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Earn 1 Flybuys Points Per $1 Spent @ Bunnings Warehouse & Officeworks


Some might not consider this a bargain, but considering how much I spend at Bunnings - it counts as free money to spend on my groceries at Coles.

Just got this email today:

Now you can scan your Flybuys card at two new places; in-store and online at Officeworks and in-store at Bunnings Warehouse.
From today, you can start collecting points on even more. From the latest tech to your D.I.Y. deck. Back to school must-haves to backyard makeovers. Collect points on Chrissy gifts and more.

Mod: As this post contains the start date (now) and earn rate (1 Point per $), it is okay to be posted as a deal.

This was previously moved to the forums by OP request and before these details were released. It was also posted as a deal on 10/11 and then removed due to "Insufficient details for upcoming deal (No start date and no points/earn rate)". Due to a moderator misunderstanding, this deal post was removed yesterday (2/12) as a duplicate to the forum post (sorry romaau). This deal post will remain as the long running post for this promotion.

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    No FlyBuys for PowerPass purchases at Bunnings.
    Not a big deal, as I'd rather the 5% discount.

    Note: PowerPass is for Trade/ABN holders.

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      Damn 😭

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        Flybuys without promotions is pretty lame. Spend $2000 to get 2000 points worth $10. That equates to 0.5% value.

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    • not everything is discounted though, so i'd be asking bunnings to scan powerpass to know whether or not there's a discount before i decide to use PP or flybuys, extra effort though

      • You can check online.
        Compare prices with bunnings site and trade.bunnings site (need to login).
        Compare pricing while sipping wine from all the recent deals.

        • yep, either that, or buy everything through PP, check for anything with no discount, immediately return and put the refund into a different debit card and buy those again through flybuys, tripple effort required :D

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    This is great. I noticed they added bunnings gift cards on the flybuys store as well

    • I wish they would do the same for Officeworks as well since you cannot redeem your Reward Dollars with these providers.

      • I called Officeworks who told me over the phone that I could pay using flybuys dollars. Haven't tested it yet.

        • How exactly??? I call complete BS.

          I have placed an online order on Friday, and there was no option to redeem FB points / dollars. Paying by FlyPay won't work either.

          • @DoctorCalculon: How? Same way I use them to buy things from Coles, Kmart and Target. I convert the flybuys points to flybuy dollars then pay for items using my flybuys card at the store in place of my credit card. I think your calling of complete BS may be a little premature. Will let you know for sure when I have actually completed a transaction at officeworks (and I’ll give Bunnings a go too). Cheers.

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              I think your calling of complete BS may be a little premature.

              My calling BS on the answer you received over the phone was spot on, mate.

              I was in store at Officeworks picking up my C&C order yesterday which I could not pay using my FB points / dollars.
              Whilst in store, when I went to pay for an item there was no option to select FB dollars as a partial payment option. They only allowed me to scan my card for rewards accumulation.

              Also, have a look at the last question here: https://www.officeworks.com.au/information/policies/flybuys

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                @DoctorCalculon: FYI - Bunnings is the same. You have to buy gift cards from the FB rewards store using your FB dollars.

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                @DoctorCalculon: Yep, you were spot on. I had been led astray. I had a bargain lined up at Officeworks ($295 for the new AirPods Pro with MagSafe case on pricematch). Was keen to pay with flybuy dollars loaded on the card - Transaction declined. Rushed to Coles to attempt to buy Officeworks gift card or even a Visa card but, as expected, couldn’t do so using flybuys dollars. If I had not converted flybuys points to flybuys dollars I could have bought an Officeworks gift card with the points as you pointed out - damn! Anyway, back to Officeworks to pay cash, but different salesperson now said the price I found was for an “international model” which they didn’t apply pricematch to - double damn! However they found the first salesperson and agreed to go through with the sale at $295. Whew! They did tell me that they may accept flybuys dollars in the future, but I’m not sure they really knew this. Will keep testing from time to time and advise if and when. Cheers.

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                  They did tell me that they may accept flybuys dollars in the future

                  I am sure all FlyBuys members will receive an email about it as they will make another big deal out of it then.
                  For now, we just have to plan ahead and buy gift cards.

        • I wouldn't bother with these gift cards. They are not digital, i.e. instant redemption.
          You have to wait 3 - 4 weeks for them to be mailed out.

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    Oh this is awesome!… Shame i spent over $500 last week

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      If unopened, return and repurchase later on.

      If the return trip and effort is worth $2.50 for you.

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      • -1

        I can assure you my local bunnings, and especially that fat old man will not do that, keep saying BS, that you cannot buy something after returning it blah blah blah. (He's a dumbass annoying crap)

      • Oh so $100 is 50 cents in fly buys savings.. Hmm not sure if this is even worth remembering but I do scan my flybys card at Coles every time now and I spend a lot there.

