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Free Connoisseur Koko Black Ice Cream Stick & Cadbury Caramilk Ice Cream Stick @ My 7-Eleven App


Free Connoisseur Koko Black Ice cream & Cadbury Caramilk Stick via 7 Eleven app under rewards.

Add to your rewards by 2:09pm AEDT 05/12. Once added to your rewards, offer can be claimed until 11.59pm AEDT 07/12.

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  • I Don't have it ?

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      It's under rewards as mentioned.

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  • Thanks OP, I’ve got it.

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    I have a free icecream and cadbury caramilk stick

    • Same

    • Yeah I got both too. Can I claim both reward on the same visit?

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        No you have to walk to the next 7 eleven across the road

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          No you don't. I just walked up to the counter with 4 ice creams and 2 phones and guy was happy to put it through without question.

      • Try and let us know. At worst I might think 2 separate transacts

    • Thanks mate, I didn't see that one, forgot to swipe left hehe.

    • And a chopper 😉

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      Cheers, wouldn't have noticed the 2 freeby if it wasn't for that comment

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    Valid for 3 days this time 👍

  • No rewards for me

  • I don't have it

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    • Check again today. I did and now it is showing

  • Targeted

    • Are you looking under rewards and not offers?

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        Yup it's definitely targeted

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          Odd. It's in all three of my accounts.

          • @itsross: Thanks for saying this. Logged in again to check and it's now showing. Maybe slow to release to some accounts? Was not there yesterday despite logging in and out!

    • @choc83 Check again today. I did and now it is showing

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    Got this under rewards. Now next step, finding stock..

    • No stock to a few I've been to here in Sydney area

  • Cheers OP.

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      Once you claim it, it will say to use it within 3 days

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        jv knows this, jv is making a funny. jv is implying that the icecream is short dated, not the deal itself. This makes jv feel comical.

  • Got it thanks op

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    i only had it on one account, but that and the caramilk said they could be added up till the 5th, and you had up till the 7th at 11:59pm to claim.

  • Got both thanks!

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    Got both on my reward but will there be any stock?

  • Got it on all my accounts, cheers

  • Can I claim both at the one store simultaneously?

  • Yay thanks

  • Do you need to purchase anything to claim?

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      No but must say thankyou to the staff

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        Optional, depending if you're an introvert or extrovert

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    I got both in 2 of my accounts

  • These are really yummy!

  • Love a good ice cream

  • Great. my app doesn't work

    • all good. just had to resign in.

  • Thanks Op

  • Got it, thanks

  • Nice bonus for the chopper pilot.

  • Thanks O-P

  • Thanks OP only one showed then when I selected the other appeared.. valid for 3 days …. Hope in stock \o/

  • Just picked up in Heidelberg 3084 on the way to shopping. I was shocked that full price was $5!!😲

  • Wow I got 3 free things

  • Picked up both at Moonee Ponds 7-eleven 3039. Thanks OP. I’m much more interested in the connoisseurs + coco black than the Cadbury + Caramel one.

  • Yummo thanks

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    Score, I got both ice creams and I had a coffee melt from the 7 visits reward

  • Thank you for posting!

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    Local store definitely removed these from the freezer, lol.

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    If you haven’t got it now the workers have probably already hid them all
    Sadly I’m 200km away from any 7/11 :(

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      No stock of either in Errol St North Melbourne.

      I have previously had issues there and so have others according to reviews

  • Went to my local 7-11 about half n hour ago n grabbed both!

    Thanks OP for letting us know.

  • On my way to 7 11 now. Fingers crossed, not OOS. xxxx

  • The store I went to near work didn't have the koko black one, only the caramilk. Will have to hit another one tomorrow!

  • Oos

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    I went to the store and the guy said that the code still scanned as $5. I bet he didn't select the rewards offer. They act like it's coming out of their pocket

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      Same problem here

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      Did they scan the barcode on your phone? It should automatically apply the discount. They don't "apply" the rewards, it's linked to your account

    • Figured to try my luck again at the same store. Well, there still was plenty of stock

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        I will try my luck at one I managed to grab twice last week. All other stores have hidden it

  • My local only had Caramilk in stock so grabbed one and ate it. Hit a different store for the Koko Black. Both ice creams were 👍

  • None at my local, but next store had heaps and was very surprised when they both came up free.

  • caramilk is awesome

  • How’s everyone going claiming. Me and 2 kids both tried to pick them up and wasn’t working. Went to another store and still didn’t work, but the fella just gave them to us anyway. We had clicked the claim deal button!

    • Claim first. Then just click to show your card.

      • Yeah, that’s what we did. Just wouldn’t work

  • how often do 7 11 receive ice cream stock? two places tried to tell me once a week?

  • +2

    Only realised they were free when I opened the app in line.

    When I got to the front, I quickly took two steps to grab them and was signalled by the clerk he already had them under the counter, still cold.

    I swear he is one of us!

  • Got mine.. wool!!

  • I can see them in rewards,but how to add them

  • Caramilks still at Fairfield east Vic :) didn't look for the Koko's

  • Stacks of both at Regional QLD store. No one else had bought. Got both.

  • Got two from the same store back to back 👌

  • +3

    I got yelled at for lifting the crate to find the stash underneath! 😂

    • +1

      LOL! Then what happened? Did you managed to get the ice cream still?

      • +1

        Yep, throughout the promo, me and the kids ended up scoring 9 ice creams! They already appreciate that everything tastes better when its free!

  • Hubby went in looking for ice cream and the store person just said get other flavours, we have run out of free flavours. We got Cadbury milk chocolate ice cream
    And connoisseur camel honey macadamia

    • where was this? they were kind.

      • Newcastle

  • +1

    We went to 4 stores and went away empty handed.

  • If I want to claim the rewards without buying fuel, will the current fuel lock get cancelled?

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  • hardly any ice creams left in Perth with this weather, let alone the free ones lol. two more days to go..

  • went to 3 x 7/11 store, none of them "ever" have these in stock.

    I'm guessing they are keep these freebies away.

    • One of the stores I went to said they never had the koko flavour and I could pick another flavour but I would need to come back when it’s less busy. They had heaps of the caramilk though.

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