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[eBay Plus] Xbox Series S - Fortnite and Rocket League Bundle $474.05 Delivered @ Big W eBay


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Many thanks for @videoman for pointing this deal out.

3 weeks until Xmas and some people maybe looking to get a next-gen console to put under the tree. The Xbox Series S is the only next gen system thats widely available and in stock. There are reasons for this.

The differences between Xbox Series S and Series X are:

  1. Series S is widely available and in stock
  2. Series S is ~$250+ cheaper (assuming you pay retail)
  3. Series S has no Bluray drive. Therefore you are required to download games onto it.
  4. Series S has 512GB internal ultra fast SSD.
  5. Series S is designed for ~1080p gaming.
  6. Series S is backwards compataible with Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games.

1. Bundle this with Xbox Game Pass to get access to a huge library of games for $15.95 a month (or ~$4.50 a month with deals/hacks posted on OzBargain)
2. You can expand the ultra fast ssd storage through the official Microsoft/Seagate expansion cards. These are not typically cheap, but they have come up for sale in the past.
3. You can connect external USB drives to use as game storage but please note:

Games PLAYABLE on external USB Storage

  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One

Games that can be STORED on external USB Storage

  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S & Series X (you will need to transfer these games back onto internal SSD storage if you wish to play them. These modern games require the ultra-fast SSD drives to run.

Overall I think its a great console if you only intend to game on a 1080p TV and are happy with digital game downloads via Xbox Game Pass or through the XBOX store.

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    x2 Pro Tips:

    1. Many thanks to @Firerunner for pointing this out:
      Add another cheap item like a $2.50 scrapbook to bring the total over $500 so you apply code SPENDSVE and get $50 off. Bringing it to $450 delivered.

    2. AMEX users that saved the $100 cashback deal when you spend $500 @ microsoft.com.au could buy the Series S and get it down to $400.

    Enjoy :)

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    As mentioned in your other post, add another cheap item ike a $2.50 scrapbook to bring the total over $500 so you apply code SPENDSVE and get $50 off bringing the cost close to $450

    Edit: Ninja'd by OP. I'll keep this comment for the link to Big W's other items

    • Agree. For even cheaper prices we’ll have to wait until after Christmas. Q1 is typically a quiet period and we might see some steep discounts. $450 isn’t bad for a Series S, even though I think that once XSX and PS5 can actually be had, the Series S needs to come to $399 or less to remain competitive. But who knows when this will be.

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    As someone who loves doing quick write ups for people buying such things, +1 for your write up

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    Series S are always going for $300-350 on Marketplace and Gumtree, I'd recommend if anybody really wants one to just grab one there.

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    I really wish that Microsoft would make a Series S with a disc drive, would make for the perfect xbox one and xbox 360 console especially given how cheap games for those platforms are.

    • It was always meant as a Game Pass machine. Microsoft knows perfectly well that “serious” gamers will go for the Series X and prefer disc based games. Casual gamers not so much.

      • Yeah I know it's a pipe dream but I can dream! I've got a Series X and absolutely love it. Just such a shame they're impossible to actually buy.

    • +3

      USB external disk drive mod would be stellar

  • +1

    'Fortnight' LOL

  • You can also game stream direct from q series s

  • +1

    Great informative post OP

  • +8

    $250 for 512gb SSD storage and a disc drive plus three times the processing power is the real ozbargain here. No wonder the Series X is always sold out.

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    Xbox Series S is excellent. I have managed to get my hands on a Series X now but can hardly tell the difference in graphics to be honest. Such a little beast if you just want to use Game Pass and no discs. I did but mine for 350ish from eBay afterpay sale and wouldnt pay RRP

    • Agree, I have one and honestly can’t tell the difference either. The storage is probably it’s biggest let down, but It’s not a deal breaker. The addition of cloud gaming on game pass is helpful for this as there’s no need to download the game to the ssd. Would recommend this console - can also play plays station, Nintendo etc. roms on it which is an added bonus!

      • You wouldn't notice a difference unless you play more graphics intensive games. For e.g any new AAA titles would severely lag behind on these. Just for context it can only do 4tf of processing while the previous gen Xbox One X was 6tf so you are actually worse off vs if you owned a previous gen console.
        But if you want to play rocket league and fortnight this is the ideal platform.

        • +1

          Teraflops shouldn't be a 1:1 comparison when the consoles use different architecture. RDNA2 vs GCN is a difference, the One X is bottlenecked by its CPU. Series S is using an NVMe SSD which is utilised in now "current gen" games.
          I would much rather a Series S than a One X for a GamePass box.

          • @longy317: agree - think people are getting a little caught up here - A lot of casual gamers won't notice the difference and really if it is a big deal then opt for the series x. There's a reason people opt for the series s over the more powerful flagship series x model…

      • I have both and feel the same at the moment but I am expecting the gap to become more noticeable as the generation goes on.

