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[eBay Plus] 5% off Eligible Items on eBay (up to 5 Transactions, Minimum $15 Spend, Maximum $1000 Per Transaction)


The regular Ebay 5% off code is back for December on eligible items (came up for me automatically when I just went to checkout).

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    Man I really hate the E-word

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      I agree with you on that. I bought two pieces of furniture from eBay which was posted via Fastway/Aramex. The furniture was flat-pack type which meant Aramex split the various boxes to different consignments, all delivered in drips and drabs over a period of a month (the seller and their fulfilment is 5km away and do not accept pick-ups). After the expected delivery time frames lapsed, with Fastway/Aramex going incognito with responses, I raised two 'I didn't receive it' cases against those items on eBay and posted a one-liner saying "Hey, can you kindly follow-up on what the delays are? I can't seem to get a response from Fastway/Aramex. Thank you." Fast forward 2 weeks after delivery, eBay sends me a warning saying I was not following their escalation process in accordance to the customer agreements as an eBay user. There were no follow-up links in the email to request for more information. So, after many years of eBaying to date, I closed my eBay account. eBay isn't what it used to be, and that email made it clear that it was time to leave them for good.

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        eBay is less evil than amazon. I find I get an occasional problem but generally it's pretty good

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          They're both equally as good or as bad as each other. Because they've got a tonne of customers each, they dont care if a handful or a bunch leave them each day.

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    • Eggs?

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    • Enigma, Elon?

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    I have been using BF15OFF purchases up to $300 on some of my purchases today.

  • No joy here. "To apply this code, you need to be an eBay Plus member".

    Plus wasn't worth it, so dropped it at 12 month renewal.

    • You might have the free trial again.

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      Worth it for me. Got something I wanted in the recent 25% off, the saving (compare to the cheapest price online) paid the eBay Plus memberships 4 times over… if I did pay for it. However I got the $50 voucher at the time.

      P.s. Eligibility is broader this time, code works on many private sellers as well as overseas based stores as well (unlike previous 5% codes).

      • I didn't realize the afterpay 25% required plus. there was still the 15% code for non plus members (though many had the option of a trial). if you did get 4x the signup fee then the 10% would have been worth $50.
        I'm not a fan si will likely only upgrade if Im buying a decent amount worth and plus would make it better.

        I don't like the select items sales and how there really isnt a good way to search for things that qualify most of the time.
        That and the whole price razing bs. 3 things I bought for 25% off were cheaper today with the 15% off and they reverted thier prices.

        If you were looking for pc components there was this strange confidence. If you looked up an item on static ice to see if it was actually a deal you'd see the same store with the item priced exactly the same as ebays 25% off price.

        You can certainly find great deals on something you were looking to buy if the stars align, I just don't like the process or some of the dodgy practices.

        Also seeing things marked up so much that they are over rrp after applying the coupon sell when i know theres a good sale on the same thing at jb binglee amazon etc makes me wonder how many people get caught up in buying something advertised as 25% off with no idea of its actual value. Higher final listing fees I guess.

        • True, I don’t take the 20% and 25% off at face value. In a way consumers expectation is encouraging this practice. Too often I see comments here from people saying they want to see more 20% off sales without knowing that it’s not possible for many low margin items (like Apple products and PC components). I’d rather the true 5-10% off the usual
          competitive prices. I always do my own research first. The majority of sellers shift their prices accordingly to maintain their profit margins. But in some cases they end up cheaper than outside ebay promotion may be 5-10%. The item I wanted was from a seller that did not jack prices during the promotion (I also googled market prices).

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    It was worth it if you join last Monday. I received $50 voucher + $10 coupon + $20 cashback and I spent them on 1/2 price items. I got a yearly membership FREE again + bonus.

    • $50 voucher

      eBay plus offering $50 sign up voucher again?

    • how did you get the $50 voucher?

  • Woooooh, yeah baby! That's what I've been waiting for! That's what it's all about!

  • Does eBay offer %s off for non Plus members these days?

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      It does both Plus and non-Plus occasionally.

      The bigger issue is all of the sales now are "Eligible" items. Usually without a list of what those are, and personally more often than not whatever I'm looking at is apparently not eligible. e.g. Right now I just checked something from Myer… and "This code cannot be applied to this order."

  • Is this ebay selling offer still working or has it now finished?

    Pay only $1 in selling fees* on the next 5 items you list & sell.

    • hahaha touche (it is)

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    Wow eBay is still around? Who still uses eBay?!

    • Is there another online marketplace similar to eBay that I wasn't made aware of?

      • You are right

  • Code shows up on a lot of items from personal sellers including pre-owned which is a refreshing change.

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    Well yesterday it was working on a lot of items, today it's not. Dodgy eBay!

    • Yeah looks like eBay fixed it, overseas sellers I looked at were valid yesterday but not today.

  • these eBay plus 5% off codes usually work for ebgames.

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