Kogan F800 Projector $259 + Shipping ($249 Shipped with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Kogan F800 Projector seems to be at a good price at the moment.

Previous deal post by @Castcore does a much better job than I could at describing it, this is the previous post link with all the info and comments on it:

Apologies if there's a better way to list this, only my second deal post.

This projector is known by a few different names, it's a rebadged Elephas Q9 LED

I've ordered one, mainly because I wanted native 1080P and it's hard to find at this sort of price. I'm not expecting it to be amazing but I'll only be using it for occasional outdoor movies on the deck at night, projected onto a proper projection screen so I think it'll be ok for a fun thing to do. I'm not a serious projector user.

A couple of reviews I looked at before I bought it:

Specs from the Kogan site (I'd take these with a pinch of salt, usually overstated on cheap projectors):

Turn your living room into an immersive home cinema thanks to the Kogan 5000 Lumens Full HD Projector (F800), equipped with up to 150” of Full HD image projection.

Full HD 1080p (1920 × 1080) native resolution
5000 Lumens LED projection for super bright projections
40” to 150” projection range, with 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratio
Energy efficient, low noise design
Simple to set up with intuitive operation
Dual speaker for stereo surround sound
2 HDMI ports with a wide range of connection options
Long-lasting 50,000+ hour lamp life

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  • Dont forget only $260 with a Foxtel Now box included. Might be ok for $11 extra

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      Lol, I got one of those boxes with the trial back in June. It's now just sitting there. Lol.

    • Honestly they are not worth $1 constantly disconnect and many apps aren't even able to be downloaded onto them as seems they don't appear to be supported anymore ie Kayo. Screen mirroring stopped working so couldn't even substitute apps through screen mirror.

      • Does the chromecast work properly?

        • Honestly not really, it's not worth anything. It looks nice, the remote is nice but it is so unreliable and seems they are stopping supporting recent app updates.

      • +1

        Hey at least yours works, mine was dead on arrival when received as a freebie from Foxtel back in June or July. Still waiting for them to send a warranty replacement.

        • I'll 1 up you. Mine was connected to my Sony TV and failed to turn off the TV since the Olympics closing ceremony. Screen was black so I didn't notice for 5 weeks. TV is now stuffed:(

  • Worthy upgrade from a Vivibright GP100 ?

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    Cant believe Im at the ozbargain point where im saying 'yeah why not' to a fking projector

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      Standard obligatory warning:

      Most cheap projectors like this are so bad that most people who buy them won't use them more than once or twice.

      There are a couple of exceptions, that are OK value. Not as good as a real name-brand projector, but still better than a small TV or laptop, if that's all you have currently, and at half the price. BUT you have to do your research to find which ones.

      I haven't seen any expert reviews of this one, but Kogan hasn't exactly earned much trust from OzBargainers. Make sure you research before buying.

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        I did due diligence on the rebranded model listed in OPs post and it seems good enough


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        For what it's worth I bought an Elephas projector in May 2020 and have been using it 5+hrs a day since with no issues.

        This one: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07N39NDDB/ref=ppx_yo_d...

        Was sub $100.

        Edit: Wow just realized that the one in this deal is 3x heavier.

        • With "Display 50000 Hours Lamp Life" and 5hrs a day you can only use it for 27 years.

          It's $150 now tho.

      • I agree but I did pick up a Vivibright f20 for $128 from Banggood and I'm kind of shocked at the quality. Don't get me wrong it's loudish, software is cheap and Nasty but the 1080p really delivers. Crystal clear at around 200". I even had it on the side of our house and while not as impressive it was still 100% enjoyable to watch.

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          That's not actually a 1080p (1920*1080) projector it's 1280x800. I think you'd be even more impressed with a higher res one then!
          But if it ain't broke don't fix it, stuff on the big screen is good fun :)

          • @Castcore: Manual says 1080, when plugged into PC via HDMI is registers as 1920 X 1080 and description on website say 1080

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      @Damannation….Yeh, it's a potential gateway to a world of spend. And many happy hours on OzB looking for bargains….
      Next you have the screen, then the mounting bracket and cables, pimped media player, upgrade surround sound and then comfier chairs.

