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Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro 2021 (11.5" OLED, 6GB/128GB SD870, Widevine L1) US$389.99 (~A$550.62) Delivered @ Banggood


After the success of previous deals I've reached out to Banggood for another deal on this popular Lenovo tablet.

This tablet features Widevine L1 for Netflix HD (see bottom of post for more info), Android 11, the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 CPU that's excellent for gaming, 128GB Storage (expandable), 11.5" 2560x1600 OLED display with 600nit brightness, 8600mAh battery with fast charge and JBL speakers. There's also HDMI out via USB-C with a 'PC Mode' similar to Samsung DeX that works well with a keyboard and mouse.

For reviews I recommend checking out Techtablets' review that covers all the basics, ETA Prime's review which covers gaming, emulation and PC Mode and GizmoChina's review to see the OLED display and JBL Dolby Atmos speakers in action. A downside for some people is that the display is pentile and this means the text may look less sharp up close.

  • Apply the coupon BG41e067 at checkout

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, free shipping and stack with cashback for further savings.

Model Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro (Lenovo Tab P11 Pro)
OS Android 11 Android 10, upgradable to 11
Display 11.5" 2560x1600 OLED 600nits 90Hz Dolby Vision Display 11.5" 2560x1600 OLED 500nits Dolby Vision Display
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G Octa-Core
GPU Qualcomm Adreno 650 Qualcomm Adreno 618
Storage 128GB UFS Storage 3.1 128GB UFS Storage 2.1
Battery 8600mah 8400mAh
Speakers 4x JBL speakers / Dolby Atmos 4x JBL Speakers / Dolby Atmos
Camera 13.0 MP + 5.0 MP Rear / 8.0 MP Front 13.0 MP + 5.0 MP Rear / 8.0 MP Front
Connectivity WiFi ax / Bluetooth 5.2 WiFi ac / Bluetooth 5.0 / GPS
Ports USB Type-C 3.1 Video Out / Pogo Pins USB Type-C 3.1 Video Out / Pogo Pins

Widevine L1

People have pointed out that the stock CN ROM needs to be flashed on this for Widevine L1 to work regardless of the bootloader status. The Giztop version does not have this issue.

Some people in the previous deal reported that Widevine showed as L3 and this will happen if the bootloader is unlocked. You can follow this guide to lock the bootloader and that'll make Widevine L1 again.

I recommend using the Batchscript method in the link above as it's the most easiest way of locking the bootloader.

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  • +3

    Word of warning to anyone wanting to use L1 specifically on this device. I bought on the last deal and it came flashed with the global rom with an L3 cert so you can't use Netflix or Prime on anything other than standard def right out of the box. You might be able to flash the original rom back on to get the L1 cert. I haven't looked into how though.

    Other than that it's a pretty sweet tablet.

    • +7

      I've already mentioned that in my deal and provided an easy way to lock the bootloader to fix it - no ROM flashing required. Others in the previous deals tried it out and it works.

      • Ah woops my mistake - didnt see that bit in your description. Ace work on linking the guide on getting it back to L1 though! I'll give it a shot. Thanks bud

      • you cant lock the bootloader, it will brick the tablet unless you flash the stock rom back.

        • Other people were able to do it fine.

          • @Clear: i dont think you understand, the "global rom" is considered by the device a non stock custom rom. If you lock the bootloader it wont boot. If you unlock it again, it will wipe the device, which then you need to flash the stock rom then relock.

            • @goig986: People who purchased the BG tablet were able to lock the bootloader and have Widevine L1 work so I guess that's not true after all? There's no global ROM for this tablet so the one it's running most certainly is stock.

              I don't have the tablet so I can't test it myself. I'll have to take their word and your word for it.

              • +1

                @Clear: Its possible they had a china version with playstore flashed or something? If you have the "global rom" you cant lock the bootloader and boot afterwards (it arrives L3 bootloader unlocked). The "global rom" is a heavily modified china rom, from what I could tell. I locked the bootloader, then couldn't boot. I unlocked the bootloader which wipes the device. Then I flashed the china rom using QFIL on a windows 7 machine, re-locked the bootloader and got Widevine L1 back.

