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White Outdoor Egg Chair $119 Was $189 @ Kmart


Saw on another page this morning there was at least 8 at Carrum downs. Website shows a few around me. Check dimensions first as it didn’t fit in our car until I unboxed it in the car park. (We have a small suv Ford Escape I think)

This product is currently unavailable for purchase in SA, TAS, WA & NT

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  • Carrum downs, frankston, Dandenong and southland all have stock according to the website

    • Was heaps left at Southland

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    Website stock indicator sucks. Shows in stock at lots of my locals but going through to checkout for click and collect says not in stock

    • Same with all Gippsland stores.

      • Warragul had stock and I c&c

        Moe also showed in stock so Gippsland did have stock

        • Well you were lucky. It showed stock until I tried to click and collect at check out.

    • +2

      Tell me about it Kmart and target suck for stock levels they need to employ someone to handle this side of business.
      Amount of times I have ordered online at target and get canceled and wait for refund is crazy.
      One day I decided as an item shows stocks I go into store there system says 3 in stock but lol can’t find them.
      Im having issues with target now place order for two of same item for kids Xmas and they canceled one saying no more stocks, yet you can search Australia wide and over 20 stores show stock.
      They tell me no stocks to stock levels are wrong to item will be deleted from site 24 later it’s still available to buy.
      When I purchased mine was $20 less so for me to buy now in $20 more.
      And I can’t pick up from my store like originally.
      Is it west farmers that own these companies as what a shower.

      It’s more laughable that this item in post is not even in wa, and was not on Black Friday in fact a many items from Black Friday was not available here.
      Not that I need the swing chair as got one last year from Aldi which looks nicer and not a silly white colour.
      But im curious for us in wa if this does become available will they be paying full price or a reduced price.
      Im not sure what happened resulting in target stores closing down but these two stores certainly know what buttons to push to upset customers.

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        It happens when you don’t sell from warehouse but from front of store.

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    If you're from Tasmania, local shiploads are selling them cheaper at just $100 in black colour.

    • I think I vaguely remember seeing them for $199

      $100 is pretty tempting…

      • I am not too sure but I guess they were around $170 last year, this year they're only $100, pretty cheap.

  • +14

    I love how you aren't sure what car you own. I wish I could be that care-free. 😃

    • +1

      I took my partners car as it’s bigger. I know what car I own :) low key don’t think I’ve ever been described as care free haha

      • -1

        I also think my car might be a Ferrari, but I'm not sure.

        I also think I live in Brighton, but it could be Toorak.

    • +9

      I think I've got a Lamborghini. But that could be a Toyota as well. Who knows.

      • Whats a lamborghini. Havent heard of it?
        Is it better value than toyota?

  • same no stock online. where else can we get this at this price and delivered?

  • Thanks OP but I think I own a VW golf lol

  • What's the quality like? What will it look like (colour) in 1 year…… Brown?

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    I bought this for $189 last week. Would there be a chance of me going in and asking for a partial refund?

    Normally I would just buy a new one and return with the old receipt but it's way too big.

    • +1

      Try price protection from your credit card?

    • +14

      1.Go to the shop, buy, exit the shop.
      2.Get your partner to take it back to the shop, ask for refund using week old ticket
      3.Celebrate the win

      • -1

        You bought it at a price you were happy with. It is what it is.

        God, don't spend your life annoyed and trying to chase down every dollar.

        If this is how you feel, then never buy anything that isn't on sale.

        • +2

          This makes a lot of sense in theory - you waste so much time chasing the lowest price (including mindspace).

          It needs regular practice to do in practice if you're a hardcore Ozbargainer. Just like planting an oak tree, start today.

          • +2

            @ihbh: chase dollars because its fun, not because it worth it.

    • I just went into the store. At first they said they were happy to refund my click and collect order just from my paperwork. Then allow me to pay the $119.
      The staff member went away then came back saying she was told they weren't allowed to do this. Several people had already tried to do the same.

      If I can be bothered I might bring mine back and refund it. But it's a bit of a hassle.

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    I got this from last deal, happy with it, recommended

  • +1

    Says for outdoor use - is this realistically something you can leave out on a balcony without having it come apart in a handful of years in the weather?

    • How long do you expect a $119 chair to last in the open weather? I'd give two years max before seeing rust seeping through the wicker.

      • How long do you expect

        I don't.

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    Great for your spider web collection!

    • +6

      eggcellent chair for spider man

    • Buy one for the redbacks, one for you.

  • Looks like future coccyx injury

  • (We have a small suv Ford Escape I think)

    You’re not sure what car you have?

    • +1

      I drive a smaller car, so the Ford Escape (I confirmed) i borrower is my partners :)

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    Oh! When will Guangzhou build an outdoor egg for the husky gentleman?!

  • Anyone know when it'll be in stock for WA?

  • Has anyone picked this up? Are the box dimensions accurate of 97 x 97?

  • Yes i would like to know to if it will fit in my kia sorrento

    • +1

      I bought one last week. It just fit in the back of my Toyota Kluger, so I'm thinking it would probably fit in one of the newer Sorento. You could take it out of the box if it didn't.

      • Ok I got two for click and collect. Thanks for that. It means it should fit in my boot. As long as they give it to me in a trolley and I push it to my car and slide in my boot , should be fine right. I hope the dimension are correct 97 x 97

  • TiL there's a KMart in Carrum Downs.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Damn, no stock!

  • 1 each in Melton, Caroline Springs and Watergardens

  • Wouldnt the supporting pole at the back pose problems while swinging? Am i missing something?

    • If you want a swing, go to the park.

  • 1 left in Rowville at 2pm.

  • +1

    For those who bought it, what’s the cushion like? Is it waterproof and can it be left out in the rain?

  • Brunswick still has two at front, but staff says there are more at the back warehouse.

  • +1

    So can anyone comment on the quality who has purchased yesterday? Worth it for the price?

  • Were three or four in camberwell this afternoon

  • 2 left still in Chatswood NSW. You can ask them to bring it to the loading dock. Box didnt fit in our car (Hyundai Accent), but they help unbox and everything fit in the car. Material wrapping the frame is hard plastic and the cushion looks like it will withstand the rain etc. Worth it for ~$100 bucks

  • I bought 2 in Redcliffe QLD. Already on the balcony, they look good, for $119 they seem to be good value. The boxes are quite big, I had to do 2 trips.

  • I too picked up the two egg chairs from the Kmart dock. The boxes wouldn’t fit in my car so they took it out of the box and both fit ! Now have to wait a week for a friend to put it together.

  • Thanks for this post! So happy!

  • Thanks picked up one yesterday arvo, looks to be decent quality, had to take out of box as well to fit in car, but tetris skills came in handy

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