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Lenovo X3 Bluetooth Headset Waterproof Wireless Earphone with Mic for $26.64 Delivered @ Mysmartacces


Both Product have Same coupon code and same %10 Discount.

MOD NOTE: Not a bone conduction headset despite advertised claim. Bone conduction removed from title.

Lenovo X3 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset Waterproof Wireless Earphone with Mic for $26.64 @Mysmartacces - Free Shipping

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX 5

Also have another product on the sale with 10% Discount use the same Coupon code for $22.84 - Free Shipping

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX 5


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  • Tempted to try this technology. Has anybody tried them and compared to normal airpods?

    • +1

      Same, they look quite cheap, so not sure if they might be bad quality, or aftershokz are overpriced

      • +6

        I have the X5 which is supposed to be the best.
        IT'S AWFUL!

        I don't recommend it.

        • Thanks. Just saved me from spending random $30 out of curiosity and see if it’s anything like the aftershockz

    • +1

      It's very quiet.

  • +1

    Anyone know how these are compared to the comparatively expensive Aftershokx ?

    Edit: and unfortuanltey Micro USB I see

      • +2

        Whatever you've done don't try to explain…

        • Your best joke I have seen yet no bold

  • just looked up a review about how awful these are

    • +1

      Do you have a link to the reviews Harry?

    • You didn't include GST, add $2!!

  • +1

    Based on my experience with Lenovo-branded earbuds, I wouldn't spend a dollar on any of their audio products.

  • +2

    I have Aftershokz Open Move and Lenovo X4. Sound quality has no question that Aftershokz is better from all aspects but Aftershokz is double the price. I mainly use X4 for the days when I go to Office and it does well for me. I won't say Aftershokz is overpriced since everyone would have a different preference.

    I guess X3 would be similar to X4 and X4 was quite a good deal last time (thanks OZB)!

    • Thank you for taking to time to write a mini review. I was looking to get some (Aftershokz) for my parter to use when cycling but was curios about these

      • I use aeropex a lot. thought cheap pair would be same or almost as good. so gave it a go.. so awful they're unusable. I can only recommend aftershokz until i hear otherwise.

    • Can you swim in the Aftershokz Open Move?

      • +3

        my preference would be to swim in water

    • The Lenovos look like they still sit in your ear? The ear loop looks so oversized and clunky too. These just look like $2 kmart headphones and I assume the sound quality is the same.

  • Can't use for swimming

  • +8

    It does not look like a bone-conducting headphones at all. In this image it actually goes into your ears instead of resting on your temple. It also has slit to cover the speakers. Open ear — yes. Bone-conducting — maybe not.

    Edit: Also noted that all the product images go to AliExpress' CDN. Drop shipper?

    Edit 2: Found this review on YouTube. Yup, NOT bone-conducting.

    • +3

      When scotty comes out to downvote, you know it's a bad deal.

    • I was thinking the reviewer may have just been an idiot and using them wrong, they definitely aren't supposed to go over your ear canal which is what it seemed he was describing.

      Anyone know if the x4 is any better? I'm guessing not

  • lenovo is not quite lenovo anymore.

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