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[SUBS, XB1, XSX, PC] Evil Genius 2 Added to Xbox Game Pass


Was looking around for a cheap copy of this and then realised it was out on Game Pass as of a few days ago. Initial reviews were mixed but it's up to 88% positive on recent Steam reviews


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    There's also two free dlc available (Portal and Team Fortress) in the "Details" tab of the game. Didn't realise this and played a whole game without them.

    • Brilliant thanks

  • there is also Halo Infinite there is also that lol. yeah nothing beats team fortress there is no subsitute :D

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    Got really bored about mundane reprtitive patterns after an hour or so.

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      Yep. After you finish your initial base building, you have nothing but waiting for bars to fill up. Its really quite tedious. The traps system is a huge downgrade from the original.

      • Yeah I heard it wasn't that great but if it's cheap or free I don't mind. Btw I've been using WeMod for game cheats it's excellent. Gotta grind for gold in the game? Nope, unlimited. Etc etc

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      Refunded on Steam after an hour for the same reason when it was first released. Was a real let-down.

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    88% for recent but 65% for all time reviews.
    I find the Steam review system to be so flawed. Once upon a time it was an actual measure of the quality of a game. I don't know what it measures anymore to be honest.

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