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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 - 15'' Screen, AMD Ryzen 7, 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM $1761 Delivered @ cellAphone


Microsoft Surface laptop 4 AMD Ryzen 7 Microsoft Surface Edition 512GB,8GB Ram(Windows 10 Home)
Model No : SW6-00016

Brand New - Sealed Packaging
Australian Model - 2 Years warranty from Microsoft

Tax invoice Included
Free Standard delivery
$10 Express Delivery

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    Good Price though website doesn't seems that trust worthy by just looking at it.. Any deals on Surface Pro 8? Specifically i5/16G/256g

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    8 gb ram should be illegal in 2021.

    • why?

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        8GB is just not enough for many productivity apps…

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          8GB works just fine for me on my desktop; what productivity apps are you talking about? Chrome? Word?

          • @CrispyChrispy: 8GB is pushing it these days… go ahead check your memory usage when you're in the middle of work…

            for something that is non-upgradeable SL4, 16GB should be the minimum…

        • +2

          That's fine. But if you don't use those productivity apps? (what apps by the way?)
          Just curious about the blanket statement of 8GB should be illegal in 2021. It's perfectly fine for many scenarios

      • Why? A fresh Windows 10 Install with only Drivers and Logitech G Hub. Using Chrome opening 4 tabs of OzBargains, it has used 4.8GB of my 32G RAM in total. With one more YouTube video and discord that become near 5.4G.

        I have disabled integrated GPU so I don't have much hardware reserved RAM. It would've been a bit worse on a laptop as iGPU is likely force enabled.. Admittedly virtual memory will offset the RAM usage, but I am not planning to wear out my SSD if I don't have to anytime soon either.

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      Ikr at least make it easy to upgrade

    • they still offer 4G surface product! no idea why

    • Absolutely nonsense. For pretty much every single standard office person (word, email, Excel), 8gb is plenty. For home users that send emails and watch YouTube 8gb is also more than enough.

      If you're gaming or doing more intensive things then yeah 8gb won't be enough. Even then I can use powerbi, process simulators, etc on 8gb in a pinch (but if doing it regularly, I wouldn't recommend it).

      Your comment however just isn't right. I would say that 8gb of ram may be better paired with a ryzen 5 however.

      • It's OzBargain remember, you're playing with a bunch of geeks. You're right though, 8GB is fine for most regular users. Surface Laptops are light, compact units, made for those on the move. Not those with power a priority.

  • 8GB

    Welcome to 20211

  • Is this the first Ryzen Surface?
    Microsoft alway chuck in under spec RAM for low range of surface!

    But CPU on AMD! YES!

    • Nope, My surface laptop 3 is Ryzen 5 CPU

  • What ryzen is it?

    Edit: seems like a 4980U


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