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Airbnb 12% Cashback on $100 Gift Cards @ Cashrewards (5pm-9pm AEDT, Limited Stock)


Hi everyone. We're running a 12% cashback promo on $100 Airbnb gift cards starting 5pm AEDT and ending at 9pm unless sold out prior. Please note there are very limited quantities, so get in quick. Thank you, and enjoy your Sunday :)

You will be redirected to True Rewards when clicking 'Shop Now'. Collection of payment and distribution of Digital Gift Cards is provided by True Rewards. For more information, please review their Help Centre, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions. True Rewards does not allow purchases or payments made with prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift cards.

Digital Gift Card delivery is by email or SMS. A $0.10 charge applies if you choose SMS delivery (you will not earn cashback on this charge). Physical Gift Cards are not available for purchase.

Review all terms & conditions of this Digital Gift Card prior to finalising your order. Terms are set by each retailer (not Cashrewards).

For queries regarding the purchase of your Digital Gift Card, contact True Rewards on 1800 850 739 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Syd time (excluding public holidays), or email [email protected]

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  • +32

    Airbnb bookings are extremely high risk since they don't give refunds.

    • Not necessarily, I think as long as it has been pre agreed with the property owner, a refund can be organised.

      Source: I booked a stay during Sep in regional VIC, but due to lockdowns obviously couldn’t make it. Had pre agreed on refund with property owner if such an event occured. Managed to get full refund sorted within a few weeks.

      • I have done the same. even things with strict cancellation, I contact and ask before I book, if they agree, I will book with a negotiated cancellation. I got my money back when Covid disrupted. Won't work for everyone..

    • +8

      i had a booking overseas cancelled by the owner on the day i was supposed to check in. they refused to refund unless I cancelled the booking. airbnb didnt give a shit

      • +3

        Yeah I had a similar experience to you, the booking was local and the host cancelled on me 6-7 hours before my check-in time. I was already on my way. Until this day I have not received that refund.

      • +4

        Agreed. Airbnb is the worst service experience I have had when it comes to accommodation.

        I wonder how much business they are losing.

    • +2

      cancellation policy is determined by the host

      • +2

        I think they referring to cancellations of bookings with gift cards. This is my experience too.

        I had to cancel a booking, deliberately booked with a host with a flexible cancellation policy where I would receive a full refund normally.

        The booking was made through gift cards though, and Airbnb support pointed me to T&C that that gift cards are forfeited when you cancel. You do not get the value replaced. I tried to escalate, got nowhere.

        Fortunately only lost a couple of hundred dollars.

        • +1

          Where is the T&C's you speak of? It doesn't mention anything about gift cards not being reinstated if cancelled on here

          • +2

            @itslittfam: It would be pretty scummy of Airbnb if they do not refund you the gift card balance if you booked a free cancellation airbnb property.

        • +2

          ACCC ridic

        • Gift card credit can't be reinstated. "Card is non-reloadable" - t&c. Normal for gift cards.
          But a credit to the cancelled value can be added to your account. Result is same.

          Had (ex-military in his 70's) host in Sydney lose it & throw me out after 4d into 7d paid.
          If I had cancelled as host wanted, I would have lost the remaining paid accommodation. I contacted Airbnb - was told it was his responsibility. He cancelled on phone while he yelled at me for no apparent reason. Was glad to leave!
          Got credit (originally from gift card) applied to account, plus a $50 voucher for the bad experience.

        • Wow is that legal?

    • +4

      Very dependent on the cancellation policy of your listing, I only ever book places that have flexible cancellation policies and the only amount I lose is the service fee if it’s cancelled (which is rare).

      • +1

        That is true. I had to cancel 3 bookings last year due to the delta spread and all got refunded (including service fees) because I only had booked for the full refund policy.

      • +1

        My experience (above) is the same if I'd paid via credit card. Gift card value on one booking was lost when I cancelled (even with a host with a full refund cancellation policy). I've never used AirBnb gift cards again.

