Is Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Cruiser Worth The Price ?

Hi OzBargainers, I am wanting to buy a new car and was considering buying the Toyota RAV 4 Cruiser.

However keeping in mind the wait time (8-10 months) and with the new model launching in February 2022, is it worth preordering the RAV4 Cruiser. Approx. price would be around $50000+/- . Or one should wait for some other hybrid cars to appear in the market as this will provide more options with the price range. I was also considering getting a demo clearance RAV4 Hybrid Cruiser, but keeping in mind the demand and supply I don’t think Demo cars would be available.

Just wanting to understand if it is worth to buy the car around $50,000 or I should wait and once the cars are back to normal level stock the price will reduce?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Supply is apparently supposed to be improving greatly towards the end of this year and return to normal next year, but who knows.

    I think Kia might be releasing a hybrid Sportage next year, but I probably wouldn't buy a hybrid that isn't a Toyota tbh.

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      Agree with this
      Toyota has been in the hybrid game for 20+ years.
      Given rising fuel costs, you will save money
      Im not sure what other opinions are, but I would ask the dealer to call me when a demo becomes available (it was available when we were looking)

      Theres more info here -

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        Off-topic but with 20+ years and still no dedicated EV… Pretty poor if you ask me. Toyota is definitely in bed with big oil. They could have been leaders…even in 2021 still dragging their feet. OP should skip hybrid, and skip Toyota. Give your money to an automaker that is at least trying. Either get cheaper petrol or buy a full EV. The mix of both is just more parts to go wrong. Hybrids were the stepping stone we needed 10 years ago but today it's basically a joke. Expecting the downvote's from Toyota obsessed Australian's in 3, 2, 1…

        • yeah just a bit off topic lol

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          Toyota is investing heavily into Hydrogen, which is why the've not progressed to a full EV fleet.
          A shame, as even pluggable hybrids could have been a good middle ground for the Australian market.
          Hyrdogen is probably best placed as being an alternate for long range haulage - trucking etc.

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            @muttman: Toyota are actively trying to prevent electric vehicles from taking over, it's absolutely disgusting.

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            @muttman: Hydrogen is a joke for passenger cars and has become the go to excuse not to make BEVs. Maybe for long haul or aircraft it can make sense, but for cars, forwhen the Avg distance travelled is about 30km/day, it makes absolutely zero sense to be stuffing around with it

          • @muttman: Hydrogen isn't the reason, it's money and the companies they're involved with. Less parts, less servicing less money to be made. Hydrogen just continues this pursuit and adds in a whole new infrastructure to make more money. The fuel source only makes sense for long range or heavy vehicles. It's just not a good use of energy for passenger vehicles.

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          Agreed. Toyota could be a leader in BEV cars but keeps going with Hybrid. That said we have a Corolla Hybrid bought March 2021 for around $30k and its great on fuel but will be selling once capped price servicing runs out in 5 years . Our other car is a Tesla where servicing isnt an issue/cost

        • When toyota started 20yrs ago, I suppose no one was keen in developing EV charging stations, but if you say they in bed with Big Oil, then most car manufacturers were in bed… only Toyota made a big step and probably 1st one to move to hybrid. The fuel you save on your hybrid is just amazing, so not really Big Oil company favourites.

    • I don't anticipate the supply issues will be resolved for 2+ years. The chip shortage is even hitting Apple, who many thought had such water-tight control over it's supply chain that they wouldn't (and weren't, for a long time) be affected by the global supply chain issues. But here they are, using iPad parts in iPhones and writing down US$7b a quarter in lost sales.
      It takes a long time to clear a global backlog, and most of the critical parts in shortage are chips that take years to spin up plants for.

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    If you want to carry a kayak, you might to check the new model specs.

  • Perhaps worth calling dealers (even regional) around your area to check if they have any in stock? Or will be getting in any soon.

    Orders get cancelled, but dealerships are still proceeding with the order knowing that they will sell.

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    No harm in putting down a deposit. It is refundable.
    See what happens in the meantime.

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    The situation isn't looking to be fixed in 2022. So if you like it then put a deposit down.

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      That’s not true.