  • It is tempting at this price.

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    Don't forget to research throw distance

    • Is that similar to the hammer throw when you see the picture quality? What is the OzB record?

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    Is the only audio out a 3.5mm headphone port? I know it has its own stereo speakers but if I put a chromecast/Switch directly into it I want to get semi decent audio as well…

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      I can't believe I didn't think to hook the Switch up to my projector.

    • I'm no audiophile, but having a look at a TV on the Samsung website, they output 60W vs the 2 x 5W of this. Make of that what you will.

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        I have a semi decent projector ~$1000 mark and I still don't use it's internal speakers. Partly for the quality, and partly because the sound comes from the projector and not anywhere near the screen which makes it sound far away (because it is…).

        I use a soundbar placed under the screen in the backyard and hook it up through bluetooth on an Apple TV.

        Depending on your source device you could use a HDMI passthrough soundbar, bluetooth speakers, or go old school and get an FM transmitter and radio so it's like you are at the drive in.

        Hopefully one of those options helps somebody

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      I use a Sony SRS-XB20 bluetooth speaker which I put in front of the screen, not for an audiophile but good enough for me. I hadn't really thought about how that's going to work with a Chromecast as I usually just plug a laptop in with a HMDI cable. Just had a quick look it appears Chromecast supports bluetooth so you can pair a speaker (or headphones) with the Chromecast itself for audio output.

      Instructions here: https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/7672356?hl=en-A...

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        Same for the firestick :)

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    Given that Kogan is likely quoting lumens of the LED light source (as it is not using lumens rating in its specs) and that the transmittance of single panel LCD is around 5-7% for high transmittance panels, you will be looking at an approximately 250 - 350 ANSI lumens equivalent output.

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      Agree. But tbh you wouldn't expect this projector to replicate the PQ of a known brand. So IMO it's one of those deals that you take a punt and buy/ hope for the best lol

  • Any thoughts on if this would be OK for powerpoint presentations in a approx 25m² room?

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      For movies, Yes.
      Not for Powerpoint.

      • Cheers mate.

        • The text and graphs won't be as sharp as you would like.

          • @congo: Because of the resolution? Looking to replace an older one at work, and to be honest, that's probably lower res (currently working from home so can't confirm exact details).

    • Depends how dark you can get the room really.

      • Not very dark. Don't know much about projectors. Saw 5000 lumens which sounded promising, but understand that is just one of many factors.

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          Ansi Lumens is what to look for as that's an actual standard, this one was estimated at 250 - 300 in some of the reviews I saw. Lot of bullshit marketing numbers around these cheaper projectors and they don't actually publish ANSI Lumens for this one so it's hard to be sure. Feedback from owners is the best gauge I think.

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          Even good projectors need decent light control.
          But as has been stated elsewhere on this deal, that 5000 lumens seems likely to be a carefully selected figure that doesn't reflect real world brightness.
          For example, systema just above your comment, was talked about that 5000 lumens possibly being measured at the light source, which would put brightness at the projector screen more towards 250-300 lumens supposedly.

          • +1

            @Rail Rider95: Seems the consensus is around those numbers. I was looking at the Anker Nebula portable projectors, this one is really bigger than I wanted but then I realised I hardly ever take it away anywhere anyway and even less so in the current environment. This one is half to one third of the price and a bit brighter than the Anker ones (hopefully). I also don't really need any OS built into the projector, I'm happy to use a laptop or phone to control it so it ticked all the boxes for me.

  • I am using this one at home and it’s pretty decent in terms of quality. Good value for money at $79.


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      I guess if people are buying retro arcade systems, why not also have a retro movie watching experience. This Australia Post unit is 480p, which is probably on par with VHS!

      • I always thought these cheap projectors would pair well with the retro consoles that have been released of late, however I have never bought one to try

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      $79 is kinda expensive for 480p. Better off $100+ for a 720p wouldn’t it?

