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Free Coke No Sugar @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Just saw this deal in my McDonald’s app.

Not sure if targeted, 6 days to claim.

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    Possibly not targetted? I just checked and I also have the same offer in my app

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    in my app as well, thanks OP

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    Yep I've got it. Can choose any size too. Thanks OP

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      The bigger the better (and then good luck finding a loo)

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    I've got it too…

  • got it

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    I love how ozbargain has a product review in the corner that gives it one star.
    It's free. But at what cost?

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      Is it the new flavour though? Family did a head to head last night and opinions were split. Old flavour was more crisp and new flavour was sweeter.

      • Did you note the ingredients? I'm interested in the sodium content changes.

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        I had one seperate; thought, way worse.

        Had one side by side with the "old" coke no sugar; thought new one was better.

        Had one blind taste testing with old; new one was better.

        Overall better imo

      • funny… but somehow I like to coke zero taste better than no sugar coke…
        wonder if the mixture elements are really the same

    • The hospital bills for the heart attack is not included.

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    this is the second time :), big size here we go lol

  • Don't have to get this synthetic lab rat. Order your drink on the app and ask the staff to swap it for whatever you like, i do it all the time.

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      How do you do it?

      When you submit an order, it goes straight to the computer at the drinks section and makes a noise.

      I assume the person will go and make it pretty fast, unless you interrupt them as soon as you submit. That's pretty awkward yelling at the person going to the drinks place, and telling them to change.

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    Coke at maccas taste like shieet, like way watered down

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      When it's free it changes the taste and makes it taste nicer 😜

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      I like how sweet their normal coke is and not to fizzy it blows your head off like bottled or canned coke

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      normal coke is good, it is a different taste but is actually nice

      the Maccas no sugar variant is an abomination

    • I'm just gonna jump on and say the opposite.

      Macca's Coke is the only Coke I'll happily drink.

      Retail stuff is too fizzy and heavy.

    • Are you insane? Maccas coke is the tits. Especially with a hang over.

  • Confirmed.
    I can see this too.

  • Perfect with the menulog offer

    • What menulog deal?

    • Only available from the app in restaurant

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    I learnt that deleting the account and using the same email gets you the same offer again. I enjoyed a lot of free coffees back in the day

    • I thought that if you work for macca store… you drink it free anyway…
      used to the store I worked at, their managers won't bother how much we drank… paid lunch half-price… if this still applies??

      • It is by accident that I come up associated

  • Only time I'd use this is if I'm out and am so thirsty I don't care what I drink, but free is free!

  • Coca Cola should start making coffee no sugar.

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    It doesn't take much to excite you guys :)

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      we are like kids in a candy shop

    • free stuff are always welcome

  • local Maccas has a self serve drinks machine so unlimited drinks for the visit!

    • oh so not limited to Coke Zero for this store ahaha

    • I can't remember when I last saw a free flow drink in any fast food store around NSW.

      Even a hungry jack store no longer free flow just pay for cup…

      only costco left…

      • Yeah my nearest Hungry Jacks had a remodelling done a while back and they removed the machines after that.

  • Looks like they are trying to get rid of their excess stock buildup ahaha

    • Advertisement by Coca Cola about their new No Sugar product

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    Red Rooster are giving away a free can of coke no sugar with every large meal - they had a sign up at the drive through though I dont see it advertised anywhere.

  • So, I checked the app, found a reward for a cheeseburger meal with an extra cheeseburger for $4 and a $2 big mac reward both expiring today….
    Thanks for the heads up and helping wreck my weight loss progress!

  • Will they give me a free sugar sachet to add into it?

    • Should be free to add in the kiosks. I know at one point the honey was free. I used to add it to my soft serves.

  • ah nice , have it too

  • You made me remember childhood mate when HJ offers Free Post mix refills
    kid used to simply just ask them for water in a glass and refill it with Coke or other thing afterwards sneakily

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    i got it randomly buying milk on amazon lol

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    Appeared in my app, cheers!

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    Thanks a lot I had this when Perth reached 40 degrees yesterday when I was biking 2 suburbs away

  • anyone else think coke no sugar tastes like dishwater?

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