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KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription US$13 (~A$18.50) - up to 5 Devices via StackSocial


Life time free sub for up to 5 devices normally $199USD, reduced to US$13 (~$18.50 AUD ) with code SDVPNU13

Credit to emperor

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      I got this under a free 6 month free sub someone posted here and pretty happy with it. Good speed

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    Unlimited lifetime VPN for $30? That's not a viable business model. There's a catch somewhere…

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      Yeah, they log and/or sell your data.

      • Or their server is being hacked.

      • Agree.
        (Deal is valid but downvoting it so people will avoid it.)

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      i've got ivacy lifetime and I'm happy with it

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    I bought the one for FastestVPN, you are restricted to limited servers with the lifetime subscription and dont get the full amount with proper subscription.

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      Not with vpn unlimited no restrictions

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    Can anyone vouch that this works for Netflix?
    It mentions it in the description, but I want to make sure it's a genuine claim.

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      Been using this for atleast 6 years and can vouch that it works with (only) US Netflix

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    Use the code "SDVPNU13" and it reduces to $13 from $19.

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      Now you tell me this?

    • Done! … thank you!!

    • There is another deal for this VPN (KeepSolid VPN Lifetime with 5 Devices: Family Pack of 5 Accounts) which has a price of $79. But if you use the Cyber Monday code "CMSAVE40", price is reduced to $47.40.
      5 people can use this pack with their own separate account. So if 5 people share the cost, then each will pay only $9.48. From $13 down to $9.48 - more savings :)

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    Pulled trigger. Turned out to be AUD20.41$ with code mentioned by @emperor. Still have 4 months left of trial. 20 bucks for lifetime, not bad. Least don’t have to look here and there for VPN. Can use upto 5 Devices.

  • Does it work with Amazon fire tv stick?

    • Yes I use it on firestick and shield - you can download from Amazon / play store

  • does anybody know how to have this running on a Unifi router?

    • Have it on a glinet mango router, works great. Using wireguard. If your router supports wireguard then great option.

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    I bought this in 2018 from Stack Social.. all was well and good until last week - Keep Solid cancelled my lifetime membership suggesting that I had cancelled/refunded this subscription through Stack Social in 2018. I've been bouncing back and fro with Stack Social and Keep Solid for a week now. Stack Social suggest its fine on their end, Keep Solid stopped replying.
    I'd say proceed with caution.. but yes its a good service (when it was working for me).

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      Thanks for the warning. Stack Social ripped someone else off too:

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      I’m going through the exact same issue which also started last week. Keepsolid claims they didn’t receive my payment from Stacksocial and flagged it as refunded so they cancelled my lifetime subscription. Stacksocial claims everything is fine at their end. I’m stuck in the middle trying to resolve this mess.

      Is yours resolved yet?

      • Nope still going back and fro.. this is what Keep Solid keep replying with (I've replaced names and numbers etc with xxx):

        According to information that we see on your website (https://partners.stackcommerce.com/) - the code XXXXXX remains in "Refunded" status since 2018-09-02 with the refund reason "Better price avaialble".
        For us this means that we did not get paid for this code at all.

        On our end we have contacted XXXXXX, asking him to provide the access to all codes that were refunded by StackCommerce. Once we got the access we specifically asked if we can deactivate all of those codes, and got the following reply from Mark:

        "Yes, if an order is marked as refunded you can deactivate their code. Please just make sure that it’s been marked as refunded.
        Thx, XXXXXX"

        Please, refer to the screenshot attached.

        Then we have Stack Social saying this:

        TO: CC; Keepsolid Support

        Hi Team,

        The reason it shows that it was refunded is that it was partially refunded to honour a coupon that was offered to the customer at the time but it does not mean that it was cancelled for a refund.

        We are sorry for the confusion this may have caused and please help in activating the customer's subscription again.

        Looking forward to your response.

        And then Keep Solid reply with payment not received etc.. and Stack Social just ignore now.

        So it looks like I used a coupon when I initially purchased it in 2018 - which is completely fine in my eyes, but this obviously has triggered something on Keep Solid's end - maybe they didn't get full payment from Stack Social.. no idea - dunno why the customer is thrown into the mess of commission payments between partners.

        If they reactivate it great, if not I'll move on with life and get another VPN service I guess.

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          Exactly the same situation as well. I got a discount when purchasing through stacksocial back in May 2019, but for some reason my account was flagged by Keepsolid last week as ‘refunded’, with the reason ‘Better price available’. As such, Keepsolid claims that they received no payment at all from stacksocial, and decided to kill my account.

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      There was a Getflix lifetime subscription from Stack Social, but afterward in the Getflix account it states 30 years, which Getflix considers a "lifetime".

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    Generally the lifetime arrangement is with Stacksocial, who, in theory will generate new subscription keys with the vendor to keep it going. They make the money on the likelihood that very few purchasers will still be interested in the product at renewal time, or that the vendor product will no longer be available (lifetime == lifetime of the product).

  • Thanks. Bought it. I bought something from Stacksocial in the past and had $20 credit sitting in my account. Its basically free for me. Thanks for sharing the deal

  • I have this. Working well for the past few years now. Recommend!

  • I paid $99 USD 🤦‍♀️

    • Thankyou for subsidising the $13usd connections :( :)

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    For some reason, Stacksocial keeps adding a $2 USD tax part way through the checkout process for me.

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      Change shipping address to a fake US addresses

  • Can anyone confirm if it works with Hulu live tv?

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      Not sure about live tv but definitely works with standard Hulu streaming (tested over 3 years)

      • Do you have to use their special Hulu server or does any US server work?

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          The special Hulu server mate

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    Use code SMS10 to save an extra $1.99

    • it only lets me apply 1 code?

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    which VPN support china?

  • Got it thanks

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    At a price like this it is not unreasonable to claim that your data will be used for nefarious purposes or sold to the highest bidder.
    Most VPNs nowadays are useless since Google/Facebook can identify you when you are using a VPN (see https://coveryourtracks.eff.org/)

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      My mobile Brave browser is passing the test even without vpn connected. I'd suggest a vpn is an additional layer of security/privacy. Obviously if you login to a site (including Google, Facebook etc) then a vpn will not matter.
      I understand that you're trying to spread knowledge but I find your comment dangerous as it might prompt people to give up on vpns instead of using them correctly.
      In any case the government metadata collection in Australia is much more restricted when using a vpn.

    • That can just identify your browser, not who you are. It depends on what other actions you take to protect your privacy as whether or not that data can be used to fingerprint you.

      That tracker tester won't even run in my browser, I would have to give it all sorts of explicit permissions.

  • Using their 6 month free trial, I have found them to be pretty good so far.

  • No split tunnelling on windows by the looks ? yes/no?

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    I bought a lifetime 1TB cloud service through StackSocial, less than 2 years into my "lifetime plan" they sent me a message stating they're closing their Australian servers and I could have 90% off (for the 1st year) their business plan, which was over $300 annually.
    I requested/demanded a refund from StackSocial, but they refused. Do not trust Stacksocial's "lifetime" plans, classic Bait N Switch"!!
    BTW of the hundreds of OB votes I've made, I do believe this is my first negative vote.

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    Unfortunately, I received a "code is expired". Otherwise, comments suggest this would have been excellent value.

    I did find this though, four more days, which I will probably take up. Thanks


  • Been using for the last year or more . Never had a problem with connections or speed. Works with Netflix. Note it's not 5 devices but 5 instances/logins. So if you have the chrome browser extension and you also have it on Firefox ( or say the full Android client on your Chromebook) on the same machine that's two instances. You can only delete one instance every so often.

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