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        This one is the same brand, but 720p for $99. Probably worth throwing an extra $20 at it. I'm using 720p at the moment (not this one) and it's not too bad actually. Not to replace a TV, but for a bit of fun or for the kids, works better when it's dark. I'm thinking about getting a good one when I buy a house to set up a home theatre.

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    I ordered this a few months back for I believe this price been like that for a while.
    I can confirm it is very decent especially at night, great experience.
    However you need to calibrate the picture a little namely by pulling out green in the rgb colour Calibration (in menu).
    Not suitable for day use because it’s not the brightest but at night fantastic

    • +1

      Thank you for the feedback, been difficult to find people that actually have one so I appreciate it.

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        No worries mate really having lots of fun with mine :) Everytime an overpriced tv comes on sale I’m like 5000 and it’s only a quarter of the size of my screen lolol

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          Mine shipped today, looking forward to playing with it on the weekend. My tv is only 40" so this should be a treat!

  • Never took the time to understand how these work… are we projecting what's on our phone or computer…

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      Computer typically speaking or perhaps a chromecast, Apple TV. The projector has hdmi input, so you use it like any other screen essentially.

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        noob question. If I have a soundbar, will I need to run the audio cable from it all the way to where the projecter is stationed?

        Edit: I just had a realisation - the audio can just go from laptop to soundbar. projector just deals with video

        • yes you would

    • +1

      It's basically exactly like a TV or monitor, you just plug your device in via HDMI and it shoots out the picture on to a surface using light.

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    I've had this projector for ~1.5 years now I think and still really enjoy using it. Family movie nights during lockdowns etc or even just by myself.

    Only get it if you're planning on watching stuff at night or if you've got half decent blinds otherwise it likely won't be bright enough and you'll be dissapointed.

    If you can up your buget to $300 I've heard really good things about the BlitzWolf BW-VP6 (can find on Banggood, those sites etc) it apparently fixes some of the flaws on the F800 such as Keystone and fan loudness, might be a bit brighter but DYOR as I haven't tried it.

    • The fan noise is what annoys me most about the Vivibright GP100, and this F800 seems to have a similar dB output, so will take a look at the BlitzWolf, thanks.

      • +1

        A friend of mine ordered the BlizWolf, and while he said it was a bit noisy he also said it was the best purchase he's made since he moved into his new place, and that it didn't bother him much

        • +1

          Yeah can vouch for the BlitzWolf, also the noise if it does bother you can be dealt with by a hushbox.
          I built one for mine with some cheap ply and timber mouldings from bunnings for around $50-60.

          • @Kikkoman56: Did you need to use foam? Wanna build one too also what about fans thanks

            • +1

              @TightBungholio: Yeah technically I should have used proper acoustic foam like they sell at Clark rubber but I'm cheap and I couldn't be bothered. I used some adhesive foam roll from Bunnings instead. Unlike the real stuff it's closed cell instead of open cell and not as dense, but I still found it helped. Added bonus of no glue needed.

              In reality you'd probably get better performance out of some thick MDF in conjunction with foam rather than the plywood route I went. Don't quote me on this but from what I remember researching, sheer mass makes more difference than any relatively thin layer of foam in mitigating sound. However I have nothing but a drill and hand saws, so I stuck with stuff I could actually work with what tools I have.

              Fans were just a pair of 120mm pc fans ran off an old AC-12V DC power supply from some appliance that's long gone. I have one on both the exhaust and intake.

    • Interesting, might have got that one if I'd known. Your previous F800 post and comments there helped me a lot to decide on this one, thanks! I've procrastinated so long and looked at so many different supposedly 1080P projectors that aren't really (1080P "supported") I was pleased to find this with a decent review at a reasonable price.

      One thing I haven't seen any mention of is whether it's any good for watching sport with?

      • +1

        No worries! Yeah I feel the same but I have no reason to switch, you could still do a 30day change of mind return if you decide you want to go with the VP6 instead but I assume you don't really get any warranty with Banggood. Pros and cons to go either way.