        • +1

          That sounds so strange however I will skip buying their gift cards. Thanks.

      • With gift cards?

    • +7

      scum company - quick to pass the buck and taking no accountability

    • -1

      Absolutely not true. Have received a few times complete refund. Dependent on host cancellation policy. Why is this getting so many upvotes?

    • +2

      Yes, I've been caught. Property owner was fine but Airbnb refused to refund any of their fees.

    • Do only super hosts sadly.

  • How many gift cards can we use in one booking ? is there any limit?

  • -1

    Why offer facebook login on cashrewards but not have it setup?

  • +2

    How long does the gift card last?

  • Want to do Airbnb in QLD in Jan…but so many are non refundable after 48 hours of booking.

  • +1

    Is there a max qty per order?

    • Last time this ran it was $500 max per day. Had to buy each $100 card individually.

  • +4

    Mini TA… Lol!

  • +1

    Used to be that there were really good deals on Air BnB (for my family of 5 which means we either have to find an appartment or two rooms) .. maybe its the current climate (there's some ridiculour pricing out there at the moment lol) but the prices are pretty much on par with other booking sites…

    • Other booking sites would restrict you to hotels, though, right? I might just be out of the loop, but I thought if I wanted something close to a certain location, airbnb had a better chance..

      • +2

        Yes usually that was my experience so i used opt for Air bnb but I've noticed alot of apartments being included in booking.com or similar sites…and they even calculate double room bookings for u (based on 2 adults 3 kids) and if it turns out to be better pricing it's the way to go… Especially when cancellation or change of plan is important in the covid world… To be really honest I stopped bothering with air bnb even b4 covid and I'd only check if I really didn't like what I got from the booking.com or similar places…. I also find out what's available through booking n others then go straight to the hotels site to see if it's better pricing this usually happens when it's a nrma or discovery Park type place about 15-20% cheaper ( guessing that's the maekrup for those sites)… When it comes to travel I go all out for the bargain hehehehe

        • Also apologies for the long winded reply :)

  • What’s the limit per account?
    Max one gift card?

    • Was 5 last time

      • Can confirm it maxes out at 5 (today)

        • I don't see any limit listed on the page and I've bought 5 -allows me to add another to cart?

          • +1

            @dbglt: When i tried buying my 6th card it said "Daily Purchase Limit Reached" when moving to the payment screen. Assumed everyone was the same.

    • 5 per CR account and 5 per recipient.

  • -1

    Better than the Prezzee black friday offer. Glad I didn't grab one then.
    I've never done Airbnb before but I assume check out times are similar to hotels? Need to be in Melbourne for an all-day exam so I'm better off getting a 2 day airbnb, I think, so hoping for 2 cards.

    • How is that ?

  • where can i find the terms and conditions of the gift card?

    • +1

      The checkout page

      Card balance does not expire. No fees apply to purchase or activate this Card. Redeemable by Australian residents towards the purchase of eligible goods and services on the Airbnb website and app. Use requires an Airbnb account. Card is non-reloadable and cannot be redeemed for cash, refunded, returned or resold, except where required by law. Issuer is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen cards, or for unauthorised use. View Card balance by signing in to your Airbnb account. Issued by Airbnb Ireland UC. Terms apply, see airbnb.com.au/terms/au_gift_cards.

      Also some general T&Cs here https://truerewards.com.au/terms-and-conditions

  • Can’t seem to get this working? Can’t find in Cashrewards app and if I click this link fill it out and hit checkout nothing happens..
    Anyone else?

    • it's not on app unfortunately, only web

  • I had a booking already partially paid. Used 10 gift cards to pay of the remaining. I gifted 5 to one email and gifted another 5 to a different email.

  • Just went to buy and its now OOS…

  • PSA… You can only use 10 vouchers in a 24 hour period so don't leave it to the last day to pay off a large balance

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