      The situation will be much better very soon

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        Evidence? Either of you…

          • @DisabledUser283005: FYI that article references Toyota US, who produce in the US, though Japan is in a similar situation

            Still doesn't help that RAV4 hybrid has huge order banks that need to be built before they'll be readily available

            • @spackbace: 19000 are coming to Aus

              I’m in the industry

              • @DisabledUser283005: Coming from a large dealer here, we have around 5% of our order bank getting built in December…

                • @spackbace: Really ?? All of our order bank from Aug onward is being being supplied in Dec.

                  We have people with the cranks because they were told they would more than likely be getting the new spec, but are now getting the “current spec”

                  • @DisabledUser283005:

                    Really ??


                    Had to go back to people who ordered in May/June that they'd have to pay extra

                    • @spackbace: Haha !! You guys have upset someone at TMCA

                      • @DisabledUser283005: It's not TMCA, it's TMC cutting allocation. The stock issues won't be resolved soon. There is a reason almost every car is on embargo on the EVP. Best to try to move guests to Klugers, where possible. They seem to be somewhat excluded from supply issues, for now. Perhaps due to different technology for Aus compared to international markets.
                        Most competing products, eg hybrid kia’s, are launching with tiny allocations, which i think is only going to increase RAV4 demand and wait times.

                    • @spackbace: We ordered ours in May and have been told we're bumped up to the 22 model and that we have to pay extra, its not very pleasant after waiting for so long. Are there any further updates? We get nothing from our dealer.

                      • @rossmalloch:

                        Are there any further updates?

                        You'd need to ask your dealer

                        • @spackbace: Yes it would be nice if they actually told us anything… but they don't apart from the generic bullshit.

  • Other half bought the 2019 GXL RAV4 hybrid and said the cruiser hybrid was around ~$50k at that time as well so I don't think there's much change in price there. I love it, space for people without compromising on boot capacity, does over 800km to a tank and is still lightweight and maneuverable around suburbia.

  • We paid around that back in May, maybe a bit more with all the options (towbar, bonnet protector, tint etc),definitely no regrets and as we keep our cars for 15-20 years we don't mind paying a bit more for a quality item.

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    Ask for an XSE and get it in under 6 months, around $2k less than the Cruiser…

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    Jeep has better roof racks

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      but it wont reliably get you to the westfields though so that's a benefit…

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      for camping out on the side of the road when it breaks down?

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        the jeep will set itself on fire to keep you warm though… thoughtful

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          That's not a bug, that's a feature.

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          only if all the oil is still in the engine, usually its drained out by then

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          Actually, it's been determined that most Jeep fires are deliberately lit by enraged owners.

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    I just cant get my head around a Rav 4 costing 50k….

    then looking at prices of Honda Civic's and other crap its easier to justify

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      Don't know what you're trying to say, top featured Rav4 has always been $50k since forever and if anything being the same price for decades means it's cheaper now than ever.

      • Huh?

        We bought a cruiser back in 2005 for about 35k

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          You bought some weak 2.4L car without any safety addons. Full spec Rav 4 was $43k or basically $50k once you had the V6. This hybrid has all the safety and performance more similar to the V6 so you cannot compare 4cylinder price based on this.

          If you want the basic 4cylinder then the Rav4 can be had easily with little wait time for $35k today.

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            @plmko: Pretty sure the V6 didn't come out until 2007. The 2.4 AWD cruiser was the top of the range at that time.

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      I've got a 2021 cruiser and think the 50k is good value. I got the beige leather interior and love it. Having had relatively crap cars before all the tech is so great too. The screen could be better but that's about it.

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        beige leather interior


      • How's the back seat?

  • The price is the going rate, some Toyota tax added, but not too dissimilar pricing to other options in the segment.

    Whether it’s worth the price to you is much harder to judge. Not worth $50k to me because, while its a quality vehicle, doesn’t have a couple of bonus seats or a decent tow capacity. I’d want the price to be a lot lower to compensate for lack of those features I want.

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      Or pay more and get those features 😉

      There's no Toyota tax on the RAV4 when you compare to the cx5

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        Well the cx5 does have Mazda tax added!

