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Fortis 20kg Adjustable Weights Dumbbell Set $39.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Original Coupon Deal
Saw this great deal of 20kg adjustable weights for $39.99 delivered.

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    Nice deal, next lockdown will raise its value to $200

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    Keep in mind this is a total of 20KG, including bars and collars, not a set of 2x20KB dumbbells.

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      20 KB equal to 20,000 Bytes or 20,480 Bytes exactly

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        Still trying to hit a deadlift 1RM of 1MB

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          don't forget to upload to the clouds

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    Much better off with these for an extra $9… cast steel plates, not plastic filled sand. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/dumbbell-set/698327

    • Even cheaper for plastic.

    • Kmart is only 16kg combined vs 20kg from this deal.

      • +4

        For Kmart one, add the weight of the iron bar and collar to get to 20kg.

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      Can’t get these anywhere, I ordered these twice last week for C&C and both stores were supposedly in stock, only for the order to be cancelled shortly thereafter. Kmart can’t be trusted with their stock levels online.

      • True it say available in Blacktown NSW but not able to find in store.

        • Haha that was one of the stores I tried to C&C at

    • How can you tell if weights are sand covered in plastic?

  • "Get to the chopper!"

  • what can you even do with 10kg dumbells.

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    • Not use them as chopsticks for sure

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    Great deal, Kmart is OOS In most places for their set, can’t wait to get them.

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      Good luck finding it and it actually being in stock

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    They are only $30 at BIGW. They are annoying to use because the cheap plastic collar keeps loosening, luckily I'm not seriously into this stuff. If you are, I would avoid.

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