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Orient Mako 2 Black or Blue US$129.69 (~A$185.20) Orient Ray 2 Black or Blue US$137.45 (~A$196.29) Shipped @ Creation Watches


Orient Mako II Black Auto FAA02001B9 US$131.00 + GST = 10% Off BSW25 ~AU$185.20 delivered
Orient Mako II Blue Auto FAA02002D9 US$131.00 + GST = 10% Off BSW25 ~AU$185.20 delivered
Orient Mako II Pepsi Auto FAA02009D9 US$145.00 + GST = 15% Off CMSALEWEEK ~AU$193.60 delivered
Orient Ray II Black Auto FAA02004B9 US$147.00 + GST = 15% Off CMSALEWEEK ~AU$196.29 delivered
Orient Ray II Blue Auto FAA02005D9 US$144.00 + GST = 15% Off CMSALEWEEK ~AU$192.28 delivered

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 41.5mm
  • Band width - 22mm
  • Case Thickness - 13mm
  • Caliber F6922 Auto Movement = Hand-winding & Hacking
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Water resistant - 200 Metres

Orient Mako II Review
Orient Ray II Review

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  • +1

    I have the blue mako2 and it’s one of my favourite watches. The photos online don’t do it justice. Looks way better in real life. Love wearing and looking at this watch.

  • +4

    If you want a higher spec auto dive watch for less then I recommend the Steeldive SD1970
    Old post here.

    • Would love that watch, but 44 is too big for my wrist. Thanks for your post! Managed to snag a blue Ray II from Amazon for $200 a month or two back… and now have a red dial Kamasu on the way! The only thing I don't like about the Ray is the crown… and its not as accurate as I'd like, running at about +15 seconds a day. My Vostok Amphibia runs at +0.5 seconds. I think I got lucky with that one.

      Any other Aliexpress watches that take your fancy? I already have a San Martin retro diver on the way, as well as a 6105 Kanagawa in the same order.

      • It has a short lug to lug, making it wear smaller than the 44mm case dimensions would suggest.

      • They tend to run fast when worn or sat dial up. But if you sit it 12 up for a couple of days it will lose those extra seconds. Perfect for a rotation. I own three watches with this movement and they all behave like that.

    • -2

      looks like a fake seiko turtle

      • -1

        Just with better quality control, lol.

      • It's based on the Seiko Captain Willard, which is similar in design to the Turtle, although there are some differences.

  • That mineral glass though

    • yea, i only do sapphire. i learned the hard way :(
      all my mineral crystal watches are scratched or cracked.

  • +1

    My Mako XL with shark mesh bracelet https://imgur.com/a/812tvis

  • +2

    I prefer the ray II. Indices and band look better than Mako II imo. I own both.

    • Same here. Prefer Ray II. If it comes with sapphire lens would be perfect 10.

  • nice. i am in the market for a nice entry level automatic watch (preferably sapphire crystal).

    Do you watch aficionados think its worth waiting for Boxing day sales? if so, any good retailers in Melbourne that historically have had good deals?

    • Comes down to your budget.
      And the style. Are you after a dress watch, work, diver?

      • I am looking to spend max $600-800 and work or dress watch, not a diver. I like some of the Hamiltons that Idq mentioned. I have seen the orient watches, Seiko and couple of Tissots.

        • +1

          i am in the market for a nice entry level automatic watch
          I am looking to spend max $600-800

          Your idea of an entry level auto is a bit different to mine haha.

          • @WatchNerd: lol its max $600 tbh. cheaper the better. Looking at the Orient automatics. they look nice!

            • +1

              @undadog: Look at
              Orient bambino
              Orient Mako/ray II - Diver but low profile
              Orient kamasu - sapphire
              Seiko 5 / presage

              Don't think Tissot powermatic 80 fits within your budget.

        • +1

          Spend a bit extra and have a look at the Tissot Gentlemen Powermatic 80. That’s if 40mm suits your wrist. I think it’s currently on sale.

        • +1
  • Hi, looking to get my first watch and have a $100 budget. Are there any good recommendations for an analog solar or battery watch?

