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Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer (Skin Only) $45.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


I believe it was $79.99 at Bunnings normal price. Now $45.99 online. Good for trimming the fast growing summer grass in the backyard. Batteries sold separately.
Might be cheaper before, but hasn't been this low recently.

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    Good deal for a small yard without thick weeds

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    Does Ryobi ever get discounted, now thinking should have just invested in the ozito line with all the ozito deals recently

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      I complained to Ryobi about their pole chainsaw that uses a thin piece of plastic to hold the chain bar. Looked up online reviews and people complained about the same issue. Sure enough snapped off, chain went flying. They couldn't give a remote F. Said future models will have a metal guide, but took no responsibility for the dangerous product they have in circulation. Ryobi is the Gerry Harvey of tools.

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        Major failure due to unsafe.

        • They simply dismiss it. Say it's fine. Will only be an issue if the tensioner bolt is loose. I did it up with a 1 ft bar on it…didn't cut it.

          Pretty simple, if a manufacturer thinks
          a piece of plastic is ok to hold a chainsaw chain and bar on… then definitely a brand to avoid.

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    This would be a better deal if you need a blower, battery and charger.


    • ^^^ +++1

    • Does it get any cheaper than $99? Thinking to get one to replace my line trimmer

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    Those trimming blades wouldn't be such a bad idea if they didn't snap and fly off after 20 seconds of use..

    • Can you replace with normal cord or better ones?

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      and they cost an arm and a leg too for a small pack. Bought some off ebay but the size don't really fit, they were too tight and snap off easily too when you hit something

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      I legit get about an hours use per blade on buffalo. 4 months of fortnightly use.

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        Same, maybe there is some variation in the blades. I do a 600m2 block every few months that is littered with concrete pieces and tin. Very rarely need to grab a replacement blade. Occasionally the blade might come off, but you just reattach in 2 seconds and carry on.

      • Me too never had any issue.

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      Here's a hack to avoid using plastic blades or cable ties. https://www.randseq.org/2021/06/update-line-adapter-for-ozit...
      Has been posted before, sorry to the original poster, booked marked the hack not comment.

      • This is amazing, and just when I was thinking I was going to have to chuck it and get the line trimmer..

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      You're exaggerating, I manage to trim both my back yard lawn and nature strip with a single blade, you just need to be careful.

      • Yeah I used to think so too, but our new place’s yard chews through them whereas our previous one was fine like yours!

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      It lasts a while if you don't hit stones or concrete.
      The second you hit something hard they snap off. Horrible experience if you buy this to clean up the edges.
      Also the piece that's flying out could seriously injure someone. Wear safety glasses at all times when using. No deal is worth losing an eye.

  • Nothing will be like that kit deal which included battery.

    From the couple of times I've used it, like other comments the plastic blades are a bit meh but it does "work" (for me). Definitely wouldn't pay RRP for it especially skin only. Even at this price probably wouldn't be swayed.

    • You talking about the $29 kit deal from a year ago? Yeah I got a couple, great deal. Pretty good little unit for $45 if you already have batts, otherwise $99 for the blower/trimmer kit as per earlier comment is better.

  • Landfill. Just say no.

    • Gotta agree somewhat. I've got a mid range whipper snipper and even then I kind of wish it had more horsepower for some of the jobs I've tried to do with it. I think I might need to get a lawn edger tbh.

      • FWIW the ozito lawn edger is ok. Flimsy and plastic but seems to work. Might be better stuff out there for not that much more though (iirc ego had a good offer recently on the power head with free edger.. Tho i think theirs isn't perfect either)

        • Was on the edge (heh) about getting that one since I've already got the ozito battery from some other tools. Does it chop alright through thick buffalo or similar?
          Even considering one of the cheaper mechanical ones since it's not a job I do all that often.

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            @Jenny Death: We have buffalo and it seems fine. I don't know what you mean by thick though. Our grass is two seasons old so presumably not thick by your standards

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      Far from Landfill. I have a Makita petrol line trimmer and bought one of these as an option to throw in the car without the fumes. This thing blows my mind for run time and grunt, yet weighs nothing. If I have thick weed, I now go with this over the Makita. Dont know what sourcery is in it, but it punches way above its weight. Did a 600m2 block with it today. Used 1 blade and did in one charge of a 4 amp hour battery. If it's just light grass triming/ grass edging I use the Makita (as it has a larger diameter cutting head). But if it's thick weeds, the line is constantly breaking off, yet the Ozito cuts through it like butter.

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        Try using the zip tie hack, and it cuts down trees

  • I was almost sucked into this deal, especially the one with the blower combo.
    After reading some of the user reviews, this one is a HARD PASS.
    The plastic blades seem to break all too easily, and would be a hassle to replace. Simpler to just use a bump line feeder.

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    So what we are all reading is - replace stock plastic blade with zip tie hack and this is awesome.

    Well i have zip ties and ozito batteries. Take my money already - Sold!

  • What size/type zip ties are people using or find most effective from experience? Can someone please provide a link from bunnings?

    • Plastic ones probably. :p

  • I have the 2xbattery Ozito line trimmer and it works great however it chews through the line so quickly. I really wish it had the customization this one has ie: rotating head.
    I wonder if I can purchase some stronger line so I'm not constantly adjusting it and it breaks.

    • I'm finding the line pretty good. Had same model for months and still on the original line. I have a pretty standard yard and just doing grass though. If you do a search, someone posted up a video on how you can get a standard 2 sided bump head off ebay and attach same. Might work better for you.

      • Thanks for the feedback this sounds like a great idea.

    • I've been wondering about getting the Ozito line trimmer. Is there any vibration? The petrol trimmer I have vibrates the shit out of my hands, I'm shaky for the rest of the day.

      • Hi mate vibration isn't an issue however be sure to rest your hands every once in a while. If you get the heavier batteries attached it can strain your hands - especially with smooth motions for clean cuts. Other than this a great tool 👍 I have most of the 2x battery range and nothing has let me down yet.

  • dont bother with this = total crap

  • Stop ratting around and put a metal blade on it

  • +1

    Great little unit, mines been going strong for 4yrs. Blades last long enough if your just strimming grass, if you start doing the edging on concrete then they can fly off easily.

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    I put a Ryobi line trimmer head on mine and it's now perfect. Screwed straight on with no mods!

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      @Togsy details please. Which Ryobi head fits this one?

      • I would also like to know.

        • I don't own either, but eyeing this off, and after looking at the manual for the Ozito I wonder if this is the Ryobi part that fits.


          Someone who has this ozito and pulls it apart should be able to see if this head bolts on, looking at the manual it might be this part.

          I don't have either yet so I can't confirm.

          • @TrafalgarSean: The bottom of the Ozito has a screw that comes off and the shape of the spinning head that fits in there isn't a hexagon.
            It's a stadium shape (google discorectangle, obround, or sausage body) if i remember correctly the last time i pulled it off.

            looks like this: https://youtu.be/x6PVKYFwOe4?t=62

            • @everyone: I just had a look through all the bunnings heads and couldn't find one with that end on it.

              • @TrafalgarSean: thanks, I looked as well, I was hoping the screw would be enough, but looks like they engineered it that way on purpose.

      • The head is off a Ryobi 30cc RLT30CETG.

        • Where did you get it from? Can't seem to find any online.

          • @TrafalgarSean: The Ozito replaced the Ryobi. I already had the Ryobi, bought from Bunnings a few years ago.

  • +1

    I have one. People complaining about the blades are exaggerating.

  • Is it just me or has the deal expired? Can only see the $79 price

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