I'm using it in a bedroom on a stand where I can watch 100" screen in a darkened room and also for occasional outdoor movies on the deck at night, projected onto a proper projection screen. Just a fun thing to do, I'm not a serious projector user.

This projector is really very good quality for the price, bright and proper 1080P. There is one major problem, the fan is noisy. So noisy that I wear headphones when I watch stuff which is fine by me but it's noisy enough that it might annoy you. For the price though this is really the only thing I can fault it on.

A couple of reviews I looked at before I bought it:

Specs from the Kogan site (I'd take these with a pinch of salt, usually overstated on cheap projectors):

Turn your living room into an immersive home cinema thanks to the Kogan 5000 Lumens Full HD Projector (F800), equipped with up to 150” of Full HD image projection.

Full HD 1080p (1920 × 1080) native resolution
5000 Lumens LED projection for super bright projections
40” to 150” projection range, with 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratio
Energy efficient, low noise design
Simple to set up with intuitive operation
Dual speaker for stereo surround sound
2 HDMI ports with a wide range of connection options
Long-lasting 50,000+ hour lamp life

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • 5000 lumens is quite comical

    • Same as flashlight lights. They're Chinese lumens.

    • Projector lumens are different to flashlight lumens.

    • Yeah marketing BS, the consensus seems to be it's more like 250 - 300 ANSI lumens. I find it plenty bright enough in a semi-dark room (in the day with shutters closed on windows). It's obviously much better at night.

  • +1

    Forgot to mention it has a USB port so I power my Chromecast directly from the projector. It also has 3.5mm socket which is what I'm plugging headphones into. I'm looking for a bluetooth receiver I can use with this instead of a long headphone lead if anyone happens to have a recommendation I'd be grateful :)

    • +1

      Forgot to mention it has a USB port so I power my Chromecast directly from the projector.

      Interesting. I tried to plug my Chromecast with Google TV into mine and it whinged that there wasn't enough power. I do have a bluetooth transmitter plugged into it though and that works fine.

      • My chromecast on the projector is the antique v1 and I was thinking of replacing it with the latest one so that's good to know, thanks. I will have to research the power levels for each one. Given the projector is only 1080P I threw the old one on it since that's all it's capable of.

        I'm keen to hear what bluetooth transmitter you're using and if you are happy with it?

        • +1

          I didn't want to recommend it per se because it is the only bluetooth transmitter I have ever used in this way, but I have an Avantree Oasis Plus. It came with some incredibly terrible headphones but the transmitter is fine. It was overpriced but at the time it was the top pick in a few places including the Wirecutter. (They recommend a different one now which is cheaper and also apparently has lower latency.)

          That's important. One of the selling points was that it supports aptX Low Latency and this absolutely makes a difference. Normal bluetooth latency can be up to 300ms and the lag is absolutely noticeable. I can say this with 100% confidence because I only have one pair of headphones which supports aptX-LL and I have tried others which don't. It is definitely noticeable. I would rather used wired headphones than deal with the regular latency.

          My only real annoyance is that every time I want to use said aptX-LL headphones I have to re-pair them for some reason. This doesn't happen with a bluetooth speaker I also sometimes use so I'm not sure it's the transmitter's fault, but in terms of annoyances that's it.

  • the blitzwolf i bought a couple months back from a deal here just died. Has anyone owned one of these longer than a year and can convince me it wont die aswell?

    • +1

      Have a look at the comments from the original deal. @Castcore provided feedback and he's had it about 18 months i think. I've only had mine about a month. It's big and seems well made…

      Here ya go:

    • Which model? So we can avoid.

      • +1

        Blitzwolf vp60 I think it was. Bought off a deal on this site.

        After a couple of months it de eloped a large green and black blob in the middle of the screen.

        I ended up buying a cheap second hand Epson

  • Keen to hear other users' feedback as to whether they find the fan noise as bad as OP.

    • +1

      It's definitely noticeable, but we're talking more like "loud PC" than "jet engine". Whether it's annoying is going to be subjective.

      All I can say is that I got used to it pretty quickly. It helps that it's white noise, so it's much easier to tune out than (say) my neighbour slamming their front door, or people crunching popcorn as loudly as humanly possible at a real cinema. The way I have it set up it is behind me, which also helps.

      I actually like the sound when watching old movies in particular because it helps with that nostalgic atmosphere, though it's not as noisy as an old film projector either.

  • No keystone adjustment?

    Edit: ±15°

    • The Keystone adjustment is manual and pretty basic but it's good enough for me so far.

      • is it only up and down, cant do left to right aye?

  • Yep. Diagonal up and down if that makes sense

  • Can this mount on a standard bracket

  • +1

    OK took stab at it… will come back and post comments on it after Xmas (if the thread is still live)

    • Elf on the big screen, enjoy!

  • The Kogan projector listed here or the below which I can get for $100 less obviously Kogan name vs brand name does not mean anything.


    • That one has 800 x 480 Screen Resolution. Claimed 2600 lumens.

      • And what does that mean in technical terms does not answer my question

        • It's worse. The f800 is 1080P that other one is not.

          • @endor: I thought was the case the Phillips one can be had for $179 and with a new sign up code $169.where as others have it $250 and upto $300.

