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LeverPresso Espresso Maker $69 ($100 Off) + $9.95 Shipping @ Alternative Brewing


Grab yourself the latest Leverpresso portable espresso maker for home or travels for an absolute bargain as we are over stocked!

Press down to brew a rich double shot of espresso anywhere with the Leverpresso. Featuring the ability to brew with a steady 9 bars of pressure, a 19g portafilter, and an enhanced durable build, the Leverpresso is a great option for enjoying an espresso at home and away compared or on the road.

Portable Espresso Brewing — Empowers you to make espresso anywhere. Improved

Stainless Steel Shower Screen — Latest model with the Stainless Shower Screen

User-Friendly Levers — Added durability to the side levers– easy for newcomers to espresso to use.

9 Bars of Pressure — Generates a consistent 9 bars of pressure that last throughout the majority of the brewing cycle.

Pulls Double Shots — With a 120ml water tank and a 19g portafilter, you can pull full double shots

Increased Stronger Build — With Version 3.0 improving upon the whole strength and durability of the Leverpresso there's no chance of leaks and pressure through extraction is exactly what you get for heaps of crema and a rich taste.

LeverPresso: https://alternativebrewing.com.au/products/leverpresso-espre...

LeverPresso Stand: https://alternativebrewing.com.au/products/leverpresso-stand

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    Looks interesting - but it really seems like the stand should be included as it looks quite essential.

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      Sure! You can press it into the cup below quite easily or hold over another cup, however yes the seperate stand does help make it quite a bit easier! We have also reduced the stand to cost price too!

      • Thanks for the info!

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    Have Aeropress
    Have Nanopresso
    Do Not Need LeverPresso
    Must Resist

    Googling https://www.google.com/search?q=leverpresso+vs+nanopresso to delay inevitable purchase.

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      coffee addictions are a little like this… haha - Here is a video to help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPk1UbVVaTM

      • Yeah, your comparison came up pretty close to the top of my search, and I bought my Nanopresso and Barista kit from you guys, as well as filters and a stainless steel disc for my aeropress from you as well. Actually, your video convinced me to stick with what I've got - what I do love about the nanopresso is that it does work reliably with decent pre-ground coffee, and I've got my routine down - plus it doesn't scare security when it goes through the x-ray machines at airports.

        OT, but I once had Amazon ship a basic manual espresso machine to a hotel when I was heading to the US for a two week stint to the middle of nowhere with a starbucks and nothing else, and I took my own pre-ground coffee with me. Was a life-saver.

        • wow, the lengths drug addicts will go to get their hit :P

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    I have version 1.
    It produces a good espresso, a bit better than my aeropress, but it was fiddly to use and has a small volume if you are looking for a bit more than just a shot (I order a 3/4 long black in a cafe). You need to warm everything up etc.
    When I just want a short black, it delivers, but I find myself usually just using the aeropress.

    I've ordered the stand to see if that avoids some of the fiddly nature of pressing.

  • Price has increased to $74?

    • not for me

    • sorry double check your currency is set to AUD - if using a VPN could change your currency to say NZD :)

  • I wonder how this compares to a nanopresso? I've been considering something like this for holidays.

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      Haven’t used this but the nanopresso I can just keep refilling the water to make a larger coffee…I guess this one can too but looks a bit fidgety.

      Also nanopresso is made of plastic and might break some time. I mainly use the nanopresso for coffee pods and it’s quite convenient than having a pod machine.

    • +3

      In terms of extraction and build quality:

      Nanopresso < Leverpresso < Picopresso

      If budget allows, the picopresso is quite a fantastic piece of kit. It's as close to handheld cafe-quality espresso as I think is currently available. Best part is it's also the most compact of the 3!

      • Have you used all three? I was looking at the Picopresso but it apparently take 5+ mins to get an espresso out of it. I need to make two coffees for me and the wife and have a one and three year old so I'm worried I'd not end up using it.

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          I've purchased two (pico and nano) for travel and have tasted (but not used) leverpresso.

          They all have a bit of prep time, but all extract about the same time. Pico, like the nano, you have to pump for like 25 seconds or so depending on your desired shot to get 2:1 out. I extract closer to 6 bars, so it's often quicker. Pumping I find really easy and intuitive, but the nano was prone to leaking at the seams for me if I ground too fine. I got a bit tired of the tiny baskets and inconsistency of my shots too… but I still think it's an awesome little machine.

          The Pico, however, fixes most complaints. It has a real tamp and large 18g basket, a lot of metal that can handle the pressure far more reliably and a naked portafilter (like the leverpresso) that helps you troubleshoot your shots and reduces cleaning. It looks a lot easier to hold and operate too than the leverpresso when "undocked" . That said, lever style shots are more common when sourcing recipes and easier to control when pressure profiling for sure. But it's too bulky for me to consider it fit for purpose.

          Honestly though if you're a home user, this is a damn good buy. But also, if you're a home user, look into the Flair range for a more streamlined counter top experience.

          • @Anders: Thanks. I already have the Breville Bambino Plus and Smart Grinder Pro for the house so this was for on holidays. I think I'm just going to stick to searching for a coffee shop or using the moka pot for now but thanks for the detailed response as it's really useful.

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    How does it compare to the picopresso?

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