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Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G 128GB $549 with $69/Month Telstra 5G 80GB 12 Months Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


$549 Upfront When You Switch Your Number to Telstra on a $69 Plan Over 12 Months @ JB Hi-Fi

Plan Includes Unlimited Talk & Text to Standard Australian Numbers and 80gb of Data for Use Within Australia

Minimum Phone and Plan Cost Only $1377 Over 12 Months.

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    Store/plan info in title

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    Well, mention the plan in the title please

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    or pay $50 extra upfront and just get the phone without locking into paying $69 for 12 months

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      1000% this

    • If you even have an eligible device, which I imagine a lot of people, myself included, don't have.

      • All you need is a code from a friend/family member who has an eligible device. The phone doesn't even have to be returned.

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    Not great considering the this deal already ^


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    This title needs a massive asterisk if it's not getting extra words

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    $1377 should be in the headline, as consumer law dictates.

    Not so great when people have been getting the phone for under $500 outright after coupons.

    • under $500 outright for those with broken S20 series

      • For those with any phone eligible for trade in, even if the trade in value is $0.

        • Ain't under 500 with that condition tho

        • And you don't even need to send the phone in. So you can borrow one form a mate.
          I used an old iphone, was offered $15 trade-in value, which was a bit insulting. So did not send phone, and was just debited the $15.

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  • Nah

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    $1377 is not the same as $549

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    Title a bit misleading eh? It's not $549 outright

  • Misleading much? Fix title.

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    Yea very misleading

  • Please don’t shout!

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    Thought it was $549 outright.

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    sad..i thought was 549

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    Samsung announces new phones yearly in January/February.

    Best to wait a couple of months if you're not in a rush.

  • What if our Samsung is super old ( I have Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+) and ineligible for trade in. Are there any place I can buy Samsung S21 for a deal? ;) I don't want to be locked in contracts

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      Contact Samsung customer service and tell them you have an older Samsung phone but interested in buying a new one. They can provide a code for $100 off.

      It can only be used on Samsung site.

      • That's not bad. Do I have to give back my old phone still? I will try asking customer service team.

      • still no good because you still miss the $300 trade in bonus

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          I traded in an old S8 I had lying around, trade in value was only $4 but with the bonus $300 and the $50 mailing list voucher it made the s21+ an incredible deal.

          • @Tijin: Glad to hear. Mine is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, but it's in great condition. No issues at all. Do you think they will take this too?

          • @Tijin: Unfortunately, looks like they don't take phones bought outside of Australia (mine was from South Korea). In this regard, I was asked to contact [email protected]. Let's see whether I receive any reply or not. If they are not taking my phone, I m not buying. I will go for Poco F3. :)

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    I wouldn't be amazed if jb staff post some of these deals 😕

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    Better value to be had buying directly from Samsung and then waiting for an increased JB gift voucher on the 12 month $69 plan if that’s your thing.

    This isn’t a bad deal necessarily, just not a great one with the other options that you can get right now.

  • you can buy direct for around the same cost and not be locked in a plan. no deal

  • I need some help and unsure where to post or how to find it.

    I have 4 days left on my JB Hi Fi / Good Guys $69/month plan and am trying to change to another provider but they want to charge me $47, is there a way to avoid this charge?
    They are saying even if I wait the 4 days, I will then be charged $25

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