        (I’ll be paying under $50k for my next car, more like $40k)

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      The new Mitsubishi Outlander is a PHEV with some proper EV range and will have the option of 7 seats, and can likely be had by the time OP would get his RAV4 probably doesn't cost more either, but not sure as it's not out yet

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    Knowing the wait times, we put our refundable deposit down in August knowing that if something else catches our eye while waiting, we can change our mind.

    • Can I ask how much deposit did you put ?

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  • $50k for a sad looking front end, no thanks - about time the design gets a decent lift. They seem to manage it with the price!.

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      Yep coz it's really struggling to sell with its current design…

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      Looks pretty good when you look at the rest of the competition IMO.

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    You do know the Rav4 GX hybrid and the Rav 4 Hybrid Cruiser is same car just with some extra low value shit bolted on? (different alloys, different head lamps, chrome shit, leather this and that, heated seats, tinting)

    looks like a lot of extra money for no extra benefit other than people can say, look at that idiot paid an extra 10 grand for not a whole lot of value

    • +2

      GX doesn't even have keyless entry. Use the remote to unlock the car, then chuck the keys in a cupholder when you get in because it has keyless start

      And who cares? Maybe some people like the nicer things when their butt is in it most days?

      • i kind of agree there but by the same token, doesnt every manufacturer withhold just about every convenience from their base model inc. certain safety items

        mores the point its not à la carte where you can just add keyless, you need to move to the next level

        but yes, its 2022 almost, there's no way i would accept a car without keyless

        at least one manufacture has been doing it since 2005 and they even put in their base models (!!!)

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          My 2013 car has keyless entry and keyless start. I couldn’t have a new car for > $40k without that. Plus the memory seat settings are tied to whichever key is in someone’s pocket.

        • :p not lexus. Base model is pretty good packaged.

      • Sheesh, cars in 2021 still don't have keyless entry as standard?! That's Toyota for you. Legendary reliability, little else

    • i paid almost same as GXL for my cruiser and love those extras… especially keyless entry

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    If you're going to spend $50k, spend the extra $10k and get a Tesla. I don't see the point in a hybrid… The fuel consumption isn't much better than a fuel efficient ICE vehicle (4.8 litres/100km) and you're paying a fortune for it. You're going to save bugger all on fuel.

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      i would if the model Y was 59k, sadly it looks to be at least 90k when it gets here mid next year. if you need the space of a SUV the M3 is a bit cramped. so it's more of a corolla hybrid vs M3 comparison - which is more like 35k vs 59k

      • Where did you get the 90k figure? The Y is not supposed to be too much more than the 3, that was the impression I was under from talking to a couple of owners of the 3

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      My Saab 9-3 from 2004 had the great Saab economics. I would get 1000km to a tank on the highway because the engine would tune down while driving.

      • because the engine would tune down while driving


      • +1

        I feel you are mistaken and the gear box probably had a gear designed for highway cruising.

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      There's a $60k Tesla SUV?

      Here I thought it was a sedan that's more along the size of a Corolla sedan…

      • +12

        If you are into Telsa, you can fit a kayake on the roof, family into the boot, firmly believe that it beats any AMG badge and it is an appreciating asset. Not to mention the ferrari like performance for a fraction of the price.

        • frunk is big enough to fit a baby…

        • +1

          Username checks out

    • Bugger all on fuel?

      My Mazda 3 uses more than double that lol.

    • I suppose if you compare the RAV4 to a fuel efficient hatchback or a fuel hungry moped, you're not wrong.

      But what comparable ICE SUV has a fuel economy similar to the RAV?

    • +9

      No. We own both, wife has the Cruiser Hybrid AWD and I have the Model 3 LR. Absolutely not comparable cars, one is a family SUV with zero range anxiety, perfect build quality/reliability, more space and practicality for families, dealer support on every corner and $10k cheaper of course.

      The other has wild performance, fantastic handling, cool tech and the ‘wow factor’, but suffers in the areas the RAV4 excels at. I love driving it to work and showing off to friends/strangers, but it’s not our road trip car, and if we could only have one car, it would be the RAV.

      And btw, a comparable medium petrol SUV will use more like 10L/100km in the city, whereas the RAV4 hybrid will use 5.5ish.