      • If they have a Coles platinum card, then it will be $7.50 as you earn 2 pts for every $1 You spend on top of reward points

      • They should start adding booster points offers for Bunnings too!

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    When you think about it, Bunnings is a monopoly in the "Big Box" format of hardware stores. There's no direct competition.

    So why the incentive to shop at Bunnings and getting Flybuys points ?
    I think it's to divert your grocery dollars to Coles rather than Woolies or Aldi.

    Penny for your thoughts.

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      Another driving factor could be to enable Flybuys can gather more data on your purchasing habits and paint a more complete picture of you as a customer.

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        It would be worth it just to avoid having to punch in my phone number at the checkout but I doubt they have bothered to integrate it.

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          It would be worth it just to avoid having to punch in my phone number at the checkout

          Digital receipts only work for purchases $30 or above. I am not sure if they have fixed this stupid limitation.
          That said, I am waiting for FlyBuys to catch up to EDR, and issue digital receipts within the app. At least start with Coles, FFS!

          • +1

            @DoctorCalculon: Yeah, flybuys is way behind EDR in general. They're also yet to implement NFC rewards card, still have to do the stupid barcode that never works.

      • +1

        Speaking of "paint", I will be purchasing all the equipment to paint the outside of our house.

    • Mitre 10

    • -2

      well considering coles/bunnings split some time ago, you can put the pennies back in you're purse

    • people use there flybuys for food? remember you can redeem them at first choice and liquorland

    • Your data and shopping habit is worth more than the few dollar they pay you for Flybuys. Facebook doesn’t even paying u anything to give them your data.

      This plus Bunnings power pass makes it abit easier to stomach the monopolistic price they charge me. Wish masters was still around with their 10% off every weekend.

  • awesome!!

  • -1

    Pretty remarkable given the monopoly that Bunnings runs that their prices are competitive (and staff well paid). Even sending Masters rapidly out of business

    Just goes to show that some companies aren't run by massive profit driven exec's keen to fleece every dollar from their consumers.

    • +7

      Masters were doomed from the start. Bunnings didn’t even have to try.

      • +1

        Agreed. More expensive (which genius thought that was a good idea) and I felt the stores had a weird feel to them, but that's just a personal opinion.

        • Masters' staff were so much friendlier tho!

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    • +10

      I actually find Bunnings expensive and hate the monopoly they have on the market..

      • +1

        Who do u use instead? Stratco/mitre10 cost more than bunnings on items I checked at the time

        • +7

          Hi doesn't have to use another store to know that Bunnings are expensive. I think we all pretty much use Bunnings because there's often no other choice, or easy alternative.

        • Agreed, Mitre 10, home hardware and stratco are all more expensive in WA.

          Part of the bulk buying power of bunnings i guess.

      • +1

        I get them to price beat. Problem is they have a lot of their own brands, low quality crap sold for inflated prices. There is no other option these days really but you need to be selective and always check if a competitor has a lower price.

        • There's nothing better than getting OW to pricebeat Bunnings or vice versa. Yes, i know it costs me more in my time… but just to waste Bunnings time for a product being 20 cents cheaper at OW is hilarious.

          • +1

            @Martijn: 20 cents for 30 minutes arguing with them? No thanks

            • +1

              @Laziofogna: I get ChemistWarehouse to pricebeat half price Coles is both hilarious and worth it

    • +1

      The mental giant who ran Masters into the ground cost it's shareholders $700 million

    • +2

      Bunnings just have this cultural spot in the Australian psyche now, it's kind of weird considering they are a massive corporation, but I honestly feel as though "going to Bunnings on the weekend and getting a snag" is so ingrained in Aussies now it's going to be hard for another competitor to gain traction here.

      We probably won't see anyone try for quite a while too after the cold shoulder masters got from the public.

      Bunnings monopoly is theirs to lose now, as long as they stay "decent" and don't start losing their charm then I'm sure they'll bat away any potential competitors that pop up, for better or worse.

    • Are you talking about Bunnings?
      If so worth reading there performance for Wesfarmers over the last few years…..

      • So they're making a huge profit while maintaining decent pricing and range?

        • Decent price is subjective. Alot things they make very good margin. You just have to see how much earning per $ they made in last year's

  • +1

    Way way way overdue if you ask me. Very surprised they did not do this when they first bought the Coles group. They have since sold Coles.

    • +1

      They actually used to do Flybys there years ago.

  • Damn just went to Bunnings this morning didn't know they accepted Flybys… but I do now thanks

    • perhaps you can msg support and apply it with receipt

      • In the case of Coles you have to attend the store within 7 days with the receipt so maybe they may do the same.

