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Crucial P5 2TB NVMe SSD $273.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Good price but 970 Evo Plus is priced the same. Not PS5 compatible.

3400/3000 MB/s read/write
1200 TBW
5 year warranty

Pushes the limits of Gen 3 at up to 3400MB/s sequential reads
Built on our leading 3D NAND and controller technology
Engineered for hardcore gamers and professionals who demand high performance
Rated at MTTF greater than 2 million hours for extended longevity and reliability
Full-drive encryption capable (OPAL 2.0)

Tom's Hardware Review

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  • good deal

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    When you say 970 evo is the same, you mean at BPC?

    • Yes $275 delivered at BPC

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        Not sure why'd you want to get the Crucial P5 from the UK when you get the Samsung locally for the same price

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    Countdown to someone asking will this be ok for PS5.

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    Not recommended for long term use.

    I recently watched a SSD life test video, which include Crucial P5, Kioxia Exceria Plus G2, Zhitai pc005 (This SSD is made by a Chinese SSD manufacturer and currently can only buy in China.), Samsung 970 Evoplus, Kingston kc2500 and WD SN750, all of them are 1TB model. The tester bought 2 for each model and kept them writing and reading data 7x24h with Anvil's Storage Utilities. Both Crucial P5 died first, with less than 300TBW, but the official announced endurance is 600TBW for 1T model. All other models still work over 600TBW.

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      Do you have a link?

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        It is a series of videos and IT IS IN CHINESE and DO NOT HAVE SUBTITLE.
        1st https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7m2Ndf2R6Y
        2nd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfDp1kraJCw from 7:30
        3rd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXrTeRI64HA from 7:55
        4th https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfDp1kraJCw from 8:00

        And there is another video for aging test, the test models are the same. Crucial P5 is the first to die.
        link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1at-21OL6A

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          Um, not exactly (those tests were not aimed to test max TBW as its primary objective). The youTuber elected to stop the testing of P5 due to he found the performance starts to degrade a bit. However, if we go by Crystal DiskInfo's figures, P5 did not bomb out in week 3 due to TBW (if we looked at the results reported by CrystalInfo, P5 did okay).

          For the second video, the same youTuber did not show the total write for P5 (he had 2 chances to show it, first time he just skip it, the second time it was outside of the captured screen area), while showing others. Also, he did encounter issue with the Oracle test early on with P5. My take is:

          • There could be at least some compatibility issues with P5 and certain motherboards and that's something people should watch out for.
          • My take on the second video is that it shows P5 could potentially have issues with cold data (something Samsung faced with their first gen planar TLC, which Samsung pretty much had abandoned). It is a concern. It has been a concern of mine so I have generally stick with MLC SSDs as primary SSDs. I use TLC SSDs as data SSDs and backups have to be made on HDD(s) at least 1 copy for anything on a TLC SSD. 3D V-NAND technology for TLC supposed to address the issue, but it looks like that might not be the case (especially as more layers are being stack on top of each other).
          • If other manufacturers released their NAND details in depth, would the youTuber attempt to simulate those conditions to trigger the weakness of those NAND?

          I don't think the issue with P5 is TBW, but compatibility (potentially firmware issue) and cold data retention. Those two are harder to measure and are often areas most reviews do not cover.

    • Thank U for that. Was abit upset about my 970 Evo plus I recently purchased but this made me happy I went with it 👍

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      I found one where P5 came out slightly ahead of 970 Evo Plus (after 1279TB written), but the test was concentrated TBW test (warm data TBW test). It is in Chinese so I looked at the table mostly.


      Looks like all drives are in degrading health with that much data written. I didn't read the texts so maybe P5 is still inferior. Personally, I don't believe in the TBW figures. I had a Samsung SSD died within 1 year with a TBW of less than 2TB (SSD died completely and before it died, it suffered from extreme slow down, especially for cold (old) data). Samsung did replace it.

      • What would you recommend for a 1TB boot drive with main programs/games?

        • for the wear levelling to work at it's best.. always keep at least 10% of the total storage as free space on the SSD (ie: don't fill it to the brim like most people do / did with mechanical drives). 10-20% free space (so 100-200GB free space on a 1TB SSD) is best for drive health.

        • No point recommending as it depends on your budget and the deals currently on. Try to stick with mainstream SSDs as you get more information on user experience. Speed really isn't an issue since honestly, NVMe SSDs are generally overkill for most of us. Does constantly having your fastest NVMe SSD writes to the second fastest NVMe SSD make sense? Or, spend 24x7 compressing and decompressing files?

          Reliability is more important. P5, with reported compatibility issue and cold data retention problem (albeit done via heating up the SSD offline to simulate data aging) are concerns. Even though P5 did well in warm data TBW test, any SSD which has a cold data retention issue is immediately a no go for me. My other advice is avoid first gen tech products from Samsung (i.e. 840, 950 Pro, 860 QVO). It's too often first gen new tech products suffer from unexpected issues.

          Keep at least 10% of SSD free is important. If you opted for a SSD which has aggressive dynamic turbo write with inferior NAND, you probably want to target free space up to 15-20% The most important thing is backup all important files. Avoid having SSDs offline for prolong period of time, especially for more cost effective SSDs. When powered on, the firmware can do some housekeeping for the SSD in background. Without power, those regular maintenance related tasks cannot perform.

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      300TBW aye? I reckon I've done less than 300TB total in my 20 years of using PCs.

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      Did you read the intro?

  • BarneyKB, we have a winner…

  • Just bought 5 PS5 during Black Friday, will this work on any of my PS5?

    • No, too slow

    • Cheapest OZB deals so far for PS5 SSDs. You missed both.

      $145 - 1TB WD Black SN750 SE (it has to be SE).
      $315 - 2TB PNY CS3040

      Both require heatsinks (~$11). PNY CS3040 barely passes the 5GB/s read requirement (thanks to Sony doing what seems to be zero fill test). SN750 SE is below spec, but the PS5 firmware currently permits any PCIe gen 4 SSD, even PCIe gen 4 x2 (which is basically like PCIe gen 3 x4).

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