        I don't really watch any sport, more just movies and TV shows. But from what I can tell it does a fine job with fast motion type stuff and I'm sure it's very nice to watch your favourite sport on a much larger screen.

        • Can't be bothered with a return so I'll prob just stick with this one (when it arrives!).

          Will report back my impressions once I've had it a few weeks.

    • +1

      My Lambo is faster than my Mazda 121

      • Rice Bubble Car FTW

  • Is this one better than the VP6 that many own here?

    • +2

      I have both.
      Haven't had a chance to use the F800 yet. But the keystone on F800 is manual, so not as good.
      Will compare when I get some time.

      • +1

        Please do, this will probably be the most important comment on here

      • just looking at ozb history the VP6 has gone down to $218AU
        would definitely like to see a comparison between the 2

      • They both are very similar in brightness and image quality.
        Can’t go wrong with either at this price.
        Best that you use external speakers, to drown out the fan noise.

  • Does anyone have an opinion on projector screens and if they drastically improve the picture quality with more money spent?

    I've had a semi decent projector since the start of covid, and purchased a $30 150 inch screen to test out the sizing. It seemed to give a really good picture quality so I never bothered upgrading.
    Would it be worth me looking to spend a few hundred or will the difference be unnoticeable?

    • would you mind sending a link to the screen please?

      • Was just one of those eBay generic items. Search 150 inch projector screen and there’s heaps

  • anyone know if this would support 3d from blurays? Expecting it doesn't but would be good if it did.

    • +1

      It won't display anything in 3D unless it's that old school blue and red 3D. Doesn't have any special tech in it.

      • I need to find a projector that can but so far I can't see any for less than about 600 bucks and I didn't want to go that far. Anyone heard of any that do?

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    Thanks pulled the trigger. Just a FYI if you order with the Foxtel now box estimated delivery is 18th October compared to 28th Sep just for the projector. I hope they can send the projector first.

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    5000 lumens is awesome. My Optima is decent at 4000.

    • +1

      It’s more like 350

  • +2

    Projector arrived today. Could not be happier, best impulse purchase in ages.

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    Whaaaaat got yours before mine and i ordered before posting the deal!! Glad you're happy with it.

  • Projector finally arrived today, guess it got held up in that Melbourne postal mess. Played with it for an hour or so in my bedroom with shutters closed in daylight, room dim but not dark, just projecting onto an off-white wall. First impressions:

    - Picture quality very good,
    - Brightness very good (my novice occasional home user opinion)
    - Speaker surprisingly good and loud, probably won't need my bluetooth speaker.
    - Chromecast can be powered right off the USB port, no need for extra power. Casting was easy and worked fine.
    - Picture way better than my previous pico mini projector

    - Much bigger than I was expecting (wife: "OMG it's like an office projector") We had a pico before so it was a bit of a surprise.
    - The fan is very loud, enough that if I'd seen one in the flesh I probably wouldn't have bought it. I do use this on a table quite close to where I'm sitting so I am very near it, might not be so noticeable if it was mounted at ceiling height or I was sitting further away from it.
    - The focusing and keystone took a bit of messing around with before I got it right. If you're moving this around rather than mounting it (like me) it'll have to be dicked about with every time you move it.
    - Seemed to be a little bit of motion lag when I was using my laptop and a hdmi cable, didn't notice this with the Chromecast so might be buffering or network signal quality or something like that.

    - I think the colours will need to be played with a bit to get it looking just right. There are quite a few settings that can be adjusted.

    Would I buy it again? Probably would for this price, the picture quality is very good for the price, however the fan noise is quite annoying. I guess you have to compromise on something at this price point.

    • If you are having issues with colours, you might want to try setting the aspect ratio to "point to point" - I found this setting seems to help reducing the unnecessary
      colour processing in the projector and can help with delivering better colours. The drawback, however, is that you will need to have the signal source set to 1080p or else it won't stretch the image across the whole screen.