            Reviews are bad though which had put me off but checking on the Kogan one gets great reviews and even rebadged ones of same thing on YouTube get thumbs up.
            I know it not compare a $1000 plus machine but seems good for price.
            Don’t think there is much around for same price bracket of the Kogan so I’m very tempted.
            Even people say the Kmart one that was out for Black Friday is great lol that’s probably worse than the Phillips one.

            Do you own the Kogan one personally

            • @bwatt72: Yes i have it. For the money it's very good.

              1 major drawback, its fan is very noisy in my personal opinion. So much so that i wear headphones when I'm using it. But wifey doesn't wanna hear the football so it's better that way anyway!

              Youre unlikely to find another true 1080P projector for this price. They'll say 1080P compatible or 1080P supported or some other tricky wording.

              • @endor: Native I think is the keyword on it, im sure with volume up etc the fan noise will be less annoying. But some say you get used to it etc.
                The Phillips one I thought was good deal and cheapest around but I think it’s the basic of that range and not reviewed great. Where as this one is.

                I wonder if there is such a thing as a projector stand tripod type etc cheap as be good to get one and use that to place on.

  • Pulled the trigger on this projector. Can anyone recommend a portable screen? I'm trying find one that can pop up like those pop up tents but I can't seem find them.

    • +1

      I've got this one, it takes a few mins to assemble. It's not "pop up" but it does come into pieces and I think it's decent quality. I wanted one that packs away as I don't use it all the time.


      • Ended up ordering this Pop Up Projector Screen. Hopefully putting it away won't be too hard, cheapest I could find locally was ~$219 but Amazon AU/US have it for >50% off if anyone's interested in one.

        • Was Kmart not selling this type of projector screen recently on Black Friday or is this one you got better?
          I be worried it get damaged in transit coming from USA.
          Are you saying the same ones are costing double here in au.
          I have a pop up one from years back I will have to dig it out see what it’s like or how big it is.
          I got it very long time ago for a projector the size of a mobile phone, but obviously never used both.
          If not suitable I might look into this.
          Have you got your projector yet?

      • Was there any reason to get this screen say’s best for widescreen projectors.

  • I placed an order for the Kogan one just incase it goes up in price is the current price not the Black Friday price maybe they forgot to change it.
    Or the current price is the new price.

    Im starting to wonder if this would have been a better buy now.

    EKO Full HD 1080P Projector with Built-in Speaker From bigw

    • That bigw one looks good. The screen looks shite but the projector looks similar based on the stats.

      There's a deal listed for this bigw one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/669282

      The usual projector snobs who don't know what lumens vs ansi lumens are in the comments. 300 ansi lumens is ok for an indoor projector in a dim room. I use the kogan one in the day in a room with shutters closed, it's not blackout curtains but it's a dim room and the projector is bright enough for that. At night it's awesome. The kogan one is estimated 250 to 300 ansi lumens (advertised as 5000 lumens). ANSI lumens are an industry standard measurement.

      • I was looking at the bigw one on there site and I’m sure I was reading about something else, I think it was the 300 lumens but it seems to ansi or whatever it’s called so equivalent to I think 2000 lumens.
        When you say screen looks crap is this the free screen they supply or they actual screen you seen when working

        • The free one looks pretty crap to me.

      • Why does the screen look crap, im hearing that big w sell pop up projector screens possibly from Black Friday im not sure and Kmart had ones from them selling projectors.

        I have a smaller screen not sure size I have had for 12 yrs or more not even out bag yet, I was thinking using it for outside for kids.
        But bigger the better.

        But why buy something for outside when I have this pop up one already.
        And was possibly looking at the one you got from office works for in doors only just can’t decide.

  • Where does Kogan send there stuff from Australia or overseas just curious of how slow or quick delivery is. They have free shipping today which was good

    • Melbourne, mine took ages, about 2 weeks but it was when that massive delay in parcels was in and the photos if auspost mel warehouse backlog got leaked.

      • Ok that’s cool I never really ordered from them before just a couple of head touches once cheap I think that’s about all. But they seem to have been the only ones selling this projector.

        • The F800 is the only thing I've bought from them. There are horror stories with terrible customer service but my order was fine, other than taking a while to arrive. Some people here say they'll never buy from kogan again… maybe one of those where you get you lucky or you don't.

          • @endor: This might have been a good option for a stand for the projector but not as if you can told it away etc. comes on wheels projector on top a couple of light speaker or game console on bottom.this was only $19 but price just went back up must have only been one lol available . Probably too big and clumsy but had been a cheap alternative.


            • @bwatt72: Wouldn't be high enough for my requirements but whatever works for you and everyone loves a bargain!

              • @endor: The one you got I see it has a lip around it I take the projector sits inside this? There is mentions on bolt on where too plate I think to legs are welded on or something like that where as someone said it’s not you any idea what that’s about.
                Going by reviews seems to be sturdy and got good weight to it, im just wondering if it has been on a deal in past, or is this company owned by Amazon as not sure if seme thing can be purchased elsewhere but with free shipping im sure just as cheap with Amazon. Was it well packed? It say’s im sure can be sent with it saying what item is or can be sent in Amazon packaging what’s that about.
                I might want to use projector outside so being it’s got weight to it is good.

                Im sure you said you use yours outside are you using the projector screen you posted up or something else.
                How is the picture when outside obviously when it gets dark.

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