        • possibly, but on a 4k promo i was missing points and they added it for me via Twitter dm`s, could be diff things but i'd think Flybuys dept can handle the request

  • Westfarmers acquired Coles purely for the flybuys program and then flogged it off

  • anyone know if flybys (app) saves receipts like everyday rewards does?
    I have wanted this so bad with Bunnings for a long time

    • Get a PowerPass account

    • +3

      The normal Bunnings app does this now. Or get a PowerPass account if you've got an ABN.

      • Ok ill have a look, I spoke to a friend the other day who was telling me about the red shirt app but that is for staff by the look of it, she didn't mention a bunnings up

      • is it their "Product Finder" app that i only see?

  • +1

    Haha I used to work at Officeworks years ago, the amount of times people asked if we did Flybuys

    • I thought OW always did flybuys.. is this a new thing?

      • The did for years but they stopped a fair while ago.

  • -2

    Get ready for prices to go up. Nothing is for free, this has to be paid somehow.

    • Your mind is small, it will be paid by the influx of customers

      • +1

        Your assumptions are naive. Where will the new customers come from, considering OW and Bunnings pretty already have a monopoly in their respective sectors?

    • +3

      Prices may not go up but you're right, someone is going to pay for it … It's the data collected from flybuys… You are the product afterall.

  • I think this is to keep loyalty- rather than lose a sale to Amazon et-al.

    I have an abn and Powerpass so no help to me.

  • +2

    Bring on bonus points promos for shopping at Bunnings!!!

    • Dreamland if they had competition they might do that .

      • +1

        Already got 10x for flybuys customer feedback inner circle group. It's coming lamers

      • It’s possible if they wanted to encourage shopping on week days rather then weekends etc.

  • +8

    Can I scan my flybuys at the sausage sizzle?

    • Classic lol :)

      • +1

        I've used an ikea family discount when buying ikea sausages before

        • Bunning is purely donated to rotating charities .

          • @popsiee: Those snag booths are actually completely run and managed by community groups/charities. Bunnings only provides the spot, the tent and the BBQ racks. It is completely free and all income goes to the fundraiser of the day.

            • @truetypezk: I thought (for safety reasons) they had to buy everything from bunnings who have preapproved suppliers

              • @dantione: Nope, last time we just bought the cheapest home brand sausages from Coles.

        • +1

          You must be new here. I ALWAYS use my ikea family discounts at the food court. And at the checkout. And at the exit food counter. And at the packaged food mart. Put the stuff back in the car and come back for a pack of ikealoops. That's what I call the "complete ikea experience".

    • -1

      Can I paywave the sanga instead of cash?

  • Spend $2000 in bunnings to get $10?

    • Much easier with this Deal at Liquorland ($50 spends to get 2000 pts).

  • Too bad can't retroactively get all those dollars credited from past Bunnings buys :P

    They bring this in when I'm cutting back my random impulse buys from Bunnings.
    (so I say now anyway lol)

  • Well as long as it's for earning points then without bonus points it's almost useless, only if U can redeem Ur points (flybuys dollars) then that would be great. But I'm not sure u can?

    • +1

      But I'm not sure u can?

      No, you cannot. Maybe, in the future when they mature a bit more. Baby steps.

  • +3

    Beware that you need to keep your flybuy account active. If it's inactive for more than 12 months, your flybuy account will be deactivated and you are going to loose all of your points. I have learned a hard lesson today, lost more than 48k points since I stopped using my flybuy card for over a year…

    • Did You get a warning email saying your points are expiring soon?

      • No, there is no warning at all. That's the worst part, I guess.

    • +1

      why didn't you use it for a year?

      • I have multiple flybuy cards, and the expired one is mainly used for collecting points from eBay and AGL. However, since eBay stopped giving flybuy points and I changed from AGL to other suppliers, this card became inactive…

        • did you least contact flybuys support to restore the points?

          • @capslock janitor: I think he is saying that they take the points and will not restore them.

            • @Yola: just wanted to clarify whether he tried, or did nothing

              • +1

                @capslock janitor: Yes, good point hopefully he answers so we can add to our vast communal information depository.

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: No, I have not contacted them. I came across this response from flybuys to ACCC, which states that "Members may contact flybuys if they wish to object to the expiration of their points. If a member does so, flybuys may reinstate the points if it considers there is a sound reason for inactivity on the account; for example, if the member has been residing overseas for an extended period or suffering from a serious illness" in section 5.2. Thus, I'm not sure if it's worth my time to ring them given my reason is not in the case of residing overseas or suffering illness. Another guy reported the same experience as mine on ProductReview.

  • +2

    Flybuys are the biggest Planker's around with the BS of a physical card required to use the pts instore .

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