    I'm liking the aesthetics of the Casio Duro. What is everyone's opinion of it? Does it fit on a 7 inch wrist?

    I'm also open to the Casio MTP range, Citizen Eco-drive, Timex, etc.

    • +1

      The Casio Duro is a pretty well reviewed budget watch from what I have seen. I don’t have one myself but I think they are cool. Lots of colour ways to choose from too.
      It’s a larger watch at 44mm so would suit your wrist if you like a big watch.
      Have a look at the Casio efv‑100d. These are $100 and look way more expensive than they are.
      I think for seiko Solar and citizen eco-drive you may have to spend a little more.

      • +1

        Have a look at the Casio efv‑100d

        Great tip. Casio EFV-100D and its brother the 110 are loved by Ben, although I think they are a UK market watch. I haven't seen much of them here. I would get one after reading the review and looking at the pictures. Looks quality.


        • Ahhh been eyeing casios all day and yesterday. At this point I may as well say fk it all and go with the classic F-91w

          I've read Ben's reviews and am about to pull the trigger on the EFV-100D with a silicone or leather strap. I like the idea that you can dress up and down with it. but before I pull the trigger, I am in love with the dials on the Casio MTS-100L. Can you also dress down a a dress watch?

    • -2

      I don't own any of these, but at the price I would get a Timex because they have so many models with numeral indices and I am a sucker for Arabic numerals. For example TW4B10900 has Indiglo and Explorer's looks.

      • +2

        I wouldn't get a quartz Timex because of their loud movements

        • +2

          ^ This.

          They look great, but I wouldn't own one as a daily. They are loud as heck… tick tick tick tick TICK TIIIIIIICK

    • i would save up and go automatic. you never have to change the battery again, and also i love a sweeping second hand. remember to get quality over quantity, which i did and have a bunch of useless quartz watches from my youth.

      • 3 months ago you weren't a watch expert, now you're handing out advice.

        • -1

          you have something against me or something, i don't even know you. glad to see I'm in your head rent free, lol.

          • +1

            @Rickrone: I honestly thought you were being genuine when you asked that question & was thinking about replying to help you out.
            So did other members & they replied before me.

            Then when I saw you giving advice on here I remembered your comment on my old post. Makes it hard to know what to believe.

      • I am getting too much choice paralysis. On one hand I don't want to risk losing a pricier automatic. On the other, I just want a daily analog beater. Casio Duro is good but if only they make a smaller version.

        • Nothing wrong with the Casio Duro, it's an awesome watch for around $70 -$80 (Amazon link)

          Here is a review showing it on a 7 inch wrist, looks fine.

          Also there's the potential the marlin version might become a collectable because of this.
          Not sure if it's true or not because that video was 1 year ago & they're still selling them.
          It's possible Casio just have a lot of marlin stock I guess

          • @WatchNerd: I know you're trying to sell me the Duro but it seems really big in proportion to his body in the outro (personally)!! I'm not really in the game for a "collectible", just a one watch collection until I save enough for a Bambino or Maestro.

            I've been doing some deep digging and found this Casio but there are like no reviews on this model. It stands out because there's elevated dials vs the printed ones from the images but I could be wrong as I know shit all XD. Any thoughts?


    • +1

      I'd have a look at some wrist shots. I think that watch may be the upper limit for a 7" wrist.

      If you can't be bothered with an automatic, I think eco-drive watches are great though you may struggle to find one in your price range. If you're after something smaller, Alba make a solar diver - AEFD530 - which would be worth a look if you don't mind going beyond your budget.

  • +1

    I keep buying watches, but always keep going back to my skx pepsi seiko diver for my daily driver.

    • +1

      What about your Rolex, do you wear that much?

      • Not as much, more for special occasions.

  • I have the black ray 2, a fantastic watch for the price :)

  • Looks like CMSALEWEEK (15% off) has expired, and HOLIDAYDEALS (10% off) is now in force until Dec 20. That brings Ray II Blue to AUD$202.82 incl. GST, for example.

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