  • Go for it if you are a casual gamer and like what Game Pass has to offer. Microsoft has recently released / is releasing some decent next-gen games like Forza and Halo. Still a far cry from Sony’s exclusives. But then again, the Series S is readily available, whereas the PS5 is not.

  • +2

    Still too expensive for what it is.
    Spend 200 more and the the proper Xbox.

    • Yeah definately agree. This shitheap has no disk drive. Whomever gives in now cause Series X is hard to buy is gonna regret in years to come.

      • I think it's even more than just the disk. It's processing power is about 4tf compared to 12tf for series X. Internal storage is 500 gig and it's not even capable of 4k res.

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    I reckon at $349 these are a good buy… at $299 they're a bargain.

    Even just a 512GB SSD is problematic.

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    1tb ssd should really be minimum these days

  • -1

    Does anyone buy this, i always see the series s on stock for months in end

    • +1

      I think this model definitely has a stigma attached to it as being the low powered, non-disc, poor man's version of the console however I sense the general consensus of those who actually buy and try one is surprise of how good these actually are though.

      • It doesn't have the power of the ps5 nor does it have the portability of the switch. Why would anyone in their right mind want a series s?

        Save up an extra couple of hundred and you get a ps5.

        • +1

          As mentioned in the original post, a lot of people don't have 4K 120Hz's TV's. So the benefits of the PS5 and Series X will be lost of them for the most part. This is where the Series S is meant to step in a fill the niche of people that want a next gen console, but dont have a 4K 120Hz TV, and are happy to leverage Xbox Game Pass and downloading/streaming games.

          PS5 doesn't have XBOX exclusives at the end of the day. Remember Microsoft have been buying/creating game studios over the last few years, the biggest being Bethesda.

          • @E5TOQUE: You make a ps5 post here and it will be sold out in seconds, this has been up for 21 hours and still not sold out.

            Microsoft also never releases sales numbers which is extremely suspicious.

            I'm glad this isn't taking off, People want real next gen consoles not some weak gimped system

            • @AlexJones: Please show me where you could ever get a PS5 + 2 games for $475.
              That's right … Your argument is a biased. Compare Apples to Apples. Reminds me of fanboys who compare a 1300 iPhone with a $200 android.
              PS5 competes against Serie X, which stock wouldn't last longer than PS5.
              Try harder.

              • @ShouldIBuyIt: Not sure why you took personal offense there buddy, you work for Microsoft?

                • @AlexJones: Of course I must be working for Microsoft to point out your argument doesn't make sense. Lol.
                  Why do you comment on a xbox deal, do you work for Sony? Ha ha ha ha ha

        • For young kids? My mate bought one for his little 10 year old son, and gave him his old 1080p monitor with it. Kid was absolutely stoked and can play halo and minecraft with his mates now.

    • I have 2 of them (and a Series X).
      It's an awesome gaming console.

  • -1

    Ok I may be late to the party, but based on OP I fail to see the benefit of getting this over an old Xbox one S, if you're gonna play 1080p anyway?

    • +3

      Don't confuse resolution with graphics quality.

      Compared to the One S, the Series S has:

      • Ultra Fast SSD
      • Much faster CPU
      • More powerful GPU
        Graphics quality on One S can't match the graphics quality you will see on games on the Series S.

      Over the next 24 months or so you will notice less and less games being released on the last generation One S/One X consoles, and they will be released only on the newer Series S/Series X consoles.

      • Cheers, I'll wait the console they'll release in 24months then :-p

      • I'm curious to see if they chop the One X/One S at the same time or if the One X will be able to soldier on for a while longer with new releases.

    • +1

      The main advantages are essentially quality of life improvement:

      • SSD and Quick Resume. The latter is useful even if you store most games on an external HDD.
      • CPU is much faster, the GPU is roughly the same class as XBox One X, except, it is targeting 1080p to 1440p gaming (so better chance to get 60fps mode for some games).

      However, two disadvantages:

      • No disc drive. One S continues to be one of the most cost effective UHD blu ray players. Also, having a disc drive means you can get cheap third party games. It may or may not be an issue given that if you are using One S, it is more likely you are mostly playing GamePass games.
      • Series S|X enhanced games need to be on the internal SSD or the external memory expansion in order for you to play. It's already an issue for me with Series X (which has 1TB). While it is more manageable for Series X (802GB out of 1TB), for Series S, it is 364GB out of 500GB, so it will be more challenging. You can move between internal SSD and external HDD (or external SSD), but it is annoying to do that regularly.

      Don't get me wrong, I am quite tempted to get a Series S when the price is good, but this external memory expansion cost is a holding block. Microsoft should consider allowing third party CFastExpress 2.0 cards / dongles / converters.

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