      • +2

        This didn't work for me despite the help and advice from you. I needed to reflash the Chinese firmware after the bootloader locking process failed and soft bricked the tablet.

        Also locking a bootloader is not a simple or beginner friendly process with instructions assuming you know what adb is and assuming all drivers provided just work.

        To sum up:
        Advertised as widevine L1 but not due to seller putting a (worse) "global" rom (I had my camera app and some others in some Sanskrit type language\font)

        No OTA updates on the global rom.

        Other notes:
        I am happy with the device but not the nightmare I went through to set it up and having the original Chinese firmware is the go (simply sideload Google Play store).
        There is some pulsing\banding very dark scenes which is annoying but I haven't watched much on it yet to determine if this is a material issue. None of the reviews show this.

        • Not sure why you got soft bricked when trying to relock, maybe the china rom you flashed wasnt the correct one? I had to use a windows 7 PC for it to work at all. As for the playstore, you can install it without sideloading using the preinstalled app center.

          • @goig986: I'm going through the link now from OP and wondering if this is worth the work involved? I thought it was going to be as simple as plugging the tablet into a PC in debug mode and running the lock script. Is there more to it? Do I need to flash a chinese ROM as well? If any one has an easier step by step guide let me know, the XDA forum is a little all over the show.

        • I think I got the same ROM as yours then @polol. My camera app, clock, and some random notepad type app are all in an odd font. Given it seems like locking the bootloader doesn't resolve this L1-L3 issue I think i'm not going to touch it. Seems like more of a hassle to reflash and lock (and potentially soft brick) than to just leave it and watch things in SD.

          • +2

            @JLCC: Hi @jlcc.

            If you tried locking the bootloader and it didn't work then I reckon that flashing the Chinese firmware is not much more fiddly (just slightly less clear instructions). I believe I locked the bootloader and soft bricked it at the same time as after I flashed the Chinese firmware I didn't need to relock the bootloader.

            I didn't get a notification for this reply so just DM me if you want a hand. I'm on my phone ATM but there were some other XDA posts with the steps.

        • Had this comment been made on the previous deals after receiving I certainly would have reconsidered posting. Unfortunately I can only go by online reviews and what people comment.

            • @goig986: You told me there was no Global ROM for this tablet. That's completely different to what polol is saying. Since the last time I posted someone had said that locking the bootloader resolved the Widevine L1 issue. After the breakdown by polol it's much more complex.

              • @Clear: "Yeah I have the xiaoxin, fair warning though "global rom" is not whatever you think it is. Its some custom bootloader unlocked widevine L3 trash. I Flashed mine back to stock CN and locked it back up." I never said there was no global rom, the "global model" needs to be flashed back to CN for L1.

                • @goig986: Yes that part I had understood. Then later someone saying had told me that locking the bootloader would make it become L1. Obviously not.

                  At least I know now.

                  • +2

                    @Clear: Yes, so if you have the CN rom installed you can unlock to lose L1 and lock again to get it back. If you lock with the global rom, you get a corrupt software error and cannot boot. Which then you need to unlock, flash CN, lock again to fix.

                    • +1

                      @goig986: Yep that part I understand now.

                    • +1

                      @goig986: This aligns with my understanding.

                      I think whatever the seller does matters which is a bit cryptic because if you trawl the Banggood q&a you get some replies saying something about global rom and losing widevine L1 but not in the description.

                      It seemed like giztop(maybe) or some other sellers just ship you the Chinese firmware and it still has widevine L1.

                      Also @clear someone in the other shops deal (forget which) told me he just relocked the bootloader without flashing firmware which probably adds to the confusion.

          • @Clear: Also I think it's still worth posting. It's just a caveat for people willing to mess about with ROMs. It's obviously pretty good hardware for half the price of an iPad.

            It's enthusiast spec really.

            • @polol: Yep after your in-depth analysis I agree with you there. Future deals I'll stick to Giztop for this reason.

    • I bought this and it came with the China factory L1 widevine DRM

      Netflix wouldn't install natively through the Play store.

      I installed via this link https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/netflix-inc/netflix/netflix-8-... and it runs fine at HD and Dolby.

      Screen is stunning. Foxtel, Stan, Disney etc all installed fine, it just seems to be Netflix.

