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Forehead Thermometer Ear Temperature $9.89 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Bulls Shop via Amazon AU


One button measurement, reading displayed in 1 second on backlit screen.

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  • How accurate are they though?

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    Forehéad Thérmōméter SOVARCATE Eár Thérmōméter for Févér with Févér Alarm and Memory Recall Function Instant Accurate Reading for Bāby Kíds Adùlts - New Algorithm


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  • Already 100+ click within 10 min of post.

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    Don't cut cost on equipment that is meant to tell you if someone isn't well.

  • Can’t see how that would fit in a human ear. Possibly an elephant’s ear.

    • Take the cover off, which is only on for the forehead only per the box
      No idea how accurate this thing is though

  • Look at the photoshop, doesn't look right to my eyes…

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      98.3°C seem a bit high…

      • I don't know what's worse: that you can point it vaguely at a group of people and get a reading or that the box is that hot!

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        To be fair the display does show that reading is in F and not C

  • Are there forehead temperature checkers that actually work? I'm interested, but reading reviews, it seems like none of these work accurately, however expensive.

    My son is on the spectrum with sensitivities and there's no way I can get anything into his mouth or ear (or bum LOL) so the missus really wants something like this…

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      A lot of people keep the thermometer in a drawer etc where it is cool.
      A bunch of them say on there it needs to be in the same room as someone for a half hour to work properly.

      That'd be the big reason for a lot of inaccuracy.

    • No they don't work. There was a person on here who was an early covid front line worker and said they are smoke and mirrors. Ie. If you drove in facing the sun, you appear sick. Conversely, drive in sick as a dog, but with the window down…all good. I suggested sticking it in someone's gob for best results…ie. . basically a normal thermometer

    • Armpit?

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    the price looks too good to be true, normally thermometers are $100+

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    Yeah don’t want false readings when you really need it the most. Braun is a good brand for thermometers.

  • Love it….it is listed under Kitchen Thermometers…so perhaps thats why it suggests the pot/lid :P
    Buy It With…………

    This item: Forehéad Thérmōméter SOVARCATE Eár Thérmōméter for Févér with Févér Alarm and Memory Recall Function Instant Accurate Reading for Bāby Kíds Adùlts - New Algorithm
    Instant Pot Genuine Tempered Glass Lid, Clear, 5.7L
    Instant Pot Genuine Ceramic Coated Inner Cooking Pot, 3L

  • At this price, worth getting and rubbing comparison tests

  • Out of stock but this MedSense Contactless Thermometer would have been a good choice at $50

  • It’s worth a shot I guess thanks OP

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    Don't like these non contact thermometers they give so many inaccurate readings and to top that off you get a no brand product, can't really rely on.

    These aren't the same type of product, however personally I can trust the accuracy of this device, yes it takes long readings…

    Although reviews don't seem to good, personally it was accurate when I used it multiple times before being discarded for a Braun In Ear.


  • Bee boop bee boom

  • We use an oricom thermometer for our kids. Don’t know about all the posters but you can usually tell kid has a temp by touch. Thermometer is good as a rough estimate of temp - test kid then test yourself to see if it’s a 0.5 deg, 1 deg, 2 deg different. At this price, I’d say this thermometer would do the trick.

    • Yes. This… you can totally just feel it.

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