      • Friend has a model 3 long range, drives Sydney to Canberra often, loves it.

        On a side note almost everyone I know overcompensates when buying a car. The thought pattern is "I might one day want to ___, so I will just get it." I reckon most families of 4 could easily get away with a car the size of a model 3, but just like the range anxiety they get thinking of EVs despite mainly driving the average kms people do, they have FOMO. That or it's a pissing contest. People would be much better off if they checked themselves and pocketed the money they would save on one of the greatest liabilities you can buy

        • +2

          We could get away with the M3, but it would be quite inferior as a family car compared to the RAV4. There's no getting around the fact that the wagon format of the RAV4 gives more practical space, plus the ride quality is a lot better on our crappy regional NSW roads, and I can tow our box trailer with it, the M3 can't tow anything. Also, our top of line Cruiser AWD Hybrid cost <$50K, my M3 LR cost $78.5k - only the SR+ is $60K after rebates in NSW, and that doesn't have the range most people want.

          I'm an EV proponent, but they just aren't there for the mainstream yet in my opinion.

          • @Dogsrule: If you live regional then you are also somewhat not the mainstream, it would be a lot more compelling to have a long range, and yes the crap roads aren't the best for a stiff sporty suspensions. People that live in big cities that do some regional trips (most people) the car is fine. The boot is quite decent for what it is. I don't know about Tesla towing but plenty of people tow with their Leaf, Nissan hasn't approved it but there's no issues whatsoever, it's just car companies protecting themselves from the fall out of not having tested their own vehicles for towing it seems.

            • @Jackson:

              but plenty of people tow with their Leaf, Nissan hasn't approved it

              Lol that's the worst thing you can do, either for the longevity of the vehicle, or for insurance, or for legal/police issues later

              • @spackbace: Keep in mind that people buying a leaf to tow are doing the odd trip, or just putting a bike rack on the tow bar. Biggest thing I have seen anyone tow with one is a box trailer, we are talking about caravanning across Australia here

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      "The fuel consumption isn't much better than a fuel efficient ICE " - It is better than even a fuel efficient for sure. Besides RAV4 has decent power and performance as well. Read 8 second to 100 kph.

    • i think RAV 4 for 50k is AWD

  • I was also considering getting a demo clearance RAV4 Hybrid Cruiser, but keeping in mind the demand and supply I don’t think Demo cars would be available.

    TBH, dealers are probably selling demos for $5k more than new when they're allowed to because they're available NOW…

  • +1

    I would just get a Camry

    • Is a Camry cheaper and does it have a bigger interior? If so I would too if I want going full EV. It's just too bad they stopped making the wagon

    • +2

      At least the Cruiser model has a real transmission and not a cruddy CVT

      Cruiser hybrid is cvt, as is standard cruiser.

      • +2

        It’s certainly not a crappy belt and pulley CVT though, but a completely indestructible permanently meshed planetary gearset, kind of like an open diff with the power flows reversed.

        No friction material, no clutches, synchros, torque converters etc, and it’s the only transmission in existence that truly never needs fluid changes.

        • +2

          +1 on this. The Toyota hybrid transaxle is an absolute masterpiece of engineering - it's arguably the best type of "transmission" in a car given zero friction surfaces.

          The way in which MG1 rotates at different speeds (or even backwards) on the sun gear relative to the speed of the planet carrier attached to the engine to achieve different gear ratios boggles my mind.

          When people read "CVT" they shit on it without realising that the "e-CVT" is a totally different animal vs the standard shitty belt and pulley ones.

        • That's only the hybrid. The non hybrid is a normal CVT.

          • @brendanm: Yes that's true, just wanted to make the distinction between the hybrid and non-hybrid. Toyota made a marketing mistake calling the hybrid transaxle a CVT, people tend to associate it with crappy Jatco belt and pulley designs. The Toyota belt and pulley CVT seems to be better, but not a patch on their hybrid transaxle.

          • @brendanm: Well, not "normal" cvt, there's still the 1st/launch gear before switching to the cvt

            • @spackbace: Next thing you know, they'll put more normal gears in there, and a couple of clutches 😉

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