  • +1

    I am in the market for a new tablet or 2 in 1 and have been researching over the past week or so which way to go. Originally I was looking at the basic lenovo ones (m10) but have read some pretty poor reviews. As far as bang for buck tablet is this the way to go? I was also looking at the galaxy tab S7 Fe or the xiaomi pad 5. What do people recommend? Also do we trust banggood for warranty etc?

    • +3

      In the same boat. Depends on what you're looking for in the tablet.

      P11 pro
      + high end cpu/oled
      +keyboard cover is fairly cheap
      - have to deal with Chinese import/ global rom
      - some reports of green tinge on oled
      - software support of lenovo (lack of it)

      S7 FE
      + local stock, 3 years software support
      + cheapest 12"4 tablet out there
      - keyboard cover (surface style) is expensive at about $250
      - mediocre specs, 8gb version is as expensive as the S7 11"
      - only 2 speakers (compared to S7 it loses a little depth in bass, not too much difference in volume)

      Xiaomi is overpriced imo, doesn't even have video out.

      S7 Fe really is if you value screen size above all else. If all you do is watch videos then I don't see any problems with the mediocre cpu/ram. I was able to try dex mode on this and there was no lag having youtube and browser on the side.

      If it's mainly a media consumption tablet, another option might be the new lenovo chromebook duet 5. Has a 13.3" 1080p 16:9 oled. It's $800 but comes with keyboard and dock already, I'm sure there would be sales on these considering it's selling for under $400 usd in the states. Speakers are mediocre though, and I was seeing some pixels screen door effect on the screen. Chrome OS might be an issue aswell.

      • hey, thanks so much taking the time to give me your research and advice. I was getting a bit lost in all the options so this makes it so much easier to understand them all. I did not know about the Lenovo Chromebook, it looks quite good. I might wait for a sale on it. Thanks again!

        • Np. Definitely have a look at the chromebook before buying, jb hifi should have them on display. I was seriously disappointed in the quality of the screen (I work on a 13.3" 1080p hp laptop daily and the chromebook isn't as sharp for some reason). Speakers were pretty tinny aswell, Android tablets definitely have better/louder sound.

          I'm personally leaning towards the S7 Fe but the price seems abit high for what it is right now.

          • @krisspy: Yeah, that's what is making me hesitate with the FE as well. Thanks for the advice I will go and have a look at the chromebook before I make up my mind.

      • Pad 5 supports Xiaomi's desktop mode, so no need for a specific video out for basic productivity work, and wireless screen casting is decent these days if you can't cast from app to TV.

        Meanwhile the Lenovo has a pentile-like arrangement (delta), which inherits the same issues as pentile OLED.

        Cheapening out on the display is a massive compromise for most use cases.

  • Unfortunately there is only one shipping option and Estimated Delivery is Dec 23rd,2021-Jan 2nd,2022. Otherwise I'd have a great excuse.

    • I ordered on through Giztop - https://www.giztop.com/lenovo-xiaoxin-pad-pro-2021.html

      Should arrive early next week and was $369USD!

      • +1

        You paid $369 for it… are you sure? The shipping isn't free.

        • @Clear Can you ask Banggood to pricematch Giztop


        • -4

          sigh - do I have to be as granular as to whether or not shipping was or wasn't free? I paid for shipping and it is via DHL which is far better for something like this than post freight.

          • +4


            Should arrive early next week and was $369USD!

            That's called being misleading. Final price was not $369 USD.

            • @Clear: There is 5% coupon, may be was 10% for BF

              • +1

                @regenade: 5% applies to orders $100 and below. This was only changed very recently.

                • @Clear: Seems you may have missed this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/667161

                  Could've been had for cheaper than the price in title if using the cheaper shipping option.

                  • @MiscOzB: Yep you're right about that. They've since made GT5 expired and GTNWS5 only apply to <$100. The newsletter coupon for >$100 is now 2%.

            • -4

              @Clear: Disagree - that was what I paid for the tablet. I also ordered the keyboard cover.

              Freight is over the top. If I stated $369 including freight, that would be misleading.

              get over yourself mate.

              • +1

                @JPMelb: So you paid $369 for the tablet, keyboard cover and freight? Wow impressive.

