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Free Cafe Coffee with $30 Shopping Spend @ Woolworths Metro Stores


This ended in NSW with lockdown, but has resumed.

Please confirm for states other than NSW.

Note: Metro stores typically charge 10% premium for similar products in standard Woolworths store. However, some Metro stores sometimes have big markdown on near used by date products, especially on weekends when traffic reduces.

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  • can i choose black ivory?

  • Can confirm it's also in QLD. I received one at the Hamilton Harbour Metro.

  • +1

    True Ozbargainer would get $30 worth of half price specials (other items have a convenience premium on them, and specials like "20% off" are still more expensive at Metro stores)

    • Good point, updated with counter.

  • Confirmed in Vic - at least my local Metro at Ascot Vale

    • Regular size only.

  • Literally cheaper to shop at 7/11 than Woolworths Metro

    • What 7/11 is less than 10% expensive than Woolworths? You sure you aren't meaning Caltex Woolies (which carried 'Metro' branding for some time)

      • Drinks for example are always cheaper at 7/11. $4 for Boss Coffee at 7/11 vs almost $5 at Woolworths Metro. Red Bulls etc will always have two for $5-7 deals depending on the size but you'll pay almost $5 for one at Woolworths Metro. Pretty much all convenience items are more expensive at Metro. Groceries and everyday food will be cheaper at Metro I guess.

        • Haven't sought out these two products specifically, but from what I've experienced convenience items are much cheaper at Metro. Eg $5.50 for a 1/2 roast chicken (when whole bbq chickens were $9-$10), iced coffees similar or same price as full Woolies.

          Still think you are getting confused with the petrol station (which yes, is more expensive than either Coles Express or 7/11)

    • If they are not busy, they may have a few mark downs. But often they become busy. I bought so much stuff at 80-90% off for a few months at Granville until they stopped doing that. Yesterday I went there and they have removed all fridge stuff as it probably goes as mark downs only

    • If the person at the counter scans your card 😄

  • -1

    what counts as metro?

    • Clearly not the Woolies you go to if you can’t tell the difference between a Metro Woolies and a normal Woolies.

    • +1

      Small and more restricted range, in "business" locations, no parking, prices more expensive, coffee at front, prepared meals available.

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