                  • +3

                    @JPMelb: And how much for freight? Because if you run around saying you paid $369 then people are going to interpret the final price as being $369 when that's not the case since freight is excluded.

                    It's like posting an deal here on OzBargain. If the freight isn't free you have to state it to avoid being misleading. Something to know if you ever share a deal :)

  • Does Netflix install from the play store on this, or only through sideloading?

    • +1

      Sideloaded. If you're worried about that I recommend installing F-Droid and the Aurora Store plugin.

    • You have to sideload the Play store, then you can install Netflix from there.

  • Still slightly cheaper at Giztop after signing up for 5% off, should bring it down to about US$380 delivered.

    Cashback didn't track for me after a previous purchase from Banggood using a code like the one in OP.

    • 5% applies to orders under $100.

      • Ah right. In that case, seems the next best option is the CHINABAY coupon for 3% off.

        • Ah that's awesome. Feel free to share as a new deal or I will myself :)

          • @Clear: You can share it if you like, I don't mind :)

            • +1

              @MiscOzB: I'm always for cheaper alternatives. Full credit to you.

    • these reviews don't give me much confidence

      • Each person has only posted 1 review giving Giztop 1 Star.

        Suspect Banggood or Gearbest may have had something to do with it

        • hmm..now I have suspisions over these reviews as well as the website Giztop. I just need someone throw in something to raise my suspicion on this very tablet so that I can save $550 . :)

  • Note the display is quite cheap has bad dark grey performance (it's splotchy)

  • +1

    I got one of these in the recent Giztop sale and, after a factory reset, it loaded Netflix etc. straight from the Play Store and received OTA updates to 13.0.364. But, as I understand it, the models from Banggood are configured differently.

    • +1

      Seems the BG has an unlocked bootloader. Once locked it should work no different to the Giztop version.

  • It seems Lenovo launched 12.6inch version recently as well!

    • +1

      Yep. Significantly more expensive at $900+ AU though.

      • Just saw that on Banggood. Ignore my comment above…

    • Also the same resolution I think so the dpi will be a bit iffy

  • -1

    Usually Banggood prices are 5-10% cheaper than Giztop, the world is changing ?

    • -1

      Funny enough I used to work for Gizmochina who started Giztop. Certainly a different focus between Giztop and Banggood.

        • +1

          Giztops and bangsgood?

  • +1

    Any recommendations for under $200 for my 2 year old to destroy?

    • +2

      Samsung A7 lite. 8.7" should be perfect size for tiny hands, don't think the kids would be crying about it not being OLED. $199 at good guys

    • The flaws aren't likely to be fatal for that age group. Ie a 2 year old will not care it is only 1340 x 800.

  • how does this compare to the tab s7+ wifi 128gb in terms of performance

    edit: https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=10336&idPhone...

    • 865+ VS 870


      Surprisingly close with the 865+ barely behind. Paper specs aside, I'd put my money on Samsung having a better experience. Lenovo barely provides updates on their tabs. You'd have to tinker with widevine/bootloaders on this depending on what rom it's shipped with.

      120hz non pentile oled on the S7+ wins hands down though. If money isn't a factor then def go for S7+

  • Choosing between this and a TAB S6, which is the better of the two?

    Found a second hand Tab S6 for $500 and I'm not sure which to pick.

    Just wanting better bang for my buck.

  • Umm far too expensive for a China tablet, regardless of spec the quality is simply not there, buyer beware.

    Funny how you see forums where people complain and cry about how the Chinese tech isn’t holding up when they knew all about the problems already

    The stupidity is real yeah?

    I do believe healthy bed banging is banggood!

    • -1

      Yeah agreed. $550 for a tablet with Shakey widevine support, no warranty and basically no future software support.

      I'm android through and though, but legit just buy an ipad for $499, you are getting a much better product overall. If you want an Android tablet then hang out for a good deal on one of the Tab S7 range, should see some decent deals on them shortly with Tab S8 not too far away.

  • I'd love to get this tablet but sounds like a major headache with what you guys talking about flashing a different ROM to access Playstore and install Netflix etc

    • I believe if you get it from giztop it will come with Chinese firmware and widevine L1 and you just need to Google and download the Google Play store apk from then on it just works

  • Code doesn't seem to work anymore

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